Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 124 - The Painter Is Here!

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Chapter 124: The Painter Is Here!

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Ji Silin frowned. “I can’t explain this in such a short time. It’s a little complicated. You can think of it as a hypnotic suggestion.”

Xue Xi asked in confusion, “A hypnotic suggestion?”

Ji Silin smiled. “Yes. For example, when you nod when you speak, you will give the other party more approval as a hypnotic suggestion. There are many examples like this, and those who are hinted at usually don’t notice it. Sometimes, it’s just a look, and sometimes, it’s a gesture.”

Xue Xi found it amazing. If she did not have this “be in love or die” curse, she might not have believed it. It was as though a new world had been opened and she asked, “Then do you have a way to stop this hint?”

The moment she said this, her heart suddenly felt stuffy. For some unknown reason, she actually had the thought of “I don’t think there’s a way.”

She was in a daze when Ji Silin frowned and sighed. “Not yet.”

“Oh,” Xue Xi replied. Just as she was about to say something, Ji Silin said, “But I can help you suppress it.”


Xue Xi recalled that she had been “kissing” Xiang Huai recently. If she could suppress it, wouldn’t she have returned to the beginning when she only needed to hold hands?

Her eyes lit up. “How?”

Ji Silin took out a small bottle of medicine from his bag and pa.s.sed it to her. “This medicine can suppress it for the time being, but it can’t be treated at the root. It’ll only make you… Mm, the dating process gets slower.”

Xue Xi took it and took a look. There was no label on the bottle and she nodded obediently. “Okay.”

However, Ji Silin did not leave. His beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. After looking at her for a while, he sighed heavily. He gently patted her head and said gently, “That person is not ordinary. Don’t offend him.”

Xue Xi paused. “Brother Silin, do you know Xiang Huai?”

However, Ji Silin did not answer her directly. “From what you said, he shouldn’t have any ill intentions toward you. You don’t have to be on guard, but don’t draw him in too deeply.”

Xue Xi listened and nodded again.

Ji Silin then looked at the time and realized that they had chatted for 20 minutes without realizing it. It was time for him to leave. He looked at Xue Xi reluctantly.

His gentle eyes were filled with longing. “I’ll leave first.”

Unfortunately, the young lady was still cold-hearted. “Yes, Brother Silin. See you next time.”

Ji Silin forced a smile and got in the car before leaving.

Xue Xi stood on the spot for a while and only entered the living room when she saw that Ji Silin’s car was gone.

In the living room, Ye Li and Song Wenman were leaning against the gla.s.s window and looking outside.

Ye Li frowned. “What’s there for Xixi and Dr. Ji to chat about for so long?”

Song Wenman also said, “Did they know each other from before? The last time we met, Xixi took the initiative to send him downstairs. Something’s not right!”

As the two chatted, Xue Xi entered. They hurriedly stood up. Ye Li coughed and said, “Xixi, what do you think of Dr. Ji?”

Xue Xi picked up her bag and replied, “Very handsome and has a good temper.”

With that, she headed upstairs.

Song Wenman was stunned. “What does Xixi mean?”

Ye Li said dazedly, “Xixi took a fancy to Xiao Xiang because he was handsome. That’s why she snagged him.”

The two looked at each other.

Song Wenman said, “Don’t tell me Xixi thinks that Dr. Ji is also good-looking?”

Ye Li: “?”

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Thinking about Xue Xi’s att.i.tude toward Xiang Huai, and then looking at how Xue Xi had personally sent Ji Silin out and how “reluctant” Ji Silin had been to leave, staying in the courtyard for 20 minutes, why did it feel that Xixi had the potential to be a sl*t?

She silently looked at Song Wenman and the two of them looked at each other for a moment before sighing.

When Ye Li was packing their breakfast, she could not help but add more beef buns. “Last time, you mentioned that he loves beef buns.”

Xue Xi could not remember this and replied in confusion, “Oh.”

Before Ye Li was finished packing, her phone suddenly rang. She went to answer the call while Song Wenman helped Xue Xi pack her breakfast.

Xue Xi carried her breakfast and was about to leave when Ye Li suddenly exclaimed, “Really?”

Xue Xi paused and turned to look.

She did not know what the other party had said, but Ye Li smiled. “Alright, that’s great!”

After hanging up the call, she happily said, “Everyone from the National Pictures has come to Bin City to live in seclusion and organize an art exhibition. My good friend sent my ‘Ice Mountain Picture’ over. I didn’t expect to be chosen!”

Song Wenman did not know much about national paintings. “Who is Xiang Yin?”

Ye Li smiled. “He is the national artist of his generation. He is around my age and is already the president of the Huaxia Art a.s.sociation. He is now the president of the Huaxia Academy of Fine Arts. His original name is Fu Chun, and his pen name is Recluse. He has a very high position in the national art world.”

Xu Fang was merely the president of Bin City’s Art a.s.sociation. He was the country’s president!

Xue Xi was stunned.

She had once before seen this long string of accolades that Ye Li had mentioned—Isn’t that Painter from the Moguls’ Group?

He came to Bin City to look for Night Li, right?

With this thought in mind, Xue Xi carried her breakfast out.

When she got in the car, she suddenly recalled that she should ask Ye Li about Night Li’s situation. She had actually forgotten about it and would ask when she returned tonight.

When she arrived at the provision store and Xiang Huai was arranging breakfast, Xue Xi’s gaze landed on the Buddhist scriptures. She suddenly reached out and picked up the book, only to find—

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