Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 138 - Time to Slap Someone's Face (2)

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Chapter 138: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (2)

After saying that, he brought the black forest cake before Xue Xi’s lips.

“…” Xue Xi stared at his fingers for a while. Hasn’t this person just entered the house and not washed his hands yet? I don’t know how many bacteria I can pick up from that.

These thoughts flashed across her mind. She was about to ask and had just opened her mouth when the cake was stuffed into it.

The sweet taste entered her mouth. It was indeed not bad. Just as she was about to take another bite, Xiang Huai sent the cake to his mouth and took a bite.

Xue Xi was stunned and could not help but ask, “What are you doing?”

That is my cake!

Xiang Huai curled his lips and narrowed his eyes. “Why? You’ve already received a kiss yet you’re still shy about indirectly kissing?”

Xue Xi: “??”

She looked at him blankly. What the h.e.l.l?!

Ji Silin’s eyes darkened when he heard about this kiss. A complicated expression flashed across his eyes as he adjusted his spectacles.

Someone pa.s.sed by and said in surprise, “Doctor Ji? I happen to have some questions to ask you. May I trouble you to answer them?”

Ji Silin nodded. “Yes.”

He followed the person to the side. When he left, Xiang Huai smiled. Just as he was about to speak to the little kid, Xue Xi suddenly frowned and walked toward Ye Li.

Ye Li was originally standing there alone, but now, Xu Fang was actually speaking to her. There were nosy people nearby who were listening to the gossip.

Xu Fang said, “We’re university cla.s.smates, and I don’t want you to make a joke out of yourself. That’s why I came to warn you out of good intentions. It’s better for you to change the auction item.”

Ye Li looked at the champagne in her hand and said coldly, “Thank you for your concern, but this is my own business.”

Just as Xu Fang was about to say something, a mean voice sounded from the side. “What do you mean by your own business? I knew it. You definitely want my son to pay for you!”

Old Lady Xue rushed to Ye Li and poked her face with her finger. “You heartless dog. You ate up and used our family. It’s fine that you haven’t earned a single cent ever since you married into the Xue family, but now you’re actually egging my son to invest in you?!”

Ye Li took a step back and frowned. She said gently, “Mom, can you wait until we get home?”

This was a public place. How embarra.s.sing!

Old Lady Xue was relentless. “I refuse. Everyone in here can be the judge. This woman encouraged my son to split up his family. That’s fine, but what the h.e.l.l is this about her painting? She actually wants my son to spend money to buy a painting and earn her fame?!”

Ye Li looked at the people around her pointing at them and her face turned red. Other than being criticized by Xu Fang at the art exhibition, she had never been this embarra.s.sed in her life.

She said, “Mom, it’s not like that. You…”

“Not like that? Don’t think I don’t know that my son has already found someone. Isn’t that Mrs. Ma and family?”

Old Lady Xue pointed at Mrs. Ma in the crowd and said, “Say, did Xue Sheng give you five hundred thousand or a million?”

Mrs. Ma was stunned.

She had indeed been entrusted by Xue Sheng. After all, such matters had to be handled by someone who had a good relationship with them and was reliable. It was not surprising that Old Lady Xue knew that it was her.

Now that Old Lady Xue had said it, how was she going to continue with the pretense?!

Under everyone’s gaze, she had to deny it. Otherwise, both families’ reputations would be ruined. “Auntie, it’s not me. I don’t know what you mean. You must be mistaken. Why would Mr. Xue do such a thing?”

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Old Lady Xue frowned. “If it’s not you, then who is it?”

Xue Xi was amazed.

The items pa.s.sed one by one, and soon came the turn of Ye Li’s painting.

The staff stood on the auction stage and said with a smile, “Next is a painting that Madam Xue personally drew. It’s named ‘The Lone Mountain.’ This painting is majestic and has a profound concept. The starting bid is fifty thousand.”

After he said this, someone slowly unfolded the painting on the stage.

There were not many people below the stage who knew how to paint. Moreover, after the commotion earlier, although everyone felt that it was alright, no one spoke for a moment.

The scene instantly turned awkward.

Xue Sheng anxiously looked at Mrs. Ma. He did not know what had happened earlier and could not help but wonder why Mrs. Ma was still not bidding.

The staff said, “Is there no one who’d bid for fifty thousand? If not, we’ll have to liquidate it.”

If they were to continue the bidding, it would be even more embarra.s.sing!

Xu Fang rubbed her head and sighed. It wasn’t a very loud sound, but it wasn’t quiet either. Coincidentally, the people around her had heard it and said, “Let’s move on. This artist is too arrogant. Let alone fifty thousand, it’s already good enough if it sold for five thousand!”

The rest discussed among themselves. “Why should we get such a painting at the auction? Isn’t it too ordinary?”

Ye Li clenched her fists tightly as she felt hot air rush to her face.

Mrs. Xia’s expression did not look too good. She had originally intended to get someone to buy it for 50,000 yuan, but after Xu Fang had said that, who else could?

She could only wave her hand, and the staff said, “Then let’s…”

Before he could finish speaking, Fu Chun’s agitated and old voice sounded. “Wait!”

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