Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 130 - : Xue Mu Has Feelings

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Chapter 130: Xue Mu Has Feelings

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The electronic ticket in Xue Xi’s phone had already been scanned.

The security officer said to Ye Li, “You can enter now.”


Ye Li widened her eyes in shock.

She even looked at Xue Xi’s phone in disbelief and asked, “Is this ticket real?”

The security officer nodded. “Yes, please enter. Don’t hold up the next person.”

Ye Li was dumbstruck as she followed Xue Xi into the railing. Only then did she understand something. She turned to look at Liu Yiqiu and smiled. “d.a.m.n, Xixi has six tickets here. I could have brought you in, but you also have one so you don’t need us. We’ll go in first~”

Ye Li seemed to be speaking in a gentle tone as she held Xue Xi’s hand and led her inside. After greeting Mrs. Li and they got to know each other, they entered together.

Liu Yiqiu stood outside the door and paced around anxiously.

Although she came from a wealthy family, she had only studied the piano. She had always felt that things like national art was a waste of time and was not interested in them.

However, she did not want Ye Li to be a.s.sociated with Mrs. Li for no reason. These people were all her own connections!

After some thought, she calmed down.

Mrs. Li had always been haughty and difficult to get along with. Given Ye Li’s nerdy personality, she would definitely not be able to curry favor with her and Mrs. Li would not be able to help her out.

Perhaps Mrs. Li would find Ye Li boring!

At the art exhibition.

As Mrs. Li looked at the painting, she sized up Ye Li from the corner of her eyes. In her heart, she was looking down on her.

From Liu Yiqiu’s words, everyone felt that Ye Li was from an ordinary family who married into a wealthy family. Moreover, the Xue family was a nouveau riche. Even the truly wealthy families did not think highly of them.

She had been waiting for someone just now, but her upbringing prevented her from doing anything rude.

After entering the art exhibition and exchanging a few polite words, Mrs. Li bade them farewell and prepared to look at the paintings by herself.

However, just as she’d taken two steps, she heard Xue Xi’s voice behind her. “Mom, is this ‘Spring Wind and Green River’ also a national art?”

Mrs. Li could not help but twitch her lips. She was here to look at the art exhibition even though she could not even differentiate between national paintings and oil paintings.

Just as she was thinking this, she heard Ye Li explain, “This is Wu Guan’s work. He has a deep understanding of the Chinese traditional art spirit, and his oil paintings are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese ink painting. In this ‘Spring Breeze and the Green River,’ he evokes a different feeling of life. There is both etherealness and lightness, but there is also a silent seriousness.”

Xue Xi tilted her head and looked at it for a while before sighing.

Indeed, she could not see lightness and etherealness, nor could she see the silent solemnness. She only felt that this painting was very abstract.

Looking at her, Ye Li knew that she could not understand the meaning of the painting.

Ye Li sighed silently.

After teaching Xue Xi for three days, she realized that Xue Xi’s learning skills were amazing. She understood the art skills at first glance, but in her eyes, plants and trees did not give off any feelings.

This morning, Ye Li had been telling Song Wenman, “Xixi’s mastery of the national art can be completed in three days. If she can duplicate every painting, she will definitely be no different from an original artist. However, her own painting gives off no emotions and is empty. She will become a good artist in the future, but she will not become a well-known artist.”

Song Wenman comforted her. “It’s only fun for Xixi to learn painting. Her main focus isn’t here either. Don’t force her.”

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Ye Li could only nod.

The others were slow to look at the paintings. Ye Li was currently explaining the meaning of the painting. “…With a dried brush and ink, the concept is bleak and lonely. The style is bleak…”

Mrs. Li nodded.

Xue Xi tilted her head and could not see the bleakness.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted them. “Sorry, our art exhibition is too crowded. Can you guys leave?”

The three of them turned around at the same time and saw a staff standing by the side. His att.i.tude was very domineering.

Mrs. Li frowned. “We’re also guests and came in with tickets. Why should we leave?”

Before the staff could speak, Xu Fang walked over and smiled. “This is an international art exhibition. It’s mainly for the benefit of friends from overseas. There are too many people in this art exhibition and it will affect the experience of viewing a painting. So why don’t Mrs. Li and Mrs. Xue leave first? When the art exhibition is over, I’ll send you an invitation and reserve the venue to invite you guys over. What do you think?”

The moment Xu Fang came out, Ye Li understood that she was targeting her.

Xu Fang continued, “Everyone here is from the industry. You guys don’t want to make things too ugly, right?”

Ye Li’s face turned green from anger. Who asked Xu Fang to be in charge of the art exhibition?

Mrs. Li’s face darkened and she could only look at Ye Li. “Then let’s leave first.”

Ye Li nodded.

Xu Fang revealed a smug expression.

So what if Ye Li was first in university? Wasn’t she being bullied into obedience now?

Just as they were about to leave, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded. “What happened?”

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