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Young Master Yan

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Where Did You Buy It From?!

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Song Wenman had hustled outside for the whole day.

She had a few students in Bin City, but everyone said that there were only 150 grams of Da Hong Pao in the entire Bin City, and they were all with Elder Gao.

Song Wenman felt even more helpless, and hope diminished in her the more she asked around.

It was nothing to her to be mocked by Liu Guihua, but if Ye Li were to offend her father-in-law, her life in the Xue family would definitely become much harder!

Xue Xi wanted to speak, but Song Wenman continued, “I didn’t agree when your mother said that she wanted to marry your father back then. Is a rich family an easy group to live with? After the marriage, Liu Guihua is always dissatisfied with your mother in every way possible. Your mother’s position in the household became even worse when the second daughter-in-law of the family hails from a family with a similar status to theirs.”

Finally finding an opening to speak, Xue Xi spoke up. “Granny, I—”

“After you were stolen, your grandmother started nitpicking on your mother even more. I persuaded her to give birth to another child in order to have an easier life here, but that fool did not agree no matter what. She said that it would not be fair to you.”

Xue Xi was stunned at this.

A warm current flowed in her heart. Ye Li had gone to such great lengths for her… This knowledge made her feel a stronger attachment to both Ye Li and the term called “mother”.

“She is a stubborn fool. She never cares for anything else once she has made up her mind on something. She used to be such a prideful person, and there were so many people chasing her. Yet now, she had relegated herself to such a state. Just looking at her makes my heart ache.”

Song Wenman’s eyes turned red. “Your grandfather has returned home, but your father has gone to the neighboring province for work, so he is definitely unable to return today. There isn’t even a single person who can speak up for your mother at home. No— even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will not let your mother suffer in any way today! At most, I will just bring my daughter home!”

Right after saying this, she immediately made her way to the living room.

Xue Xi: “…”

Granny, can you listen to me for a short while?

She helplessly followed her maternal grandmother, then took out the tea leaves from her back and stuffed it into the latter’s hands.

Song Wenman was just about to look at what it was, but Old Lady Xue’s loud chiding suddenly sounded. “Ye Li, you are the sinner of our Xue family!”

Xue Xi frowned. Similarly, Song Wenman was so hurried that she could not reply. The two quickly made their way to the living room.

The servants were all standing in the dining area and sticking their heads out to look at the living room.

In the living room, the old patriarch and Old Lady Xue were both seated on the sofa. Old Patriarch Xue had a dark look looming over his face while Old Lady Xue had a gloating look.

Ye Li stood before both of them. She was so ashamed that she could not even raise her head. Her eyes were red, and tears were dripping down from them.

“What right do you have to cry?” Old Lady Xue continued berating. “What else can you do other than cry? Ye Li, do you know how important this project is to our company?”

Ye Li was unable to say anything. She took a deep breath and looked up. “Dad, Mom, I am in the wrong this time. I will accept the punishment.”

At this stage, retorting was useless.

She knew that the old patriarch was a prideful one. Last time, he had helped her only because the old lady had gone overboard with her actions and had wounded the Xue family’s image. It was not that he took her side.

The old lady immediately ordered, “Sure. Then you shall be served with the ancestral house punishment!”

This made Ye Li tremble immediately.

The old lady continued, “Ye Li, it’s not that I am picking on you. This is such a huge blunder. If we let it pa.s.s easily, our Xue family’s prestige and authority will be undermined. Old man, are you opposed to this punishment?”

The old patriarch frowned, then nodded.

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Immediately after, Auntie Sun slowly walked over with the prepared ferule.

The slap Old Lady Xue gave her was the worst thing she had done to her these few years, but the old patriarch had backed her up after that. Xue Sheng did not claim any credit, but she knew that he must have whispered something into the old patriarch’s ears.

For example, right now, the house’s phone and the old patriarch’s phone were constantly ringing. It must be because Xue Sheng was unable to rush back in time and, hence, was calling desperately…

He had always been silently protecting her in his own way.

Now that their daughter was back and he was at an important crossroads of taking over the company from the old patriarch, if she were to return home now, there would definitely be rumors about them getting divorced the next day!

That would be detrimental to his reputation!

The second son had always been trying to usurp Xue Sheng’s position for many years, so she could not give him this chance.

As she thought of this, Ye Li released Song Wenman’s hands. “Mom, I’m not leaving.”

The latter was so panicked that she wanted to flare up. “Ye Li! Why are you this stubborn?!”

Ye Li’s att.i.tude was resolute. She moved to say something when she suddenly spotted the item in her mother’s hands. She paused in shock. Such an exquisite small box was used to store tea leaves…

She dazedly took the box and opened it. When she saw the tea leaves inside, she was totally stunned. “Da Hong Pao?”

The situation instantly took a 180-degree turn. Everyone was in a dazed shock.

Old Lady Xue originally thought that she had victory in her hand, but… Did she truly find the tea leaves?Impossible! She shrieked, “These tea leaves must be fake! Are you trying to pull off a trick using fake ones?”

Old Master Xue walked up and received the tea leaves from Ye Li in a trance. He carefully examined them and made an unbelievable conclusion. “It’s real.”

Moreover, just by looking at the box, it could be seen that this was of higher quality than the one he bought!

He looked at Song Wenman in surprise, then asked agitatedly, “Where did you buy it from?”

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