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Young Master Yan

Chapter 131 - The Cold Mountain Picture

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Chapter 131: The Cold Mountain Picture

Everyone turned around in unison and saw a young man walking over.

He was about 25 or 26 years old. He was wearing a pair of thin-framed spectacles, and his face was pale. He looked exceptionally cultured, slender, and refined. His light gray suit made his figure look even more slender.

However, after saying this, the man held up his handkerchief and coughed twice. He seemed to be in poor health.

Xu Fang was stunned when she saw him. “Mr. Fu?”

The person called Mr. Fu nodded and asked again, “What happened?”

Mrs. Li recounted what had happened unhappily. The man immediately frowned and looked at Xu Fang. “If you think there are too many people, you can just ask those queuing outside to not come in. Since these ones are already in, there’s no reason to chase them out, right?”

Xu Fang’s face darkened. She wanted to say something, but she seemed to be afraid of the person in front of her and could only reply, “You’re right.”

Xu Fang looked at Ye Li indignantly with a vicious gaze.

Ye Li’s pen name was Night Li. Very few people knew about this. When Recluse had mentioned it, Xu Fang was shocked.

Later, she heard that he admired her and wanted to invite her to help him draw landscapes. Xu Fang had an idea and came up with the lie that “Night Li has pa.s.sed away.”

Both she and Ye Li had studied landscape painting. Even though her work was not bad, only Ye Li was making a name for herself. Why did he have to remember Night Li and forget about her, Xu Fang?

She was now in the world of landscape paintings!

She had found someone who could recommend her to Recluse. Now that she had a chance to work with Recluse, why must Ye Li come to this art exhibition?

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Fu Yuanxiu.” Fu Yuanxiu turned his head and covered his mouth with his handkerchief. He coughed twice. “Are you Xue Xi?”

Xue Xi paused and nodded. “Yes.”

Fu Yuanxiu smiled. “My father is the person in hiding.”

Xue Xi suddenly understood. So this is the son of Painter? She nodded.

Fu Yuanxiu continued, “If there’s anything you don’t understand, I can help explain.”

The moment he said this, Mrs. Li, who was beside him, was shocked. “Fu Yuanxiu, I know him. He is also an artist, right? But isn’t he an oil painter?”

Ye Li nodded blankly. Ever since she entered, she had been looking for an opportunity to ask Xixi who this Painter was.

But now, seeing Fu Yuanxiu… Was he the one who was in hiding?

Where did her daughter know these people from?

First, the well-known pianist, Zhou Zhou, addressed her as Sister Xi. Then, Lu Chao addressed her as Sister Xi. Now, she even knew this national artist?

Beside her, Mrs. Li felt that she had belittled the Xue family again.

When she first walked with Ye Li, she only felt that she was different from the rumors. Now that she saw that Fu Yuanxiu was being so polite to Xue Xi, how could this be just “different”? She was simply being too arrogant!

The Xue family actually knew such a G.o.dly person who could speak to everyone in the national art world.

Mrs. Li had just started to admire Ye Li, but now, she admired her even more.

In her shock, Xue Xi said, “No need. My mother will explain it to me.”

She then turned to look at Ye Li. “Mom, shall we continue?”

Ye Li nodded blankly.

She gathered her thoughts and shared them with Xue Xi and Mrs. Li again. Fu Yuanxiu had a good upbringing and listened attentively.

While he listened to Ye Li, Fu Yuanxiu’s expression turned solemn.

He himself knew so much about the national art, but she was able to state aloud his own judgment with every painting. This person was not simple!

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He looked at Ye Li in admiration and said, “Madam Xue, you’re quite knowledgeable about national paintings. I’ve just heard your explanation and I’m suddenly enlightened. Do you also paint?”

Ye Li clenched her fists nervously.

Xu Fang first smiled and carefully gave her judgment. “This painting’s style is distant, and the structure is flat and far. The scenery is extremely simple. Using the brush to turn the center of the painting into the side, the side of the brush will be drawn…”

She first praised the work.

Mrs. Li gave Ye Li a thumbs up. “Mrs. Xue, you’re really amazing.”

However, just as she said this, Xu Fang changed the topic. “…However, this painting is too flashy and lacks depth. Moreover, the artist seems to have not drawn for many years. The tip of the pen is a little sluggish. What a pity.”

Everyone sighed.

National paintings were profound, and there were very few people who could truly understand them. Many people’s fame was created by hype, such as that of Xu Fang.

However, she was now the most famous person in the country’s landscape painting scene. Her comments had weight!

The rest only knew a little and did not want to appear too ignorant. Hence, everyone echoed Xu Fang’s words.

“I find this painting a little strange. Now that Xu Fang has said it, I see that it’s true!”

“If that’s the case, how did this get chosen?”

“Did the painter bribe the judges?”

Ye Li’s face turned pale and her body swayed. Xue Xi held her in time to steady her.

Xu Fang pretended to be unaware and looked at the staff. “This is not suitable for exhibitions. Take it down. Don’t embarra.s.s yourself.”

The staff nodded. He took a step forward and was about to take it down when Fu Yuanxiu said, “I think it’s good, though?”

Xu Fang smiled. “Mr. Fu, you draw oil paintings. There is still a difference between oil paintings and national paintings. It’s normal that you can’t see through those problems.”

Fu Yuanxiu was silent for a moment before saying, “Why don’t I ask my father to evaluate it?”

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