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Young Master Yan

Chapter 127 - I Have a Ticket

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Chapter 127: I Have a Ticket

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Xue Xi was stunned. She could not help but pick up her phone and look at the six electronic tickets inside. A thought flashed across her mind. This cost 300,000 yuan?

She walked into the living room, and the people sitting on the sofa turned to look at her in unison.

Old Lady Xue snorted and had no intention of greeting her.

Old Master Xue smiled. “Has Xixi finished school? Was school tiring?”

Xue Xi did not intend to bother about the old lady and Liu Yiqiu, but the old patriarch’s words…

She nodded. “Not tiring.”

After saying this, she placed her bag aside and sat down beside Ye Li.

Liu Yiqiu continued, “Sister-in-law, help our Yaoyao this once and this ticket will be yours.”

After saying that, she stuffed the ticket into Ye Li’s hands. Ye Li refused to accept it no matter what. “It really won’t work. Xixi and Xiao Xiang are currently only boyfriend and girlfriend. We can’t make Xiao Xiang lower his head.”

Seeing her like this, Liu Yiqiu turned to look at Xue Xi. “Xixi, what do you think? Your mother likes this art exhibition very much. If you’re willing to lower your head and ask Lu Chao to add Yaoyao on WeChat, Auntie will give this ticket to your mother! Xixi, you’re so filial, so you definitely won’t disappoint your mother, right?”

Ye Li frowned. “Sister-in-law, don’t spout nonsense. I don’t like this art exhibition!”

She picked up the ticket and was about to pa.s.s it to Liu Yiqiu when Xue Xi’s slow voice sounded. “Is this ticket really worth 50,000 yuan?”

Ye Li was stunned.

Liu Yiqiu’s face lit up. “Yes, and you have to rely on connections to get it. I knew it. Xixi, you must be feeling sorry for your mother. She said that she doesn’t want to make things difficult for you. Don’t you want to make her happy by lowering your head to Lu Chao?”

“Oh,” Xue Xi replied. She then said to Ye Li, “Mom, let’s go.”

Ye Li was a little touched, but she still shook her head. “Xixi, I know that you’d do it for my sake, but you can’t lower your head.”

Ye Li was already regarding Xiang Huai as her son-in-law. Just as she was about to say something, Xue Xi turned to look at Song Wenman. “Grandma, do you want to go?”

Song Wenman: “?”

Stunned, she shot Old Lady Xue and Liu Yiqiu a glance and coughed. “I…”

Before she could finish speaking, Old Lady Xue cut her off. “Her? What right does she have to go? Does she have money or a ticket? Ha, and someone just said that she won’t spend my son’s money and would only use her retirement money.”

Song Wenman frowned. She took a deep breath and suppressed her frustration. “Xixi, I’m not interested in international paintings. I’m not going.”

Old Lady Xue snorted. “I heard that you are very interested in these things. You don’t have money, so you don’t dare to be interested, right?”

Song Wenman tensed up.

Ye Li clenched her fists.

Being dignified and virtuous was in her character. However, after being a Buddhist for her whole life, she finally realized how great of a humiliation it was to her to not have any income.

If she could earn money, how could she let her mother be humiliated here?

Seeing her ugly expression, Old Lady Xue became even more smug. “I say, in-law, why don’t I lend you some money? I’m different from you. My money is earned by my son. It’s only right that he gives it to me…”

The more Old Lady Xue spoke, the more guilty Ye Li felt. At this moment, the cold voice rang again. “Grandma, I’ll invite you to come.”


The entire living room fell silent.

After a moment, Old Lady Xue snorted. “You’re treating her? Aren’t you also spending the money your father gave you? Do you have money of your own?”

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Liu Yiqiu covered her mouth and smiled. “Mom, even if they have the money, they won’t be able to buy it. One still needs to have connections.”

Liu Yiqiu stood up. “Sister-in-law, we are all family. You…”

Ye Li was resolute. “If you still don’t leave, I’ll call the security guards!”

Liu Yiqiu’s expression was a little awkward. After all, she was from a wealthy family and could not do things like scolding and bickering. Knowing that there was no chance, she took her ticket and walked out. “Alright, I’ll leave by myself.”

Old Master Xue had messed up the matter and was too embarra.s.sed to stay. He stood up and coughed. “That… Ye Li, your mother and I will go back first.”

Ye Li took a deep breath. “Alright, Dad. I’ll send you off.”

After Old Master Xue and the rest had left, Song Wenman could not help but grumble, “Can I just say, your mother-in-law doesn’t pull punches. Your father-in-law is a very good person…”

She was just about to say something when she suddenly spotted Xue Xi. Her good upbringing made her swallow her words.

Ye Li looked at Xue Xi worriedly. “Xixi, netizens cannot be trusted. You…”

“He can be trusted,” Xue Xi explained. “He just needs to hide his ident.i.ty.”


If Xue Xi had not explained, Ye Li could still have felt that the situation was believable. With this explanation, Ye Li was even more certain that she had been cheated.

She was so busy living in seclusion, so how could she possibly chat online?

However, seeing how certain Xue Xi was, she could not be too clear about it. In the end, she could only say, “Alright, let’s go to the art exhibition tomorrow afternoon.”

Xue Xi was too naive. She had to accompany her daughter to the exhibition to make her believe that she had been cheated.

That night, Xue Xi continued to learn painting from Ye Li. She understood things very quickly and basically grasped it all in one go. Without realizing it, Ye Li had taught her every skill she knew in one night.

The next day, she brought her breakfast to the provision store and accidentally dropped her bag while she was eating. The bottle of medicine that Ji Silin had given her had also fallen out.

Before she could pick it up, Xiang Huai had already lowered his head and picked up the bottle. His expression froze. “What is this?”

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