Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 123 - Love Agreement

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Chapter 123: Love Agreement

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This agreement was written personally.

Xiang Huai’s first reaction was that the little kid’s handwriting was very good but not quite elegant. Her strokes were sharp and abrupt. It was obvious that she was not in a good mood when she wrote this agreement.

He then looked at the contents.

1. Let’s hold hands once a day. If I don’t initiate, don’t move.

2. Kissing once a week. I call the shots on when we do it. Outside of that, don’t even think about it. Don’t mention it or even dream about it.

3. Don’t invite yourself to my house for dinner.

4. You are also not allowed to call me casually!

5. I haven’t thought about the rest yet. I’ll think about it and add more.

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow.

He had no interest in item 1. After all, he did it every day. But item 2? Wasn’t it too infrequent for him to kiss her just once a week? There will always be exceptions. As for 3, his father-in-law can just call him for dinner. If it’s 4, would he not be able to make a phone call?

These comments flashed across his mind one by one. When he looked up, he saw the girl looking at him seriously. Her misty eyes were filled with solemnity, as if she was a cat that was on the verge of exploding. It seemed that if he dared to bargain, she would lash out with her claws.

He chuckled and replied, “Okay.”

Seeing that he agreed, she seemed to finally relax a little. She then picked up her breakfast and placed it on the counter.

Without Lu Chao around, Xiang Huai took it and walked to the dining table to set it up.

The little kid was very serious when she ate. After she finished eating, she became even more serious when she held his hand, causing him to not dare to tease her. After a few minutes, she let go of his hand and asked expressionlessly, “Is this shirt made of fiber?”

Xiang Huai was baffled. “…I think so. Why?”

Who would actually learn about clothing materials?

However, Xue Xi heaved a huge sigh of relief when she heard this.

The fiber of the fabric rubbed against the skin, making it easy to produce static electricity. No wonder when they held hands these last two times, it felt like the places they touched would become numb and tingling, as though an electric current had pa.s.sed.

She seriously suggested, “You should wear pure cotton… more comfortable.”


Xiang Huai felt that this conversation was a little strange, but the little kid’s way of thinking was always strange. If she did not explain, he would not be able to guess her thoughts.

Xue Xi had no intention of explaining. She picked up her bag and walked out. “I’m going to school.”

She slowly walked forward. When she reached the school gate, she saw the red-haired Gao Yanchen lowering his head and holding his phone as he entered the school.

Behind him, Flame Number One was holding a language textbook and reading it attentively.

This doesn’t seem right, does it?

Puzzled, Xue Xi followed them.

Gao Yanchen spotted her from the corner of his eye and put down his phone. Raising his chin, he said, “I hired a martial arts master yesterday.”

Xue Xi: “?”

Gao Yanchen coughed and said, “I’ll compete with you after I’ve practiced for some time.”

Xue Xi: “…Do your best, then?”

Gao Yanchen: “…”

Why did he feel that Sister Xi’s cheer was so perfunctory?

He tensed up and suddenly kicked Flame Number One. “Walk properly!”

Flame Number One: “…”

Why was he always the one who got hurt?

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He put down the book and suddenly said sneakily, “Sister Xi, do you want to read this?”

Ye Li found a topic to chat about. “Xixi, I’ve already sent the painting you saw yesterday to be framed. It will take about three days. I’ll hang it in your room then.”

Xue Xi nodded.

At this moment, Song Wenman asked, “Did you sell the one you drew last night?”

A look of disappointment flashed across Ye Li’s eyes. “No.”

Song Wenman did not think much of it and simply said, “We’re not selling paintings to earn a living. We still have to be cultured.”

As they were speaking, the bedroom door opened. Song Wenman hurriedly stood up and was about to speak when Ji Silin walked out and gestured for her to keep quiet. He whispered, “He’s asleep.”

Song Wenman nodded happily and whispered, “He hasn’t been sleeping well recently. He didn’t sleep much last night. It’s good that he can sleep now.”

Ji Silin: “I’ll leave some sleeping pills for him later. Don’t let him take them too often. If he really can’t sleep, just give him one. Perhaps it’s because his living environment has changed that his condition has worsened. It seems that I’ll have to come twice a week.”

Song Wenman nodded. “Sure.”

After he finished instructing them about Ye Lai, Xue Xi sent Ji Silin off.

The two of them stood in the courtyard and Xue Xi looked up at him.

The sky darkened and the moon crept up the sky. Ji Silin was still dressed in white and his spectacles reflected cold light. His clean and refined look was just like two years ago.

Xue Xi explained everything she knew about Xiang Huai in a low voice, including the fact that she would die if she was not falling in love. After saying that, she said, “Brother Silin, I know that it’s very mysterious and you might not believe it…”

Before she could finish speaking, Ji Silin said sternly, “I believe you.”

Xue Xi’s heart warmed. Ever since the incident, she had been lost and confused. Now, she seemed to have seen the light. “Do you trust me?”

Ji Silin chuckled. “I’ve encountered such a situation before.”

Xue Xi hurriedly said, “Then did I get drugged or poisoned?”

Ji Silin shook his head. “Neither.”

Xue Xi: “Then what is it?”

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