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Chapter 143 - Xu Fang Won't Let Her Survive (1)

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Chapter 143: Xu Fang Won’t Let Her Survive (1)

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Ye Li frowned when she heard this. Her thoughts were complicated.

In the past, she would have thought that these things would distract her. Other than painting, she did not want to partic.i.p.ate in anything else. However, after going through so many changes, especially after she became famous tonight, her att.i.tude had changed.

She was not blinded by this vanity. She also needed to eat and live. Thinking of her parents and Xue Xi, whom she had to support, she knew she could not be stubborn.

After these thoughts flashed through her mind, she looked at Fu Chun and nodded. “Okay.”

Xu Fang’s pupils constricted.


Ye Li used to disdain such things, but now, she actually agreed. She must have known that Xu Fang wanted this collaboration and s.n.a.t.c.hed it away on purpose!

This is too much!

Her eyes flickered with hatred and madness. No, I can’t let Ye Li’s life go so smoothly!

Ye Li agreed and Fu Chun invited her to the art exhibition tomorrow. They discussed the details of the collaboration. After they had come to an agreement, Fu Chun led Fu Yuanxiu into their car.

Xu Fang approached Ye Li.

At this moment, most of the other people had left and there were not many around.

Xu Fang decided not to pretend anymore. She stared at Ye Li and sneered. “Ye Li, aren’t you feeling smug now? Unfortunately, your four paintings have been sold for only five million. You’re far inferior to me!”

Ye Li lowered her eyes and said in a gentle and thin voice, “The quality and value of a painting cannot be measured with money.”

She had never treated painting as a way to earn money. Her love for painting came from the bottom of her heart. She had been dealt a huge blow previously, which resulted in her becoming more depressed.

However, her pride had returned!

Xu Fang sneered. “Ye Li, all this time, you’ve been acting so high and mighty. Just wait and see. I’ll let you know what status can bring!”

After Xu Fang left bubbling with hatred, in the distant car, Fu Yuanxiu coughed a few times and wiped his lips with his handkerchief before asking, “Dad, why did you purposely anger Xu Fang?”

Fu Chun revealed a cunning look. “If we don’t do this, how can we let her expose a flaw?”

Ignoring the fact that General Xiang wanted her to pay for what she’d done, the fact that she dared to lie to him alone was enough for Fu Chun not to let this matter rest so easily!

There were not many people left in the parking lot.

Ye Li and Xue Sheng walked to the Xue family’s car first. Xue Sheng looked at Xiang Huai. “Little Xiang, how are you getting home? Do you have a car?”

Xiang Huai shot a glance at Xue Xi and smiled. “I don’t.”

Xue Sheng was just about to say that he would take a detour to send him back when Xue Xi spoke first. “Then you can call a cab.”

Xiang Huai, Ye Li, and Xue Sheng: “?”

Seeing the three of them looking at her strangely, Xue Xi could not help but look down at herself. Could it be that her clothes were not neat?

After smoothing out her clothes, she saw that Xiang Huai was not moving. Hence, she said, “Do you need me to call a car for you? I have a ride-hailing app.”

“…No need.” The corners of Xiang Huai’s lips twitched. He then took his leave from Xue Sheng and Ye Li before heading out of the hotel.

Upon looking at his back, Xue Sheng and Ye Li exchanged glances. For some reason, they felt a little insecure.

Why does Little Xiang like my daughter?

This is too much torture!

When Ye Li and Xue Sheng got into the car and Xue Xi was about to follow, she suddenly spotted Ji Silin walking to the parking lot from afar.

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Xue Xi shouted, “Brother Silin.”

The next day was the weekend.

After Xue Xi woke up, she heard Ye Li say that she was going to the art exhibition to discuss the game project with Fu Chun. “Xixi, are you going with me? You can take a look at the art exhibition.”

Xue Xi instantly nodded. “Okay.”

The two of them arrived at the art exhibition. Ye Li was warmly invited by the staff to Fu Chun’s office. Firstly, they wanted to sign the contract, and secondly, they wanted to discuss the art style.

Xue Xi strolled around the art exhibition.

After a while, Ye Li was almost done discussing. She sent Xue Xi a message and headed to the backstage.

The two met outside Fu Chun’s office and walked out together.

Just as she was about to leave the backstage of the art exhibition, she coincidentally b.u.mped into Xu Fang. Behind her were a few members of the Bin City Art a.s.sociation. They seemed to be discussing the issue of the art exhibition.

Seeing the two of them, Xu Fang changed her att.i.tude from yesterday and generously introduced the members behind her. “This is the painter, Night Li, who shocked the art world last night.”

Her words made the members show a look of admiration. Someone said, “Teacher Ye Li, I heard that your painting ‘The Lone Mountain’ evokes quite a lonesome feeling. If there’s a chance, I really want to catch a glimpse of it.”

Ye Li smiled. “That painting has been bought by Master Recluse. It’s no longer in my possession.”

The members revealed a look of disappointment.

However, Xu Fang smiled. “Ye Li, you’re here just in time. The art exhibition is a little busy today and everyone is making contributions to the country’s art. Can you help me?”

Ye Li frowned. Just as she was about to say something, Xu Fang smiled and said, “Don’t tell me that you’re disdaining to be part of us just because you’ve received a compliment from Recluse? We’re all family, right?”

Artists have always been a minority and everyone was very united. Xu Fang immediately shut Ye Li up.

If she did not help, her bad reputation would be cemented. If word got out, they would say that she looked down on these people from the art a.s.sociation and would be isolated from the entire art world.

But to help? She would have to work under Xu Fang!

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