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Young Master Yan

Chapter 111 - Slap in the Face at the Banquet (2)

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Chapter 111: Slap in the Face at the Banquet (2)

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In the past, Ye Li could also slap Xu Fang’s face, but back then, she felt rather bored with the act. But after she said this in the present, she felt extremely carefree.

When she saw that Xu Fang was so stunned that her eyes widened in shock, she felt even better.

Ye Li reached out to touch her fringe before saying with a smile, “You said that this child has already been admitted to a university yet is still studying hard. I actually hope that mine would play with her phone, but alas, she’s still answering her exercises.”

Answering exercises?

Xu Fang looked at Xue Xi. She was not playing with her phone, but answering exercises?

She did not know much about high school, so she did not doubt Ye Li’s words. However, Li Xinyan frowned and said, “That’s impossible.”

Xu Fang was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

Li Xinyan turned to look at Xue Xi. “It’s not the time for universities to accept admissions. Even if she got through for winning a compet.i.tion, it’s not the time for the finals yet. How can she be admitted already? Moreover, it’s Huaxia University!”

Li Xinyan raised her chin slightly and spoke in a slightly high-pitched voice. It attracted the attention of the surrounding people, who gradually surrounded them.

“What’s wrong?” a nosy person asked. About four to five wealthy ladies surrounded them.

Xu Fang pursed her lips. “Ye Li, there’s no need to lie, right? I don’t understand the fact that universities aren’t yet admitting third-year students, but my Xinyan does. Didn’t I just say that my Xinyan is attending a foreign language school in the capital? What’s this talk about your child going to Huaxia University?”

The student council was concerned only about Xue Xi’s safety. Moreover, the parents of these students were busy with their careers and had no time to care about others, so they did not know much about this.

Hearing Xu Fang’s words, everyone else said:

“We can compare ourselves as much as we like, but it’s not right to make up a story about getting into Huaxia University, right? Who can even just enter this university?”

“Our children don’t care about the schools in the country. Don’t many of them go overseas? There’s no need to compare them!”

“That’s right. Madam Xue, you’re being too boring.”


Seeing so many people criticizing her, Ye Li became anxious. “My daughter has indeed been accepted. This matter is all over the internet. If you don’t believe me, you can search it. Many of Xixi’s cla.s.smates are also here and they can testify for her.”

Seeing how determined she was, the rest hesitated.

Xu Fang also looked at Li Xinyan. “Xinyan, tell me.”

Li Xinyan continued, “Last year, the students received recommendations based on their results. Bin City International High School did get a spot, but as for Huaxia University, they will not give it to students from such a school. There is also another way to ensure that the compet.i.tion is guaranteed. Those who can obtain the first prize in the national compet.i.tion in the Math and Physics Olympiad may be specially recruited and be directly admitted. Of course, there are also some who are talented and have made outstanding contributions in certain fields. They will also be qualified, but such people are very rare.”

Xu Fang looked at Ye Li. “Did you hear that? Very few!”

Ye Li frowned. “My Xixi belongs to that category!”

Li Xinyan pouted. “I’ve heard of only one person like that who received a direct pa.s.s this year. It’s said that she proved Bartra’s conjecture and made outstanding contributions in the mathematics world. That’s why she was accepted by Huaxia University. That female cla.s.smate is called Xue Xi.”

Everyone fell silent.

Xu Fang looked at Ye Li. “What now, huh? You have nothing to say now, right?”

Ye Li, on the other hand, calmed down. She smiled and said, “My memory is failing. I was too engrossed talking to you that I forgot to introduce her.”

She pointed at Xue Xi and said to everyone present, “This is my daughter, Xue Xi.”

Xu Fang exclaimed, “What?”

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Li Xinyan looked at Xue Xi in disbelief. Usually, when it came to the field of research, especially when it came to mathematics, most students had thick and heavy eyes. They were bald and dispirited and did not look good. However, this girl had exquisite features and was so beautiful that she was dazzling. How was that possible?!

Fan Han felt embarra.s.sed as though he had been slapped.

Mr. Fan frowned.

The other people did not notice the trio and continued chatting. Their voices were neither loud nor low.

“Sigh, I don’t have any boys of similar age in my family. Otherwise, I would definitely go and propose marriage! I wonder if Ms. Xue will be interested in a six-year-old?”

“If he’s only six years old, he’s still in primary school, right?!”

“Haha, I think you guys should stop dreaming. There’s another purpose for Elder Gao’s birthday celebration today. Have you forgotten?”

“You mean…”

“That’s right. In terms of beauty, she’s the best. Not only is she beautiful, she’s also outstanding. I think Elder Gao might introduce her to Mr. Lu!”

“How fortunate!”

Xu Fang and Li Xinyan also heard that and their faces darkened.

At this moment, a voice sounded. “Aiyo, then you guys have misunderstood!”

When Liu Yiqiu said this, everyone turned to look at her.

Liu Yiqiu rarely became the center of attention. At this moment, she was a little smug, but she curled her lips in disdain. “Our Xue Xi is pretty and knows how to study. It’s a pity that she chose a gigolo from nowhere to be her boyfriend. I heard that he’s a hooligan!”


Everyone was stunned.

Xu Fang felt as though she had finally won. She could not help but mock Ye Li. “I didn’t expect your daughter’s boyfriend to be this lousy.”

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