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Young Master Yan

Chapter 121 - Best Actor Xiang Huai

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Chapter 121: Best Actor Xiang Huai


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The painting depicted waves of mountains layered on top of each other, surrounding a vast river. The entire painting gave off a simple and elegant feeling.

At the bottom right corner of the painting, the red seal displayed its author’s pen name: Green Sandalwood.

Ye Li stared at this name and her face tensed up.

It was given to her by her professor when she was in university. Compared to this pen name, though, she preferred the one she randomly chose: Night Li1.

But now that Xu Fang was suppressing her, her paintings with that name on them could not be displayed in the studio. Fortunately, her friend had given her a different name.

And that was why she drew another painting today, intending to give it another try using it.

Ye Li placed the tiny stamp aside and looked up. When she saw Xue Xi sizing up her painting curiously, she suddenly asked, “Xixi, do you want to learn Chinese painting?”


Xue Xi’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Okay!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Li immediately took off her painting and placed it on the table beside her. She then put up a fresh layer of calligraphic paper and pa.s.sed a brush to her. “The national art is focused on ink. It is complemented by color and is particular about speed and slowness. To draw mountains and rivers, one needs to learn how to use brushes, ink, composition, and color…”

After Ye Li gave a brief introduction, she demonstrated two strokes with a brush and a piece of separate paper.

Ye Li then pa.s.sed the pen to Xue Xi. “Try it.”

When Xue Xi was in the orphanage, she had learned calligraphy. She did not know how to paint, but she was the best at imitating. Her production of Slender Gold calligraphy was exactly the same as the original, so it was hard to distinguish between what’s fake and real.

She thought for a while and drew two strokes on the paper.

Ye Li was stunned. “You really haven’t learned it before?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Ye Li exclaimed, “But your penmanship is so stable! Moreover, the mountain you drew is exactly the same as my mountain!”

Her eyes lit up. “Xixi, after school, I’ll teach you how to draw!”

She had always loved painting, and to her, painting was an activity that could calm one’s heart. There were many techniques involved.

Xue Xi was also very happy. “Sure.”

Ye Li pointed at the books on the bookshelf in the room and said, “In there are photos of famous paintings. You can take a look at them when you’re free.”

She then pointed at the paintings beside her. “These are my paintings from 18 years ago. One of them even received an award. You can take a look too.”

Those were all under her pen name, Night Li.

Xue Xi walked over curiously and casually picked up a scroll. Just as she was about to open it, Ye Li casually asked, “Oh, right. Were you looking for me for something?”

Xue Xi was stunned and then reacted. “Oh, I was going to call you to have dinner.”



Ye Li looked up silently. The two of them stared at each other speechlessly for a while before Ye Li coughed. “Shall we go eat first?”


Xue Xi took another look at the painting in her hands. Halfway through, she could already tell that this painting was definitely extraordinary. She could not bear to let go and could not bear to leave.

Ye Li smiled and asked, “Do you like it?”


Ye Li took back the painting. This was the best painting she had drawn back then, and it was also a prized piece. She rolled it up and put it back in place. “Then I’ll frame it and hang it in your room. It’ll be a gift from Mom!”

Xue Xi’s eyes lit up. “Sure.”

The two of them went downstairs and realized that the rest of the people were already seated in the dining room. Xue Sheng pursed his lips and seemed to be holding back his laughter. Xiang Huai was also raising his eyebrows. It seemed that he was already in harmony with the rest.

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Song Wenman snorted. “I told them not to call you guys. I wanted to know how long it would take for the two nerds to remember to eat. Tsk, it’s only been 40 minutes. That’s pretty fast!”

Xue Xi, who was staring at the dishes, unaware that she actually liked chicken wings and eggplants, looked up in confusion when she heard this. “…I don’t know.”

Ye Li and Xue Sheng looked at each other, then at Xiang Huai with even more pity.

Their daughter was only focused on studying. Indeed, she was not the type to fall in love.

Only someone like Xiang Huai could tolerate it, huh?

How troublesome.

Having successfully received a wave of attention, Xiang Huai lowered his eyes and said calmly, “Auntie, I can do anything. As long as Xixi likes it.”

Xue Xi: “…”

After the meal, Ye Li became much more friendly to Xiang Huai. When he left, she even said, “Xiao Xiang, come over to eat more in the future.”

Xiang Huai glanced at Xue Xi. The 1.88-meter-tall boy asked softly, “Is that alright?”

Before Xue Xi could speak, Ye Li said, “Of course.”

Xue Sheng also said, “If you have anything you don’t understand about business, you can ask me anytime.”

“Alright, Uncle, Auntie. Goodbye.” After saying that, Xiang Huai turned to look at Xue Xi. “Xixi is in a hurry to go upstairs to study, right? Then you don’t have to send me off.”

Xue Xi had no intention of sending him off. “…Oh.”

After Xiang Huai left, Xue Xi went upstairs to her bedroom. After thinking for a while, she sent a message in the Moguls’ Group.

Learning: “I want to ask you guys about someone.”

Teaches Math: “Sister Xi, tell me.”

Pianist: “Who?”

Painter: “Who?”

Learning: “Do you guys know someone called Xiang Huai?”

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