Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 114 - Auntie, I'm Xixi's Boyfriend

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Chapter 114: Auntie, I’m Xixi’s Boyfriend

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Gao Yanchen subconsciously looked at the stairs.

Elder Gao was energetic. He was wearing a tunic suit and was smiling as he walked down slowly with a young man. The man was very cute and showed two canine teeth when he smiled. He seemed to be Lu Chao.

But why was Lu Chao wearing a black suit?

Stunned, he slowly turned around and looked at Xiang Huai in disbelief. From such a close distance, he could see the logo on the clothes.

This model and quality…

Gao Yanchen was stunned. Suddenly, he asked in disbelief, “Aren’t your clothes a high-quality imitation?”

High-quality imitation?

Through these two words, Xiang Huai understood why these people had asked him to change. After all this, were they thinking that he was wearing an imitation?

There was a hint of coldness in his sharp eyes, and he exuded an aloofness that kept people away. His voice was full of malice and coldness. He looked completely different than when he was standing in front of Xue Xi. “So, do you still want me to change?”

Gao Yanchen instantly wanted to give himself a slap. What need was there for him to change?!

He threw the clothes in his hands into the lounge and realized something. “That’s not right. How can you afford authentic goods?”

Is the provision store so rich now?

Unfortunately, the man at the door had already left. Gao Yanchen quickened his steps and could only see the man’s elegant retreating figure disappear into the crowd. He couldn’t tell where he went.

As Lu Chao went down the downstairs with Elder Gao, he knew that Xue Xi would also be here. He even took a few glances at the lobby and wanted to give her a surprise.

Unfortunately, before he could even see her, he was stopped by a group of people. “Mr. Lu, h.e.l.lo. I’m Xue Gui.”

Xue Gui?

Lu Chao paused and looked at him. Is this Sister Xi’s stupid uncle?

He grimaced and replied, “Oh.”

Another person beside him spoke. “Mr. Lu, h.e.l.lo. I’m…”

Lu Chao, who had been surrounded, could only stop and make small talk.

Outside the crowd, Xue Sheng was accompanying Old Master Xue. He stared blankly at the Lu Chao that was being surrounded and felt that he must have seen wrongly.

He was in a daze. Old Master Xue hurriedly said, “Son, why are you in a daze? Hurry and introduce yourself to him!”

In business, connections were the most important.

If they could get to know Lu Chao, it would definitely help them greatly!

Xue Sheng, on the other hand, still felt as though he was in a dream. This Lu Chao was being accompanied by Elder Gao personally. It was definitely not fake, but how could it be him?

As Xue Sheng stood there in a daze, Xue Gui, who had already greeted Lu Chao, squeezed his way out of the crowd. With a smug expression, he said, “Big Brother, why are you still in a daze here? Luckily, I’ve been waiting at the staircase and just managed to greet Mr. Lu. He even looked at me a few times and definitely has an impression of me. I plan to visit him tomorrow and see if he can cooperate with me.”

After saying that, he saw that Xue Sheng was still standing at the same spot. Xue Gui pouted. “Big Brother, sometimes you’re too arrogant! Are you just standing there because you’re expecting Mr. Lu to come and meet you personally?”

Lu Chao, who was in the crowd, said, “Sorry, excuse me.”

How would anyone dare to stop him? The crowd easily made way. Just like that, Lu Chao walked up to Xue Sheng and gave him a sweet smile. “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Xue. We meet again!”

Xue Gui: “?”

His eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Xue Sheng and Lu Chao again.

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What happened? Why did he feel that Lu Chao’s smile had a hint of flattery? He must have seen wrongly!

The rest of the wealthy ladies exclaimed, “That’s what it means when people add each other on WeChat! They’ll have a good chat later, so there’ll definitely be no problem!”

“Yes, of course. Xinyan is so pretty. It’s only natural that Mr. Lu likes her.”

While the others were feeling envious, Xu Fang looked at Ye Li and deliberately asked, “Right, is your daughter’s boyfriend here? Let’s meet him.”

After saying that, she covered her mouth. “Look at me. I forgot that he is a hooligan. How could he have come to such an occasion?”

Ye Li’s face was taut and she was clearly furious.

Xue Xi slowly opened her mouth, but before she could speak, a warm hand suddenly held her hand. She was slightly taken aback and turned to look at Xiang Huai.

The man’s side profile was exceptionally exquisite and his jawline was firm. He held her hand and walked up to them. He said slowly, “h.e.l.lo, Auntie. I’m Xixi’s boyfriend, Xiang Huai.”

The surroundings suddenly fell silent.

Everyone looked at him. His exquisite suit made him look even more stunning and elegant.

This handsomeness seemed to be suffocating.

Ye Li was stunned. Why was her daughter’s boyfriend different from the one in the photo that Xue Sheng had given her?

While Ye Li was in a daze, Xu Fang suddenly sneered. “You’re so good-looking. No wonder you’re being kept by Ye Li’s daughter. You guys really put in a lot of effort to buy him such an expensive suit just to save your face. But what’s the use of being good-looking? You can’t be compared to Lu Chao.”

Just as she said this, Xue Sheng brought Lu Chao over.

Xu Fang, who was the first to see Lu Chao, was delighted. Thinking he must have come to greet her daughter, she hurriedly shouted, “Mr. Lu, we’re here!”

Lu Chao turned to look at Xue Xi and Xiang Huai and shouted, “Sister Xi!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Xue Xi turned around. When she saw the person, she exclaimed, “Canine Teeth?”

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