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Young Master Yan

Chapter 135 - Looking for Father-in-law for Something

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Chapter 135: Looking for Father-in-law for Something

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After sending the message, Xue Xi continued to admire the painting.

The last painting that Ye Li had drawn appeared in her mind again. After comparing the two paintings, she came to a conclusion: She could not tell if the two paintings had any depth, but in terms of techniques and artistry, Ye Li was not unskilled!

Xu Fang’s words were purely meant to attack her!

Thinking of Ye Li’s dispirited and sad look and the rumors spreading around, Xue Xi was a little angry.

She wanted to clear up her mother’s name openly.

But what should she do? She could not possibly invite all the wealthy ladies to come to their home and announce that Ye Li was Night Li, right?

Xue Xi, who lacked common sense in life, paused. She sat on the desk and pondered for a while, but she could not think of any good ideas.

In the end, Xue Xi picked up her phone and opened WeChat. She decided to look for the Teacher for something.

She sent a message to Omnipotent Boss and recounted the entire incident to him before asking, “What should I do?”

To her, it was a very difficult matter, but Omnipotent Boss’ reply was very relaxed. “That’s easy. Do as I say.”

During dinner, Ye Li appeared to be no different from usual. However, she was in a trance and one could tell that her smile was forced.

Xue Sheng picked up food for her, and she smiled at him before asking, “Are you alright at work?”

Mrs. Xia was right. If word got out that his wife was a liar, it would affect the company’s reputation.

Xue Sheng’s eyes flickered when he heard this, but he did not say anything except, “What can happen?”

His acting skills were too good and his disguise was too perfect. Ye Li could not tell there was a problem.

If Xue Xi had not been keeping an eye on him, she probably would not have noticed that fleeting moment. It seemed that he had been affected as well.

Xue Xi thought as she ate. When she was done eating, she suddenly asked, “When will the charity banquet Auntie Xia mentioned be held?”

“Tomorrow night,” Ye Li replied instinctively.

“Then are you going?” Xue Xi asked further.

Ye Li was stunned. She did not expect Xue Xi to start worrying about such matters.

She did not reply, but Xue Sheng spoke first. “It’s fine if you don’t go to such an event. It’s meaningless.”

Ye Li had never been good at socializing. After the two of them got married, Xue Sheng had never forced her to do anything. Liu Yiqiu was the one in the Xue family who did such things.

Now that they were separated, Ye Li had begun to think of helping Xue Sheng.

However, the moment the painting incident broke out, their circle got into a heated discussion. Xue Sheng did not want Ye Li to attend such an event, lest she sulked from listening to some rumors.

However, Ye Li tightened her grip on her chopsticks and said after a pause, “I’ll go.”

Xue Sheng wanted to say something, but Xue Xi nodded. “Mhm, I want to go too.”

Ye Li and Xue Sheng were stunned, and both turned to look at Xue Xi.

Her daughter rarely made any requests, so they could not bear to reject her. Ye Li nodded. “Alright, I’ll drive you to the charity ball after school tomorrow.”

Xue Xi then asked, “Then what should we get?”

The charity ball was actually an auction. It was held by the ladies from various wealthy families. Everyone who was invited would take out their family’s valuable items, such as gems and jewelry. They would also donate money to the charity organization to do public benefits.

The auction had always been managed by Mrs. Xia. This was also one of the reasons why Mrs. Xia had a great reputation among wealthy ladies.

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The moment Xue Xi said this, Ye Li became a little worried.

Fu Chun was nearly 50 years old and looked very refined. He said, “If you can’t believe it, we’ll know anyway when we go there tomorrow.”

Fu Yuanxiu was confused. “But do you have to look for Night Li?”

Fu Chun sighed heavily. “Chinese paintings are no longer mainstream. A rascal like you went to learn oil paintings. There are fewer and fewer people who can truly understand the national art. Although Xu Fang’s landscape paintings are superb, they are still lacking in some areas. All these years, the best landscape painter I’ve ever seen is Night Li.”

Fu Chun continued, “Our game combines the preferences of young people nowadays, but the main purpose is to promote national paintings. I want to use the best.”

He looked at the contract beside him and fell silent. “If we still can’t find Night Li tomorrow, let’s sign this contract for Xu Fang!”

The next day, when they were eating at the provision store, Xiang Huai kept asking, “What’s happening tonight?”

Xue Xi replied apathetically, “We’re attending a charity ball.”

Xiang Huai looked at her for a while and said, “I’m quite free tonight.”

Xue Xi glanced at him while eating her bun. “Oh.”

“…” Why didn’t the little kid mention bringing him along?

He coughed and took the initiative to mention, “Do you need me to accompany you?”

“No need.” Xue Xi finished her bun and held his hand. After a while, she stood up. “I’m going to school.”

Xiang Huai sighed deeply when he saw her leave the provision store.

He would rather rely on his father-in-law than on a kid.

He picked up his phone and sent Xue Sheng a WeChat message: “Uncle, I heard that there’s to be a charity auction tonight?”

The other party replied very quickly: “Yes, are you interested? I’ll bring you along.”

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