Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 115 - Who Are You?

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Chapter 115: Who Are You?

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There was a rare look of confusion in Xue Xi’s misty eyes.

Why is Canine Teeth here?

While she was in a daze, she heard Xu Fang speak in surprise. “Mr. Lu?”

Mr. Lu…

Xue Xi blinked and finally realized that Canine Teeth… was the Lu Chao they were talking about?

But how could that be? Wasn’t he as poor as Xiang Huai?

Moreover, although Xiang Huai and Canine Teeth did not mention it, Canine Teeth was clearly Xiang Huai’s subordinate. He was being oppressed in the provision store every day.

If this Canine Teeth is actually an esteemed person, then who is Xiang Huai?

Able to wear a suit that costs hundreds of thousands of yuan and own a provision store, reading the Cla.s.sic of Poem and Zhuangzi every day—who exactly is this “unprofessional” man?

Xue Sheng was even more confused than Xue Xi.

As he was walking over, he had heard Xiang Huai say “I’m Xixi’s boyfriend” and realized that he had mistaken him for someone else.

It turned out that the man in black who was even more unreasonable than Lu Chao was Xixi’s boyfriend! Luckily, he did not say anything. Otherwise, it would have been a big joke.

However, how did they know Lu Chao? From the looks of it, they seemed to have a good relationship.

While everyone was in a daze, Xu Fang frowned.

Mr. Lu clearly treated Xue Xi differently. He seemed to have met her a long time ago. Could it be that he fancied her because she was pretty?

Her eyes flickered as she hurriedly said, “Mr. Lu, it seems you two have known each other for a while. We were just joking around earlier, saying that someone as beautiful as Ms. Xue should have been introduced to you. But in the end, Ms. Xue said that she already has a boyfriend.”

She paused and smiled. “I’m quite puzzled. Can her boyfriend be better than you?”

Any man would get angry hearing such words, right?

As expected, Lu Chao’s expression changed.

Xu Fang continued to add fuel to the fire. “Since ancient times, people have preferred men that are good-looking and women that are beautiful. But our Xinyan is more fond of talented people and is not that shallow.”

After saying this, she pointed at Xiang Huai. “Mr. Lu, this is Ms. Xue’s boyfriend.”

Lu Chao’s expression had indeed changed. He was on the verge of tears. What nonsense was this person spouting?

How would I dare to meet Xue Xi? This is Sister-in-law, alright?

He carefully stole a glance at his boss’s face. When he saw his boss looking at him coldly, Lu Chao’s body stiffened.

He hurriedly said, “Old…”

The moment he said that, he suddenly remembered that his boss’s ident.i.ty could not be exposed. Otherwise, Bin City would be in an uproar. His words froze and his expression turned anxious. What should he do?

Just as he was thinking about how to address her, Xiang Huai suddenly said in a low voice, “Brother Lu.”

Lu Chao: “…Don’t call me Brother.”

His thin body could not withstand the weight of this “Brother”!

The people who had surrounded them earlier were all madams and young mistresses from different families. Now that Lu Chao had arrived, the leaders of each family had gathered around as well.

Fan Han followed his father toward the crowd and quietly looked at the handful of people in the middle of the storm.

Mr. Fan lowered his voice and asked, “Where did this man come from? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

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There were only so many famous businessmen in Bin City, but this person’s face was too unfamiliar.

With that, the entire banquet hall fell silent!

Xu Fang and Li Xinyan stared at him in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Lu Chao was now in deep trouble because of the two of them. Knowing that his boss would be coming, he was preparing to leave after greeting them. However, he was now terrified after his boss called him “Brother.”

He said directly, “I want to speak to my brother. Please leave.”

Xu Fang and Li Xinyan were already frightened out of their wits. They did not expect such a situation and both gulped.

Xu Fang knew that she had made a huge mistake and offended Lu Chao. She wanted to make up for it. “Mr. Lu, you said that you’ll be meeting Xinyan tomorrow. You…”

Lu Chao straightened his back. “Oh, I’m no longer free.”

The meaning behind this sentence was too obvious.

Li Xinyan blushed.

Tears welled up in her eyes. How many people were feeling envious of her just a moment ago? But now, those same people were mocking her!

What a slap in the face. I was just bullying them because I thought Mr. Lu liked me, but I didn’t expect Mr. Lu to have such a good relationship with Ms. Xue.

In the crowd, Elder Gao and Li Xinyan’s father were standing together.

After Lu Chao had said that he was going to meet Li Xinyan, Elder Gao had revealed his intention of having their two families working together. Mr. Li had been overjoyed, but now… Mr. Li wanted to say something, but Elder Gao said, “I think Madam Li is not in good health. Why don’t Mr. Li bring Madam and Miss back first?”

This was a blatant chase out! Mr. Li did not dare to offend the Gao family and could only leave with his family.

Although the rest of the people at the banquet were curious, they did not dare to stay and watch the commotion and scattered.

Xue Xi felt that it was finally quiet.

At this moment, Xue Sheng walked over. He stared at Xiang Huai and asked solemnly, “Who exactly are you?”

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