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Chapter 140 - Time to Slap Someone's Face (4)

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Chapter 140: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (4)


This introduction shocked everyone present. Everyone looked at him in disbelief. Was this the artist they had heard of?

Old Lady Xue, on the other hand, did not understand it. She continued to clamor, “I don’t care if you’re a recluse or what. Xu Fang is the president, and she said that this painting is worthless. What are you blabbering about?”

Xu Fang, who was mentioned, wished she could find a hole and hide in it!

However, the more she wanted to escape from everyone’s sight, the more Old Lady Xue looked for her. “Where’s Xu Fang?”

She pointed at Xu Fang and said, “Mrs. Xu, tell them.”

Xu Fang’s lips trembled and she could not speak. She turned to look at Mrs. Xia for help.

Mrs. Xia felt a sense of exaltation. She’d originally felt that Xu Fang’s act of spreading rumors about Mrs. Xue was not right. Xu Fang’s words at the auction just now had completely pushed her into an awkward position, making her very unhappy.

This was her auction, and everyone here ought to give her face. Why would Xu Fang cause trouble in her territory? Not to mention how she’s bullying Yixi’s favorite sister and family!

Hence, the Mrs. Xia who had always been tactful and capable, who would never let others feel uncomfortable under her care, not only did not help Xu Fang but also slowly said, “Old Lady Xue, Xu Fang may be the president of Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation, but Recluse is the president of the Chinese Art a.s.sociation!”

This made everyone present understand.

The crowd instantly fell silent.

Xue Sheng did not expect the situation to turn around. He was a little stunned and did not know what to say.

Instead, it was Xiang Huai who suddenly turned around. His cold eyes swept past the person who had mocked them and said lightly, “Yes, we’ve arranged this.”

If Fu Chun was called here by a little kid just to be made use of, wouldn’t that make him just a toy?

However, when these words landed in the Sun family’s ears, they felt extremely ashamed!

Who the h.e.l.l could convince a reclusive person to come out and be their accomplice? The Xue family’s son-in-law was mocking them!

Xue Sheng smiled when he heard this, and he became even more satisfied with Xiang Huai.

At this moment, Old Lady Xue continued to stab Xu Fang. “But… but why did Xu Fang say that? Their interpretations are too different!”

Mrs. Xia looked at Xu Fang. “That’s right. I’m also very curious. Why is Xu Fang’s evaluation so different from that of Recluse?”

The moment she said this, the quiet Xue Xi, who had arranged this scene, slowly said, “Auntie Xu, I also want to ask something. Why was it that when Recluse was looking for the painter Night Li, you told him that Night Li has pa.s.sed away?”

Fu Chun, who was immersed in the painting, finally reacted. He frowned. “Xu Fang, you said that you and Night Li were dormitory mates. Night Li has pa.s.sed away, you said, but she clearly is alive. What’s going on?”

Ye Li was stunned. She suddenly understood what was going on and stood up. “Xu Fang, back when we were in school, you were always targeting me. It’s been 18 years. Why are you still like this?”

The rest of the people connected the dots together and imagined various storylines. They instantly understood what exactly happened.

Everyone started discussing among themselves.

“So Mrs. Xue is actually really good at painting!”

“So that rumor about her bribing someone to have her painting displayed in the art exhibition and getting the privilege revoked? That was also spread by Xu Fang, right?”

“She’d insisted on saying that the artist’s technique was too flashy, but even that person who’s been living in seclusion could tell that this painting is an exceptional piece. Is Xu Fang purposely suppressing her?”

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“I suddenly feel that Mrs. Xue is so pitiful.”

“1.5 million!” Fu Chun, who had yet to step down from the stage, suddenly said, “Actually, this price isn’t high enough. That is because this painting’s concept is too rare. It will definitely become Night Li’s magnum opus.”

The staff was stunned for a long time. No one wanted a painting that was barely worth 50,000 yuan. Why did it suddenly cost 1.5 million in such a short time?

One must know that the highest bid for all the items today was a million!

At this thought, the staff raised the prop in his hand. “Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price? If not, it will be 1.5 million.”

“1.5 million going once…”

Someone in the crowd shouted, “1.6 million!”

Even the reclusive scholar said that this work was definitely worth millions, or even higher!

The atmosphere around everyone intensified.

Ji Silin raised his card again. “Two million!”

Another person: “2.2 million!”

Old Lady Xue was stunned by the price. She gulped and said in a domineering tone, “It’s at most three million yuan, right? Can it be sold for ten million?”

Ji Silin raised his card again. “2.5 million!”

He seemed to be determined to buy this painting. When he shouted, he looked at the girl sitting in the front row.

Xue Xi also turned around and their gazes met. The usually aloof her smiled at him.

This scene fell into Xiang Huai’s eyes, who had been paying attention to her at all times. The little kid’s smile was especially eye-piercing, and it successfully drove up the auction’s atmosphere. He lazily raised his hand. “10 million.”

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