Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 128 - He Must Have Her

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Chapter 128: He Must Have Her

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Xue Xi was stunned.

Ye Li would clean her room every day. In order to not be discovered, she had placed the medicine that Ji Silin had given her into her bag and carried it with her. She did not expect to be caught.

At this moment, the man’s slender fingers pinched the bottle of medicine. The smile on his face did not reach his eyes, causing the atmosphere in the provision store to slightly go down.

A hint of panic flashed across Xue Xi’s beautiful eyes. She had a feeling that if this man knew what was inside, he would probably be angry.

She thought about it for a moment and made up a story. “Vitamin.”

After saying that, she reached out to s.n.a.t.c.h it.

However, even though she moved quickly, the man moved even faster. The moment she leaned over, his long legs kicked and he pushed his chair back.

By the time Xue Xi could get up to s.n.a.t.c.h it, the man had already unscrewed the bottle cap. He took out a pill and gently sniffed it before looking at her.

Xue Xi did not know if it was her illusion, but she felt that his eyes had become colder. A complicated emotion was brewing in his dark brown eyes. It was like the vast starry sky, making one unable to fathom his emotions.

He must have sensed it.

This thought made Xue Xi freeze.

She might as well tell the truth.

Just as Xue Xi was about to speak, the man suddenly lowered his eyes, hiding the anger in them. His eyes instantly softened.

“Oh.” He sighed lightly and said softly, “Vitamin.”

His voice was very soft and empty, filled with sadness and disappointment.

He placed the medicine back in, twisted the bottle, and returned it to Xue Xi.

Xue Xi was stunned.

She looked down at the bottle in her hand and then looked up at the man.

He looked like a wronged puppy who had been abandoned by its owner, making one’s heart soften.

It seemed… Perhaps her actions were too heartless? Did she hurt him?

Xue Xi placed the bottle into her bag and started eating the bun. Just as she took a bite, she heard the other party sigh softly.

The bun in Xue Xi’s mouth suddenly did not smell good anymore.

She looked up again and saw that Xiang Huai, who usually fought with her for the bun, was dejected today.

Xue Xi could only hand him a bun. “Eat?”

Xiang Huai took the bun and sat there. After looking at it for a while, he said, “I have no appet.i.te.”


Xue Xi looked at him with misty eyes before replying, “Oh.”

After breakfast, Xue Xi grabbed his hand. After holding it for a while, the man suddenly said, “Is it alright?”

Xue Xi, whose heart no longer hurt, was just about to let go and leave.

Now, she paused and did not let go. “…We still need to hold hands for a while.”

The man chuckled softly, but his laughter was not as alluring as usual. Instead, it was filled with bitterness.

Xue Xi’s heart tightened.

After they’d been holding hands for a while, Xue Xi let go of his hand and stood up. “Erm, I’m going to cla.s.s.”

Xiang Huai nodded. “Mhm, go ahead.”

Xue Xi picked up her bag and walked out. After taking two steps, she turned around.

The light shone in from the window, making the provision store bright. However, the man seemed to be shrouded in a thin layer of black mist.

He seemed to be living in darkness forever.

Xue Xi looked at the scene for a while before leaving. On her way to school, the man’s disappointed look kept flashing in her mind. He must have recognized this medicine, but he was afraid that she would feel awkward and so pretended not to know.

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And then he got so sad that he could not even eat?

Qin Shuang tensed up.

She never expected that the short video she filmed yesterday would actually become popular.

However, the reason for the explosion was… she accidentally took a picture of Sister Xi’s hand. Five minutes later, many comments had appeared below:

“Ah ah, this hand is so beautiful! I can’t control it!”

“I had no idea what the streamer was talking about. I didn’t hear the words clearly. The whole time, I was looking at the hand behind her. I don’t know why, but when I looked at the hand doing the questions, I actually felt that it was beautiful!”

“F*ck! Did she do the three-year college entrance exam simulation for the past five years? That fast?”

Qin Shuang did not feel anything at first, so she replied to this comment, “That’s our cla.s.s’ genius!”

The video continued to ferment, and she suddenly gained 40,000 fans. It even became a rising topic.

The live-streaming platform allowed them to record videos. Firstly, it was for publicity, and secondly, it was so they could partic.i.p.ate in an annual streamer compet.i.tion.

If two streamers fought for popularity and won the first page of the app, their popularity would greatly increase.

The streamer who was competing with Qin Shuang was called An’an. She had 300-400,000 fans and was supposed to win. However, after Qin Shuang’s video became popular, her popularity soared and she actually surpa.s.sed her.

An’an’s fans could not take it anymore and immediately got someone to comment:

“Is acting fun?”

“Isn’t she just copying the answers very fast? What genius? She doesn’t even need to calculate when doing the questions. It’s a lie if she’s writing the answers directly!”

“Is this streamer openly teaching others to copy homework? She should be reported!”

“Report! Putting on a show to attract attention!”

Now that Qin Shuang’s short video was being criticized, she was also frustrated.

She sent a message to the in-charge: “I’ve already explained. That’s our cla.s.s’ top student. She’s just like that when she’s doing questions. I didn’t put on any shows.”

The person-in-charge clearly did not believe this. “Ha, I’ve never seen anyone who answers questions without drafting their calculations. If you can’t appease the fans right now, we will revoke your status in the compet.i.tion this time around.”

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