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Young Master Yan

Chapter 125 - Come Eat Me, Then

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Chapter 125: Come Eat Me, Then

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Xue Xi flipped through the book.

Xiang Huai, who had prepared the breakfast, lazily sat on the chair and looked at her. He asked in a low voice, “Why?”

Xue Xi looked at him in surprise. “Are you reading real Buddhist scriptures?”

Xiang Huai leaned back and raised his sparkling eyes slightly. He chuckled and asked, “Little kid, what do you think I’m looking at?”

Xue Xi blinked.

Xiang Huai knocked his beautiful fingers on the table. “Mhm?”

He could describe a single character in such a circuitous fashion that it pulled at one’s heartstrings.

Xue Xi paused. Thinking of Flame Number One and the chatterbox, she slowly replied, “A comic, a novel?”

Xiang Huai seemed to have heard a joke and could not help but laugh. His laughter was nice, but his words made one blush. “So you want to look at adult comics?”

Xue Xi was stunned.

Although she did not know what an adult comic was, just by looking at Xiang Huai’s expression, she knew that it was unsuitable for children!

In order to not expose her ignorance, Xue Xi sat at the dining table and changed the topic. “Why are you reading Buddhist scriptures every day?”

Xiang Huai replied, “It clears the mind.”

Stunned, Xue Xi instinctively retorted, “Are you immortal?”

Among the people she knew, Xiang Huai was already a Buddha. He stayed in this provision store every day and did nothing. Yet he still wanted to clear his mind?

Xiang Huai smiled again and said seductively, “Mhm. If I didn’t control myself, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist eating a little kid.”

By saying this, he wanted to see the girl’s shy expression, but what he was facing was—

The corners of Xue Xi’s lips twitched speechlessly. She recalled how the director had frightened them when they were in the orphanage. If they did not sleep well at night, there would be monsters coming to eat them.

This person is really childish.

She took a bite of the bun and mumbled, “Then come eat me.”

Xiang Huai, who was about to bring the bun to his mouth: “?”

He looked at the girl in shock. Does this little kid know what she is saying? What kind of words are those?

His throat turned dry from the slap, but Xue Xi ate her breakfast as though nothing had happened. After holding his hand for a while, she picked up her bag and left.

When she disappeared from the provision store, Xiang Huai slowly returned to his senses. He stared at the bun in his hand, which had already turned cold, and then at his other hand that was just used as a prop.

After a while, he suddenly realized that the little kid was in a good mood today. However, the time they held hands seemed a little short?

When Xue Xi arrived at school and walked past Qin Shuang, she saw that she had moved on to another book and was crying over her physics textbook.

Xue Xi: “…”

After sitting down, she used a pen to poke Qin Shuang. When she turned around, her eyes were blurred from crying and she even burped. “Wuwuwu, this female lead is too sad. Oh, Sister Xi, why are you calling me?”

Xue Xi paused for a moment, then took out a tissue and pa.s.sed it to her.

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Qin Shuang set it aside. “After I’m done crying, I’ll wipe it all in one go.”

She then picked up her phone and pointed it at herself. She carefully took a look and did not let Xue Xi, who was behind her, enter the frame. Only then did she start speaking in relief. “This is my school. My daily life is like this. Although I’m still a high school student, please pay more attention to me…”

She spoke in a low voice for five minutes, then said to Xue Xi, “The live-stream platform wants us to record a short video for the fans to see our daily lives.”

When she said this, Li Hanlei, who had been obedient for a few days after Xue Xi had taught her a lesson, could not help but say, “Qin Shuang, can you be quieter? Even you don’t want to study, I want to! You’re so noisy!”

Since she could not dare to offend Xue Xi, she was filled with anger. It was not easy for her to get the chance to vent it on Qin Shuang.

However, Qin Shuang was not a soft persimmon. She was sharp-tongued. “There’s no cla.s.s right now. I can speak as I please. Which school’s rules forbid speaking?”

Li Hanlei gritted her teeth. “But it’s wrong for you to record videos in the cla.s.sroom. Have you asked us for our opinions?”

Qin Shuang sneered. “I’m the only one recorded in the video. I guarantee that the rest of the students will not be on screen. Moreover, I’m a hundred thousand miles away from you. Why must you raise a fuss? Is the cla.s.sroom yours? Aren’t you being too narcissistic?”

Li Hanlei was furious. She slammed the paper on the table and sneered. “It’s fine if some people would rather do live-streaming even though they have only a few hundred fans in total. Is that worth showing off? If you’re not a diamond, don’t try to take on ill.u.s.trious jobs. Do you really think you have the talent to enter the entertainment industry and be a.s.sociated with Cen Bai? You’re too naive!”

At the mention of her idol, Qin Shuang’s face tensed up. She had been live-streaming this period of time and there was indeed no improvement. Li Hanlei’s words pierced her heart.

She tensed up. “Anything is possible.”


Li Hanlei did not reply, but her att.i.tude was full of disdain.

They did not realize that the short video that Qin Shuang had posted online was slowly fermenting…

After Qin Shuang uploaded the video, she focused on the cla.s.s.

She did not take another look until school ended.

Xue Xi had already finished her homework during the self-study and intermission period. She carried her bag and walked out. When she exited the school, she could not help but think that she must remember to ask Ye Li if she knew Night Li…

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