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Young Master Yan

Chapter 132 - I'll Give All of It to You...

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Chapter 132: I’ll Give All of It to You…

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Xu Fang’s face darkened.

She had never expected that Fu Yuanxiu would actually want to step out of the shadows over just a painting. However, she quickly returned to normal and said, “Alright, if Recluse is free. He should still be in a meeting right now, right?”

The purpose of this art exhibition was to promote Chinese culture, so the art a.s.sociation placed great importance on it and had been conducting a meeting to discuss it.

Fu Yuanxiu coughed and looked at his watch. “About half an hour.”

Xu Fang replied, “Mhm,” then said ambiguously, “I’m very curious. Does Mr. Fu know the painter of this painting?”

Her words made everyone understand.

Someone suggested, “Why would a small-time artist who is not famous make everyone comment on this piece of art? What is this artist’s background?”

Ye Li’s face turned even paler. She turned to look at Xue Xi. “Xixi, I want to go back.”

Xue Xi supported her. Her misty eyes were filled with confusion and helplessness.

Ye Li must have been hurt, right? However, her mouth was stupid and she could not coax people. She could only nod and say in an unprecedentedly light tone, “Alright.”

She helped Ye Li out.

Mrs. Li comforted, “Mrs. Xue, your painting is already very impressive. Don’t mind it too much.”

Ye Li forced a smile at her and staggered away.

On the way home, the car was silent.

Xue Xi did not know how to break the silence in the car. After thinking for a while, she picked up her phone and sent a message: “Teacher, are you there?”

Omnipotent Boss: “What’s the matter?”

Learning: “My mother’s painting was criticized today. She is in a bad mood. How should I comfort her?”

Omnipotent Boss: “I suggest that you don’t say anything.”

Xue Xi was stunned. After a while, the other party sent her a longer message.

Omnipotent Boss: “Your mother has always wanted to maintain her image as a good mother in front of you. She definitely doesn’t want to expose her grievances and fragility in front of her daughter. Your comfort will only make her feel more ashamed.”

Xue Xi was convinced. “Okay.”

After sending the message, she sent Xue Sheng a message and told him everything.

Xue Sheng replied: “I’m going home now.”

The car soon arrived home.

The smile on Ye Li’s face was even more bitter than when she cried. Just as she entered the living room, her phone rang.

Standing beside her, Xue Xi, who had always been sharp, heard a voice coming from her phone. “Ye Li, someone is here to buy your painting.”

Ye Li’s eyes lit up. “Who?”

There was something amiss in the other party’s voice. “Yes, it’s a stranger. He named your painting right after he entered. H-he…”

The other party sighed. “He said that Xu Fang said that you only have techniques and no depth. Hence, he only gave you 50 yuan.”

Many paintings were ma.s.s-produced, but even so, a majestic landscape painting like Ye Li’s should be able to be sold for at least a few hundred yuan. At the very least, the framed frame would cost a few hundred in itself.


This was a humiliation.

Ye Li clenched her fists and a conflicted look flashed across her eyes.

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Xue Xi s.n.a.t.c.hed her phone and said, “Auntie, my mother won’t sell it.”

Eighteen years ago, after she had given birth, she heard that there was going to be a well-known art exhibition. Hence, she turned on the television and wanted to take a look.

In the end, she fell into a trance. When she returned to her senses, she realized that the nanny had disappeared. Meanwhile, her daughter, who was originally sound asleep in the infant car beside her, had also disappeared.

No one knew how guilty she was. She had placed the blame on herself, so she had sealed the pen from then on.

Eighteen years of muddle-headedness had made her lose all her courage.

It was Xue Xi’s return that gave her the courage to paint again. However, now, she had been utterly defeated.

She clenched her fists so tightly that she wanted to cry.

She used to be a rising star in the Chinese painting industry, but now, she was reduced to a painting that could only be sold for 50 yuan…

She wanted to rise only at the age of 42. Too late, too late.

She slowly stood up and placed the paintings into the fire basin beside her.

She should not be painting. This was an insult to national paintings. If she could not do it, she should let go…

At this moment, the door was pushed open and Xue Sheng rushed in. “Ye Li, what are you doing?”

He threw the match in her hand to the ground and extinguished it. He then picked up the paintings from the fire basin and looked at her. “Ye Li!”

Ye Li could no longer hold it in and burst into tears. “I won’t draw anymore. I won’t draw anymore. I can’t. I really can’t take it anymore…”

Xue Sheng hugged her and patted her shoulders. His heart felt as though it was filled with bitterness. He comforted her softly, “Alright, you won’t paint anymore. Ye Li, I’ve thought about it. You want to rise up because you don’t feel safe. I’ll transfer the company’s shares, houses, and money to you. I’ll give them all to you…”

The sound of crying rang in Xue Xi’s ears.

She paused outside the studio and entered her room.

Immediately, she picked up her phone and sent a WeChat message to Painter. “Can you help me take a look? Does my mother’s painting really not have any depth?”

Painter replied very quickly: “No problem. I’ll go take a look now.”

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