Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 116 - Kissed! Kissed!

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Chapter 116: Kissed! Kissed!

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Xue Sheng had been doing business for so many years and had sharp eyes. He could tell at a glance that Xiang Huai was not someone ordinary. His aura and elegance were definitely not something an everyday family could cultivate.

Moreover, he had a cold demeanor and did not seem like a kind person.

Xue Sheng thought about it and could not figure out what kind of person Xiang Huai was. Even if he had an even more formidable background than Lu Chao, he’d still have to clarify what it was.

Even if he had to offend him, Xue Sheng could not let her daughter fall for his tricks.

Xiang Huai stood there steadily, his dark brown eyes staring at Xue Sheng. He could see the wariness in Xue Sheng’s eyes.

Father-in-law is not easy to fool.

At this thought, Xiang Huai lowered his head and dispelled the cold aura surrounding him. He respectfully said, “Uncle, I am Xue Xi’s boyfriend, Xiang Huai.”

“…” Xue Sheng clearly did not ask him about that, so he could only continue asking, “What is your relationship with Lu Chao or Qian Xin?”

Xiang Huai did not want to lie. Pursing his lips, he paused for a moment before replying seriously, “We once worked together.”

Xue Sheng raised his brows in surprise. “Collaborator?”

Xiang Huai nodded. “I guess so.”

Lu Chao’s lips twitched.

Yes, he and his boss were partners. His boss even called him Brother! Even Qian Xin, that G.o.d of Fortune, never received such an honor from his boss!

Xue Sheng was sensitive enough to catch a single word. “Once?”

Xiang Huai nodded again. He could not reveal his ident.i.ty, so it would be less wrong to say less.

Xue Sheng asked further, “What about now?”

Xiang Huai: “Now, I’m not with Dingsheng Group anymore.”

Dingsheng Group was Qian Xin’s, the G.o.d of Fortune’s company, with businesses all over the country.

Xue Sheng subconsciously asked, “Why did you leave?”

Xiang Huai’s eyes darkened as though he had recalled what happened in the past. He said with some emotion, “Dingsheng doesn’t need me anymore.”

And I don’t need him anymore…

Looking at his melancholic and reluctant look, Xue Sheng felt that he had judged him wrongly.

When he was young, it was tough for him to start a business. He had also established a company with his partners, but they had different management methods, and because he did not want to completely fall out with his friends, he could only take the initiative to be kicked out.

Knowing how it feels to be abandoned by his partner gave him a deep understanding of Xiang Huai’s current feelings. No wonder he answered Xue Sheng’s initial question that way. So he did not even want to bring up the past.

On the other hand, he exuded a dispirited aura. He opened a provision store and did not seem to have any ambition. Was he heartbroken and had not yet gotten over it?

This was the only reasonable explanation.

Having worked with Qian Xin, he should have acc.u.mulated a huge sum of money when he left, enough for him to buy such a huge provision store and this set of clothes.

Otherwise, he really could not imagine how a big shot like him would do nothing every day.

Moreover, when Lu Chao came to Bin City, he stayed with him. Did Lu Chao feel guilty?

Xue Sheng patted him on the shoulder and became less vigilant. He consoled him by saying, “Everyone goes through a time when they are at a disadvantage. During such times, they should be more motivated and not dispirited. Young man, you can do it. I trust you.”

Xiang Huai: “…”

Uncle seems to have misunderstood something.

However, this misunderstanding clearly made Uncle have a better impression of him.

Xiang Huai moved his lips, and his earlier feelings turned into sadness. “Really?”

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Xue Sheng nodded.

She had been doing it for several months and was almost done with the Olympiad questions. Now, she would occasionally feel bored.

After Xue Sheng’s socializing was over and the banquet was coming to an end, he decided not to leave yet. Instead, he sat beside Xue Xi and asked his daughter in a low voice, “Xixi, I think Xiao Xiang is not bad. Why don’t we let him enter our company?”

Her daughter would definitely study hard, and from the looks of it, she did not seem to be interested in doing business. Since the company was going to be handed over to her sooner or later, she might as well hand it over to Xiang Huai.

Xue Xi: “…No need.”

Xue Sheng was taken aback. “Why?”

Xue Xi replied slowly, “We’ll break up sooner or later.”

When the curse of “dying if she’s not in love” disappears, their paths did not need to cross again… right?

Xue Sheng was even more confused. “Don’t you like him? If so, why don’t you just break up now?”

Xue Xi knew that her answer would sound weird, but she had no other way to explain it. She slowly said, “If I leave him now, my heart will ache to death.”


Do young people nowadays love each other this much? Xue Sheng did not understand!

Upon thinking that they would break up in the future, Xue Xi felt a dull pain in her heart. She stood up and said, “I’ll go to Little Flame’s room upstairs to play with them.”

She got up and headed upstairs, but just as she reached the second floor, a figure appeared.

She reacted quickly and was just about to dodge, but the other party reacted even faster than she did. He grabbed her hands and pulled her into the storeroom nearby.

In the cramped room, Xiang Huai’s tall figure restrained her.

The man’s eyes were dark. He had not gone far when he clearly heard the words “we’ll break up sooner or later.” Anger had surged in his heart.

This little kid is really heartless.

At this thought, he lowered his head and grabbed her cherry red lips…

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