Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 141 - Time‌ ‌to‌ ‌Slap‌ ‌Someone's‌ ‌Face (5)

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Chapter 141: Time‌ ‌to‌ ‌Slap‌ ‌Someone’s‌ ‌Face (5)

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The bid of ten million caused an uproar in the entire auction.

On the stage, Fu Chun finally looked at the person speaking after hearing that voice. When he looked over… he was stunned.

General Xiang?

Why is he here?! Recalling Old Lady Xue’s words… So General Xiang is Xue Xi’s fiancé?

The audience below were all shocked. Ji Silin frowned as well. His usually gentle eyes were cold. He reached out to push up his and raised his card again. “12 million.”

“15 million,” Xiang Huai said slowly.

Xue Sheng, who was sitting beside Xiang Huai, was already stunned. He could not help but turn his head and say, “Little Xiang, don’t spout nonsense. If you continue shouting bids, you’d really have to pay for it!”

Xiang Huai chuckled. “Don’t worry, Uncle.”

Seeing that Ji Silin was about to raise his card again, Fu Chun shouted, “16 million!”

After shouting, Fu Chun shot Ji Silin a pleading look.

As the son-in-law of the Xue family, General Xiang definitely must not buy the painting. Otherwise, wouldn’t it cement the Xue family’s reputation of using money to buy clout? However, the prospect of Ji Silin buying it instead clearly made General Xiang unhappy and jealous.

In this situation, only Fu Chun could buy it!

Ji Silin frowned and adjusted his again. Finally, he sighed and put down the sign that he was about to raise.

Xiang Huai seemed to be satisfied and did not raise his card again.

In the end, this painting was bought at a high price of 16 million yuan and instantly became a topic for discussion among the wealthy and influential families. And the owner of this painting—Night Li, became famous overnight!

The auction continued. After the last item was sold, the most expensive sale of the day would be announced. Without a doubt, it was Night Li’s painting.

Ye Li instantly became the person with the highest donation contribution tonight. Mrs. Xia simply regarded her as a treasure and held her in her hands.

The wealthy ladies were even more astonished.

In the past, they thought that only gold and silver jewelry were the most valuable, but now, they realized that culture and the arts were also priceless! Everyone surrounded Ye Li and listened attentively. “Mrs. Xue, do you have any other paintings?”

“Mrs. Xue, you’re really a cultured person. Compared to you, we look too tacky.”


These people were talking about her just a while ago, but now, they were all squeezing forward to compliment her. Some even wanted to book a painting.

Everyone did not know much about paintings, but they were very sensitive to investments.

After what happened tonight, Ye Li’s painting would definitely be priceless!

Not far away, Mrs. Li did not join in the fun. Just now, everyone was mocking Ye Li and she disdained to partic.i.p.ate. However, she did not speak up for Ye Li, so it would be embarra.s.sing to join in.

Meanwhile, Xue Sheng was surrounded by the Sun family. Mr. Sun smiled ingratiatingly. “Mr. Xue, we were in the wrong. It was our fault for misunderstanding. Regarding the collaboration, I think we can renegotiate…”

Xue Sheng could only feel proud!

In business, there was no such thing as eternal enemies. Moreover, it was indeed a misunderstanding. He did not reject the offer and prepared to do business with a smile.

Just as he was about to say something, a voice sounded. “Son, come here.”

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Xue Sheng’s expression froze. He turned around and saw Old Lady Xue looking at him with a dark expression. Xue Sheng could only follow her to the side.

Xue Sheng lowered his eyes. “Let me first ask, who am I to you? A cash dispenser? A money-making tool? Or what? Whenever I talk to you, did you ever once care about my well-being? Other than your source of money, what other answer do you have?”

Old Lady Xue was instantly speechless.

Xue Sheng walked past her and left. But before he did, he paused beside her and whispered, “Mom, if you make a scene before the event’s over, you’ll really make me stop calling you Mom.”

This threat made Old Lady Xue shut her mouth involuntarily.

In fact, out of everyone in the family, she was most afraid of her eldest son. He was smart and resourceful, but he was not a kind person.

There were people surrounding her parents, so Xue Xi, who did not want to follow Ye Li and become the center of attention, walked around the banquet hall.

She could still see Xiang Huai before this, but where was he now? She walked toward the quiet corner in front.

At the same time, in an inconspicuous corner.

Fu Chun was standing there respectfully. He lowered his head and greeted, “General Xiang.”

Xiang Huai nodded and ordered, “You’re not allowed to tell anyone about my business in Bin City.”


Xiang Huai frowned and sneered. “That Xu Fang…”

Fu Chun hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely deal with it.”

Xiang Huai nodded again. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard footsteps. Immediately, a familiar figure appeared from the corner and shouted in shock, “General Xiang?”

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