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Chapter 145 - : Xu Fang Won't Let Her Survive (3)

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Chapter 145: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (3)

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Footsteps came from the door. Fu Chun and Fu Yuanxiu, who had left the exhibition center earlier, had returned and entered the room.

Fu Chun’s gaze was sharp and his voice was loud. “What happened?”

Xu Fang’s eyes flickered as she felt a little confused.

She had clearly gotten someone to watch out for them and only came out to provoke Ye Li and frame her after confirming that Fu Chun had left.

Why is Fu Chun back?

She looked at Ye Li again… This person was no longer as fl.u.s.tered as before. Her expression was calm and her eyes were filled with anger and disappointment.

Xu Fang panicked a little and hurriedly said, “It’s like this. I asked Night Li to help with these paintings, but she hated me in her heart and directly destroyed this painting! This type of behavior is too evil. We must punish her!”

Fu Chun sneered. “Is that so?”

Tea Leaves hurriedly said, “This kind of sc.u.m is definitely a malignant tumor in the art world!”

Fu Yuanxiu suddenly coughed and interrupted this overbearing performance. After calming down, he looked at Xu Fang and said calmly, “Did Teacher Night Li really damage the painting? Are you sure?”

Xu Fang felt a chill in her heart. “Yes, I’m sure.”

However, Fu Yuanxiu clapped his hands. Immediately, someone walked in with a computer in hand.

He said lightly, “My father was afraid that something would happen during the art exhibition, so he’d installed surveillance cameras in certain rooms. Since this painting is placed in Room 101, let’s look at the surveillance cameras in there.”

Xu Fang shuddered when she heard this.

She shrieked, “How can you install surveillance cameras? That is an invasion of our privacy!”

Fu Yuanxiu lowered his eyes. “This is a public area and Room 101 is also a place for drawing. In order to prevent anyone from stealing or damaging the paintings, having CCTV installed should be fine, right?”

Xu Fang widened her eyes.

She did not expect herself to trip over such a simple matter.

Bin City was her territory. There were many exhibitions in this exhibition center. She knew clearly where there were surveillance cameras and where there were no surveillance cameras. She had already handled them.

However, she had never expected that this reclusive master would secretly install surveillance cameras!

Seeing that the person was about to turn on the CCTV, Xu Fang rushed over. “Don’t look!”

Fu Yuanxiu asked, “Why are you so agitated? Is there something embarra.s.sing to be seen?”

Xu Fang shamelessly shouted, “There didn’t use to be surveillance cameras in this room, so I changed inside. It will invade my privacy, so you guys are not allowed to look!”

Fu Chun frowned and shouted, “Get her away.”

Xu Fang shouted, “Who dares?!”

After all, Xu Fang had been in Bin City for many years and the staff in the art exhibition were all her subordinates. When she shouted, the painters in Bin City’s art a.s.sociation did not dare to go forward and were really stunned.

Just as Fu Yuanxiu was about to take a step forward, he started coughing violently again. Although he was tall, he was skinny and weak. He looked sickly. After he’d coughed a few times, his face turned red. He paused for a moment and was about to step forward.

Xue Xi stopped Fu Yuanxiu and walked up apathetically. “Let me do it.”

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Xu Fang frowned and motioned to push her away. When she touched Xue Xi’s shoulder, however, the young lady grabbed her arm.

Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang, who had been cheated, widened their eyes and shouted, “No wonder Tea Leaves obtained first in the painting compet.i.tion. So there were under-the-table dealings going on!”

Xu Fang and Tea Leaves’ legs went soft. They widened their eyes. Both of them knew that they were doomed. They were doomed!

Fu Chun frowned. “Xu Fang, is this how the president of Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation should act?! National paintings have artistic and academic value! They’re not for you to fake or use to flaunt your authority!”

Xu Fang was still on the ground. She sat there in a daze and shouted softly, “I understand, I understand. This is your trap…”

However, she had entered the trap and the evidence was right in front of her. No matter what she said, it was useless.

Fortunately, this was only a moral issue and not a crime. Otherwise, she would probably go to jail!

As the president of the National Art a.s.sociation, Fu Chun had the right to manage Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation. He immediately said, “Xu Fang, you are stripped of your t.i.tle as president. From now on, you are expelled from Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation and you have to compensate the owner of this painting. Otherwise, we’ll sue you!”

After saying this, Fu Chun turned to look at Ye Li. “The person she framed is you. It’s up to you to decide what to do with her.”

Ye Li nodded.

She looked at Xu Fang with a complicated expression. Women who were gentle were always kind, but being kind did not equal being soft and easy to bully. She immediately said, “A person like her does not have the right to continue painting in this country. Xu Fang, seal the brush.”

Fu Chun immediately said, “Mhm. You can seal your brush yourself, or the Chinese art world will jointly boycott you.”

Xu Fang was furious and anxious. Her body was trembling, but she had no choice.

After Xu Fang had been punished, the members of the Art a.s.sociation turned to look at the “Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” painting and asked anxiously, “What should we do now? It’s very hard to find a replica of this painting. Where should we find one?”

Upon hearing this, the first thing that flashed across Xue Xi’s mind was Xiang Huai’s omnipotent provision store.

Does he happen to know where to buy imitation paintings?

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