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Chapter 137 - Time to Slap Someone's Face (1)

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Chapter 137: Time to Slap Someone’s Face (1)


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Fu Chun was dressed in a decent suit and was behind Fu Yuanxiu. The two of them followed the staff in a low-profile manner and walked toward the backstage.

Soon, he saw Mrs. Xia welcoming him. “What a surprise! I didn’t expect you to come to our auction. I’m so thrilled!”

Fu Chun smiled. “I’m just here to take a look.”

Mrs. Xia nodded and led him to the lounge. “I heard that you came to look for a painting? But there are no priceless paintings in our charity auction!”

Fu Chun followed Mrs. Xia into the lounge and sat on the sofa. He then said, “The painter I’m looking for isn’t very famous. Her name is Night Li. May I ask if there’s any word about her painting?”

Night Li?

Mrs. Xia paused and shook her head. “There’s only one painting that is being auctioned tonight. It was drawn by Mrs. Xue and it’s called ‘The Lone Mountain.’ She isn’t the artist you mentioned.”

Mrs. Xue?

Fu Yuanxiu was stunned. “Is she Xue Xi’s mother?”

Mrs. Xia found this question strange. It seemed as though the two of them knew Xue Xi well, but she still nodded. “Yes.”

Fu Yuanxiu coughed violently and turned to look at Fu Chun. “I have indeed seen Mrs. Xue’s ‘Ice Mountain’ that was submitted to the art exhibition. It feels extraordinary. However, Xu Fang judged that the artist lacked practice. Did Xue Xi call you here to see her painting?”

That would be suspicious. After all, Xue Xi had used Night Li’s reputation to call Fu Chun over.

Fu Chun was a little unhappy, but when he thought of Xue Xi’s relationship with the person in the group, he suppressed his unhappiness and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s take a look. After all, we agreed to help her look at a painting, but we haven’t seen one until now.”

Fu Chun sighed in his heart.

He was the fairest person in the industry and rarely appraised others’ paintings. A master of his level would already have an established career and would not need to agree to do anything because of money.

He could only promise to take a look and judge justly. Even if it was for that young lady, Xue Xi, he would not do anything against his conscience.

Mrs. Xia was shocked when she heard this.

So, what is Xue Xi’s background? She actually managed to get someone like Recluse to look at the painting of Mrs. Xue?

She felt that tonight’s auction would be very lively!

At this moment, Ye Li did not know that Recluse was actually here. After giving over the painting, she followed Xue Xi back to the hall.

Other than those who were invited, there were also some who’d heard that there were items for auction and came to buy things. Hence, the place was very lively and crowded with the wealthy families of Bin City. There were more people here than in Elder Gao’s birthday party. After all, Elder Gao had invited only the most reputable family in Bin City.

Just as the two arrived, they saw the people around pointing at them. They could vaguely hear their conversation.

“Is that Mrs. Xue?”

“She looks pretty good. She doesn’t look like the way you’d expect her to. One can really only know people’s faces but not their hearts!”

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There was a distance between the two of them. Xue Sheng had brought him to socialize, and Xiang Huai could not make it to her side in a short period of time. He raised an eyebrow and suddenly extended two fingers to his lips. After gently touching them, he waved his finger and gave her a flying kiss.

Xue Xi: “…”

This man was too boisterous in public.

She hurriedly lowered her head and focused on eating the cake.

At this moment, a black forest cake that was placed on a clean white plate suddenly appeared in front of her. She paused and looked up, only to see a man in a white suit standing beside her.

He looked as neat as ever, and his white suit accentuated his gentleness. He’d changed into a pair of, making his face look even more warm.

Xue Xi’s eyes lit up. “Brother Silin? Why are you here?”

Ji Silin nodded and gently rubbed her head with his other hand. “I received an invitation so I came to take a look. I didn’t expect to meet you.”

After saying that, he brought the cake plate to her lips. “This black forest is delicious. Have a bite?”

The cake was already at her lips. It would be weird if Xue Xi pulled her head back. She lowered her head and was just about to take a bite from Ji Silin’s offering when—

The cake in front of her suddenly disappeared. Another slender hand had grabbed the plate of cake and took it away. Xue Xi looked at the arm and then at the person.

Xiang Huai stood there and stared fixedly at Ji Silin with his dark brown eyes.

One of them was in black and the other was in white. One was cold and the other gentle. At this moment, they were completely at odds with each other. And though the two of them clearly did not say anything and just exchanged gazes, it made Xue Xi feel as though lightning was flashing between them.

After a while, Xiang Huai hugged her shoulders with his other hand and said in a deep voice, “Girlfriend, if you want to eat cake, I’ll feed you.”

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