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Chapter 126 - Difficult to Get a Ticket?

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Chapter 126: Difficult to Get a Ticket?

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Xue Xi paused at this thought.

Ye Li and Night Li happened to be h.o.m.ophones in Chinese… Could Night Li be her mother, Ye Li?

With this question in mind, Xue Xi took a cab home.

On the way, her phone vibrated. She picked it up and took a look. It was the Moguls’ Group.

Painter: “Everyone, stop looking. I have news of Night Li.”


Xue Xi was stunned. She had yet to ask!

Pianist: “Where did you find them?”

Painter: “I met an old friend of theirs in Bin City. Sigh. Night Li pa.s.sed away fifteen years ago.”

Pianist: “…My condolences.”

Painter: “Looks like I have to look for someone else. Fortunately, I have organized a painting exhibition here. I hope to find some outstanding landscape painters.”

Cen Bai: “Bin City? Doesn’t that mean she’s in the same city as Sister Xi? @Learning.”

Painter: “Is the young lady interested in painting? If she is, she can come to the art exhibition.”


This is Mom’s art exhibition, right?

Xue Xi hurriedly replied: “Okay.”

Painter: “How many of you are coming? I’ll give you an electronic ticket.”

Xue Xi thought for a moment. “At most four people. There might only be two who can come. I’ll ask when I get home.”

The moment this message was sent out, her phone rang and there was a new friend request.

Painter has added you as a friend through the Moguls’ Group. Note: I am hiding.

Xue Xi accepted his friend request and ignored the note he had given her. His contact name was: Painter.

Then, six “ding” sounds were heard as six electronic tickets were sent over.

Painter: “I’ll give you a few more. It’s fine if you want to bring some friends over at the last minute.”

Xue Xi instantly felt that this painter was very generous and replied: “Thank you.”

Painter: “Hey, it’s my blessing to be able to get to know the young lady. Why are you being so polite when I’m giving you just a few electronic tickets?”

Xue Xi: “…”

Although this person was not as ingratiating as someone who acted and another who played the piano, she could still feel that he was showing her kindness.

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Xue Xi put down her phone and was quickly driven home.

He looked at Ye Li and Song Wenman and sighed. “Ye Li, don’t listen to your mother’s nonsense. She has a sharp tongue…”

The words “barks worse than she bites” were on the tip of his tongue, but he refused to say it.

He had originally brought Old Lady Xue here to mend their relationship, but it was indeed not a bad thing for Xue Yao and Lu Chao to get to know each other. It was also good for the company. Xue Yao had also agreed on this matter.

However, was this the att.i.tude of someone seeking help? His wife actually added oil to the fire. How infuriating.

However, after Old Lady Xue and the family had split up, her confidence rose. Anyway, she was rich now, so why should she be afraid of Old Master Xue? She sneered. “Why? Don’t want to let me speak the truth? As a mother, she is a good-for-nothing. She doesn’t even bother introducing her daughter to anyone. One only knows how to paint and the other only knows how to study. What can they do for the Xue family?”

The old patriarch wished he could stop her mouth and held her arm. “Say another word and I’ll have you scram!”

Old Lady Xue reluctantly shut her mouth.

Liu Yiqiu took a step forward and smiled ingratiatingly. “Sister-in-law, I know that asking Xixi’s boyfriend to make introductions for us will be troubling for him, but this won’t exactly be an unfair exchange. Do you know what this is?”

After saying that, she took out a ticket from her bag and pa.s.sed it to Ye Li.

Ye Li shot a glance at it and her eyes lit up. “Is that an art exhibition ticket?”

Liu Yiqiu smiled. “Yes. I don’t know much about your industry. I only know that this art exhibition was organized by someone from the capital and is highly valued. I heard that it’s an international art exchange, so they don’t sell tickets to outsiders. There are only internal tickets, and it’s hard to get a single one. I got this one after pulling strings with several acquaintances, and I spent nearly 50,000 yuan to get it from a staff member. Sister-in-law, please help our Yaoyao this time and I’ll give you this ticket in exchange. How about it?”

Ye Li really wanted to go to this art exhibition. Her eyes could not leave that ticket… However, she took a deep breath. “No.”

A hint of disdain appeared on Liu Yiqiu’s face as she continued, “Sister-in-law, you might not know how precious this ticket is. It’s not just a matter of money. Even if Big Brother is willing to fork out the money, you don’t have the connections to buy it.”

Xue Xi, who was holding six electronic tickets: “?”

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