Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 122 - Kid, I Want to Kiss You

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Chapter 122: Kid, I Want to Kiss You

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Xue Xi sat in front of the desk after changing into her home clothes. She rested her elbows on the desk and held her phone with both hands, waiting for the reply from the group.

She had been wondering who Xiang Huai was since yesterday, but Xue Sheng did not know him. There might not be such a person in the business world.

This morning, when she was chatting in the Moguls’ Group, she suddenly realized that this group was filled with people from all walks of life. Perhaps one of them would recognize him?

Unexpectedly, after this sentence was sent out, the group instantly fell silent.

After two minutes, someone finally sent another message:

Cen Bai: “Sister Xi, are you kidding me? How can you not recognize him?”

Xue Xi paused, having gleaned that Cen Bai knew him. Hence, she hurriedly asked, “Who is he?”

The group fell silent again.

Just as she was about to ask again, someone finally replied.

Do Not Disturb: “No one.”

This message seemed to have woken up everyone in the group. Everyone bubbled.

Pianist: “No one.”

Teaches Math: “No one.”

Painter: “No one.”

Cook: “No one.”

The rest: “No one.”

Other than Ji Silin, everyone else bubbled. Xue Xi looked at them in confusion before looking for Cen Bai: “You know him? @Cen Bai.”

Cen Bai: “No, I definitely don’t.”

Learning: “?”

Cen Bai: “Sorry, I was blind just now. I saw wrongly.”

Learning: “…”

So many connections and none of them knew?

Xue Xi thought about it and copied him as she said in the group chat: “If you find any news about him, please tell me. Thanks.”

After sending these messages, she placed her phone aside and opened the “Charming Element” book that she had gotten from her grandmother today. She did not know many of the professional terms, and it was a little hard for her to read.

She casually flipped through it and sighed.

There was no end to learning. This saying was too accurate. She had originally thought that she had already learned most of the high-school level knowledge and that she had also self-learned some university-level knowledge. However, compared to a truly top-notch talent, she was still far behind.

Hmm, looks like I have to work harder.

She continued studying until 11:30 PM. Ye Li sent her a bowl of warm milk and bird’s nest soup. Watching her eat it, she said, “Sleep early. Health is the capital for studying. If you don’t sleep enough, your immune system won’t work well.”

Xue Xi could understand what she was saying, so she nodded.

Only then did she pick up her phone. Just as she was about to set the alarm, she saw a message on WeChat:

Ji Silin: “Xixi, why are you asking about Xiang Huai?”

Xue Xi rarely hid anything from Brother Silin. She thought about it and decided to tell the truth: “He is my boyfriend.”

Ji Silin quickly sent a message: “How is that possible? Is he in Bin City?”

Learning: “Yes. Do you know him?”

At first, the person on the other side was keying in an answer. However, after typing for ten minutes, he seemed to be deleting the message. Finally, he sent this message: “He is not ordinary. Stay away from him in real life.”

What did he mean by stay away from him in real life? She wasn’t even in contact with Xiang Huai online.

As Xue Xi thought this, she sighed. “I can’t leave him now. My heart will ache.”

Brother Silin would definitely be like Ye Li, Xue Sheng, and the rest, thinking that she was just saying sweet nothings, right? But what should she say?

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Just as she was hesitating whether she should explain, Ji Silin sent a message: “Why?”

Xue Xi lay down and pressed the blanket behind her. She said heartlessly, “Oh. Well, I’m going to sleep. Goodbye.”

“Little kid,” the man said softly. “I want to kiss you.”


Xue Xi was stunned.

The kiss from the banquet suddenly flashed in her mind. His breath seemed to still be lingering on her lips, making her breath tighten.

Her throat felt a little dry as she said stiffly, “Good night.”

After saying that, she hung up.

How could this man say such words out loud? He was simply too shameless.

Xue Xi felt that her face was a little red and the house was a little warm. She placed her phone aside and closed her eyes.

The moonlight shone through the curtains into the room, giving the desk a layer of light. It was a little bright. The trees outside the window swayed in the wind, making rustling sounds. It was a little noisy.

Xue Xi suddenly opened her eyes and sighed deeply.

Has that “be in love or die” curse reached the point where she had to kiss every day? Otherwise, why did she feel fl.u.s.tered?

She did not know how she managed to sleep that night.

The back of the provision store was connected to a three-story villa. Back then, Lu Chao had bought both properties together and they usually stayed in the villa.

Xiang Huai woke up early to exercise. After taking a shower, he returned to the provision store and sat behind the counter, waiting for the little kid to arrive.

At 7:20 AM, footsteps sounded at the entrance.

Following that, the girl pushed open the door and entered. There was a hint of anger on her usually cold face.

Xiang Huai slowly put down the Buddhist scriptures and waited for her to flare up.

Immediately, the girl slammed a piece of paper on the table. “This is a relationship agreement. We’ll strictly follow this going forward!”

Xiang Huai was stunned for a moment and looked over—

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