Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 113 - A Slap in the Face at the Banquet (4)

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Chapter 113: A Slap in the Face at the Banquet (4)

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Listening to the others’ talk, Xue Xi could not help but think of Canine Teeth every time she heard Lu Chao’s name being mentioned. She felt that this feeling was rather strange.

Flame Number One, who was beside Gao Yanchen, could not help but ask for more information. “Brother Chen, who exactly is this Lu Chao? There isn’t such a person in the country, right? Yet your grandpa thinks so highly of him.”

Gao Yanchen glanced at the entrance of the hall from time to time as impatience flashed across his heart.

Why isn’t Xue Xi’s boyfriend here yet? Could it be that he’s really scared out of his wits and doesn’t dare to come? If I had known earlier, I would have told Qin Shuang in advance not to tell Sister Xi. I would have not lost face.

He casually explained, “Have you heard of Qian Xin?”

Perhaps due to Lu Chao’s involvement, Xue Xi was distracted and listened to them attentively.

Flame Number One exclaimed, “Of course I’ve heard of him. He’s the richest man in China. I heard that his life is filled with wealth. Just from his name alone, I can tell how rich he is!”

Qin Shuang asked, “How rich?”

Flame Number One shook his head. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s earning money daily. Someone once joked that if his watch fell to the ground, he wouldn’t even need to pick it up because in the few seconds it would take him to do that, his company would have already earned him ten watches!”

Qin Shuang exclaimed, “How rich is that?”

Flame Number One turned to look at Gao Yanchen. “Brother Chen, what does Lu Chao have to do with him? It’s said that that G.o.d of Fortune is secretive and elusive. Many people who want to discuss collaborations with him can’t even find him. In this world, while it might seem that many corporations belong to others on the surface, they are actually all his…”

Gao Yanchen pursed his lips. “The old man said that Lu Chao and Qian Xin are good friends, and Lu Chao can make decisions for him regarding many business matters.”

His words stunned everyone.

Any person from a wealthy family would understand the meaning of this sentence.

No wonder so many people in Bin City kept wanting to approach Lu Chao. And when Elder Gao had said that he wanted to introduce a girlfriend to Lu Chao, the big families sent an outstanding girl of a suitable age over.

Who wouldn’t want to be a.s.sociated with such a person?

If they could get even just a slice of the G.o.d of Fortune’s business, they could earn enough money to spend their entire lives!

While they were exclaiming over the information, Xue Xi did not feel anything.

It was fine as long as one had enough money. What was the use of earning so much?

She was not particularly interested in meeting Lu Chao upstairs, so she silently picked up her phone and started reading the Math Olympiad questions.

Gao Yanchen could not be bothered to go upstairs, but he still said, “The old man told me to be more obedient tonight and not offend Lu Chao. Don’t go upstairs.”

He was usually very unruly, but he knew his priorities.

After saying this, he was about to lower his head and continue playing on his phone when he suddenly paused. After waiting for a long time, he finally saw a familiar figure enter the foyer.

The man stood tall and straight, his aura dark and cold. Although he did not have money, he gave off a feeling that he could not be underestimated. Is that Sister Xi’s boyfriend?

Gao Yanchen stood up immediately and was stunned when he saw his face.

It was rare for him to not be dressed in black. Today, he was wearing a white suit, and his black trousers were well-fitted, complementing his long and straight legs. Wasn’t this style… that store’s treasure?

But why was he the one wearing it?

Gao Yanchen was stunned.

Following his line of sight, Flame Number One also saw Xiang Huai.

The Flames saw him when he went to their school, so they all recognized him as Sister Xi’s boyfriend. However, when they saw the set of clothes he was wearing, Flame Number One’s first reaction was, “…F*ck! Where did he buy this outfit from? Why is he wearing a high-quality imitation? Wouldn’t it be awkward if he met Lu Chao later?”

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Although they were not allowed to go upstairs, Lu Chao would definitely go downstairs.

Gao Yanchen choked and did not know what to say.

If he said that he was wearing an imitation, it would hurt his pride.

In his panic, Gao Yanchen suddenly had an idea. “Sister Xi likes this set of clothes.”

Xue Xi slowly typed out a question mark in her mind: “?”

The next second, the man chuckled. His smile was especially alluring in the dark, and his deep voice seemed to be teasing her. “Little kid, do you like it?”

Xue Xi was silent for two seconds before she finally braced herself. “Mhm.”

The man went overboard. “How much do you like it?”

Xue Xi: “…”

Seeing that the man was not saying anything more and was not changing his clothes, Xue Xi could only think carefully for a while before replying hesitantly, “I like it as much as I like Math Olympiad questions?”


The balcony was silent. The Flames of the Roaring Flame Society could not bear to look at the scene.

Qin Shuang could not help but cover her forehead.

This answer is really Sister Xi!

“Pfft.” The man chuckled again, his voice filled with love. “Fine, I’ll change.”

The suit that cost several hundred thousand yuan was discarded for one that cost several thousand yuan. But there was no choice. Who was it that asked a little kid if she liked it?

Gao Yanchen brought Xiang Huai to the lounge to change. Before he entered, he suddenly heard a commotion from the crowd. He vaguely heard someone say, “Lu Chao is coming down!”

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