Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 117 - Boyfriend Can't Stay Human

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Chapter 117: Boyfriend Can’t Stay Human

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Xue Xi had originally intended to struggle desperately, but when she realized that it was actually Xiang Huai who had caught her, her heart suddenly calmed down.

This thought stunned her.

In the past, she’d felt that Xiang Huai was very dangerous and that she needed to stay away from him. But now, why did she feel that she was very safe with him?

Just as Xue Xi was wondering about the change in her att.i.tude, the man suddenly lowered his head and captured her lips…


As though a bolt of lightning had struck her ears, all Xue Xi could feel was something pressing in.

Xiang Huai’s kiss was aggressive. He greedily took her breath and explored every corner.

The girl’s sweet scent calmed his anger, and his actions became gentle and tender.

He sucked gently, nibbled gently, kissed gently, and turned his body… as though he wanted to suck all the sweetness in her mouth.

Xue Xi’s entire body went numb from the kiss and her mind went blank. She forgot to struggle and resist and only responded to him instinctively.

An unknown period of time pa.s.sed, which seemed like a short while but also lasted as long as a century. Then, footsteps and Qin Shuang’s confused voice came from outside. “Eh? Didn’t Sister Xi say that she’s coming to look for us? Why isn’t she here?”

These words made Xue Xi regain her rationality!

Just as she was about to push him away, a large hand pressed on her back and pressed her against his chest.

Xiang Huai released her. Just as she was about to open her mouth in anger, he placed a finger on her lips and said in a deep voice, “Little kid, do you want them to know that we’re kissing?”

Xue Xi widened her eyes and shut her mouth in embarra.s.sment.

The lights in the storeroom were not switched on. Only the faint yellow light from the corridor lamps outside shone in through the small window. Through this light, Xiang Huai could see the girl’s usually cold cheeks flushed.

He did not know if she was embarra.s.sed or angry.

She was wearing a tube top dress and her long black hair was draped over her body. From the top, one could see her fair and slender neck and thin shoulders.

Xiang Huai’s Adam’s apple bobbed. Only then did he realize that the skin under his hands was so smooth and silky. He felt as though all the blood in his body was rushing in a certain direction and hurriedly shifted his gaze away.

Xue Xi did not notice his abnormal behavior as she listened attentively to the voices outside.

Little Flame had also appeared and was asking, “She’s not up yet?”

Qin Shuang was puzzled. “That’s right. Could Sister Xi have lost her way in your living room?”

Gao Yanchen: “…I don’t think so. Just wait.”

After saying this, he played a game on his phone and leaned against the wall beside the storeroom out of habit.

Through the door that was not very soundproof, Xue Xi could hear Gao Yanchen’s phone clearly. “Welcome to King’s Glory!”


She did not even dare to breathe.

It would be too embarra.s.sing if Little Flame and Little Chatterbox knew that she was hiding here!

Xue Xi glared at Xiang Huai. It’s all this dog-man’s fault. Why did he drag me here to… kiss me?

Xue Xi finally realized what had just happened.

This man actually kissed her? She had told him long ago that if he dared to kiss her, she would beat him up! But why didn’t she have the urge to hit him now? It must be because this storeroom was too small and would not give her purchase.

Xue Xi scanned her surroundings. This storeroom really was small—so small that she had to stick closely to Xiang Huai.

In the cramped and dark environment, her senses became exceptionally sensitive.

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The man’s palms on her shoulders were burning hot, making her feel a little stuffy in this cramped s.p.a.ce, as though she was about to suffocate. She panted heavily, but her nose kept being filled with his scent. In such a quiet environment, she could even hear the man’s strong heartbeats beating very fast.

Three times, four…

Xiang Huai’s brown eyes held back a deep emotion. The taut string in his body seemed to be about to break.


Xiang Huai could not help but swear in his heart. He then pressed down hard on Xue Xi’s body, lowered his head, and rested his chin on her shoulder to avoid her kiss. His throat moved with difficulty as he said hoa.r.s.ely, “Don’t move.”

“Otherwise, your boyfriend can’t stay human anymore.”


Xue Xi’s usually slow-witted EQ seemed to explode at this moment. She instantly understood what he meant and froze, not daring to move.

After some time, the sound of “Victory” came from outside. But even after the game was over, the two had yet to meet Xue Xi.

Gao Yanchen said solemnly to Qin Shuang, “Go downstairs and take a look.”


Following that, Qin Shuang’s footsteps could be heard. However, Gao Yanchen did not leave and continued standing there.

A few minutes later, the footsteps returned and Qin Shuang said, “Sister Xi is not downstairs. I asked Auntie Ye and she said that Sister Xi has already gone upstairs. Where did she go? Could she have gone on a date with her boyfriend?”

Gao Yanchen refuted, “I think she just went to look for a place to do her questions.”

“…I actually think you’re right. Forget it, I’ll send Sister Xi a message and ask her where she is.” Qin Shuang picked up her phone and typed a few words.

The moment she sent it out, Xue Xi’s phone rang.

Xue Xi and Xiang Huai: “…”

Gao Yanchen and Qin Shuang: “??”

Both of them turned to look at the storeroom.

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