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Chapter 144 - Xu Fang Won't Let Her Survive (2)

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Chapter 144: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (2)

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The art a.s.sociation was the home of all the painters and had a deep influence on the art world. Its power could not be underestimated.

This was also why Xu Fang had managed to suppress her so badly with just one sentence.

The rest of the members also turned to look at Ye Li. Some of them were painters who had just graduated, and their faces had the look of a student. There were also some who had been in society for a long time, but most of them were filled with kindness.

Only a slightly famous and male painter with the alias Tea Leaves lifted his chin slightly and revealed a look of disdain. “Teacher Xu Fang is busy here. How can a painter who became famous overnight be more valuable than her?”

Xue Xi frowned. These words were too unpleasant.

Just as she was about to retort, Ye Li held her hand. “Alright, we’re all in the same field. We still need to learn from each other going forward. Helping out is not a problem.”

Her generosity contrasted sharply with Xu Fang and the little artist’s aggressive att.i.tude.

Stunned, Xue Xi looked at her in confusion, but she did not speak and followed behind Ye Li.

Xu Fang walked in front and asked Ye Li to follow her. After the small group entered the meeting room, Xu Fang started to issue the orders for today.

The art exhibition was meant to promote Chinese culture to international guests. It would be open for the next few days, and the preparation was indeed hectic. Xu Fang arranged for the rest of the people to go out and work.

Xu Fang then turned to look at Ye Li and pointed at a box beside her. “Ye Li, send this box to Room 103. There’s a sink over there. Wipe the frames inside so that there won’t be any stains during the exhibition.”

This was the most important task, but it was tiring and dirty work.

Ye Li frowned. She was already in her forties. There were clearly strong young people in the a.s.sociation, but they wanted her to do it. They were clearly targeting her!

Seeing that she was not moving, Xu Fang smiled. “I’m the president so everyone has to listen to me. Why? Don’t you want to do it? Or is our small Bin City Art a.s.sociation intolerable to you?”

Ye Li took a deep breath and looked exceptionally angry, but she held it in. “Fine, I’ll do it!”

After saying that, she went to move the box of items. After using some force, she realized that she could not move it.

Xu Fang smiled. “It’s heavy, right? There are all kinds of paintings inside. You have to take it easy.”

After saying that, she sat on her office chair and leaned forward slightly. “Ye Li, didn’t you use to disdain to fight for fame and fortune the most? Now, I’ll let you know the importance of being this a.s.sociation’s president. So what if you’ve received praise from Recluse? So what if you became famous overnight? In Bin City, as long as I’m the president, I can suppress you however I want. Recluse has already left and no one here will help you!”

Ye Li turned around and looked at her deeply.

Xu Fang’s expression was ferocious and her eyes were fierce. “Hurry up and do it. Once you’re done, we’ll do the rest.”

Ye Li bent down and was just about to move the box when Xue Xi walked to her side and easily picked it up. “Mom, let me help you.”

Seeing how relaxed she was, Ye Li did not argue.

The two of them left Xu Fang’s office and walked to the end of the corridor. When they reached Room 103, Ye Li opened the door and Xue Xi placed the box on the ground.

Ye Li asked, “Xixi, are you tired?”

Xue Xi shook her head. This bit of weight was nothing to her, but…

She asked, “What should we do next?”

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Ye Li sighed. “Nothing much. These paintings were already wiped clean when they were delivered. She just wanted to find an excuse to make things difficult for me.”

When everyone saw that painting, they were instantly stunned. “How did this happen?”

“This painting is the best among the imitations. This painting can be sold for millions! How can it be damaged? This is too careless!”

“The main thing is that we have to use this for the exhibition tomorrow. Now that the painting is ruined, what should we do?”

Everyone was anxious, but the topic did not go in the direction Xu Fang wanted. Xu Fang shot a glance at Tea Leaves, who immediately led the discussion. “Teacher Ye Li, what’s wrong with you? I know that you’re not happy with Ms. Xu Fang, but you can’t use this painting to vent your anger!”

Everyone turned to look at Ye Li.

Ye Li frowned. “It wasn’t me. When I took out this painting, it was already damaged!”

“How can that be?” Xu Fang said in surprise. “When this box of paintings was delivered this morning, we all checked the paintings together. There was definitely no problem!”

She looked at Ye Li sharply. “And you were the only one who touched this painting ever since the box was sealed this morning! Ye Li, I know that you hate me, but how can you do this? You must bear the responsibility!”

Ye Li asked, “What are you going to do?”

Xu Fang said, “You have to pay the value of this painting, which is about five million yuan, and return it to the owner. But that is secondary. You delayed tomorrow’s art exhibition. This is a huge matter!”

Tea Leaves said, “The art exhibition tomorrow has already been announced. The imitation of ‘A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains’ was going to be unveiled, but it’s ruined now. This will embarra.s.s the entire Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation tomorrow! Ms. Xu Fang, her actions are too much! No matter how good a person’s art is, if there’s a problem with her character, I think that such a person is not worthy of being an artist. Our art world should boycott her and make her seal her brush!”

Seal… Ye Li clenched her fists. This must be Xu Fang’s real motive!

Xu Fang curled her lips. She was going to make Ye Li unable to survive in the art world!


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