Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 109 - : Invitation~

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Chapter 109: Invitation~

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Hearing this, Xiang Huai lifted his eyelids. His dark brown eyes were filled with impatience.

If it were not for Xue Xi, would he really even take notice of these elementary school students?

He strode back.

He had taken only two steps when he heard Fan Han say, “You’ll only keep making her a laughingstock if you stay with her. Right now, the whole school is talking about the scandals and rumors about you. Aren’t you afraid that it’ll affect her reputation? You two are not from the same world. She’s just a novelty to you and you’re just having fun!”

When Xiang Huai heard this, he paused and suddenly turned around. “But she has no interest in playing with you.”

His words made Fan Han’s face turn red and he finally stopped.

After staring at Xiang Huai for a while, he reluctantly turned around and entered the school.

Xiang Huai slowly made his way to the provision store. He had no expression on his face, and his entire being exuded a cold and indomitable aura. The sunlight that shone on him appeared as though it had landed on a black hole and did not bring him any warmth.

His footsteps were not fast, but his speed was very fast. After arriving at the provision store, he once again entered the darkness behind the counter. Only then did he relax and lean on the chair. He picked up the book on the table and started reading it.

Lu Chao came over, holding two invitations in his hands.

One of them was pasted with black gold and the words on it were gold plated. This kind of invitation was specially sent to distinguished guests, and the Gao family probably had only a few of such invitations.

Lu Chao asked, “Boss, are you going?”

Xiang Huai shot him a glance and said coldly, “What do you think?”

Lu Chao hurriedly smiled and said, “Of course you’re not going. If news of you being here gets out, Bin City will be in an uproar, right?”

Just as he finished speaking, the provision store’s door was pushed open again. Immediately, a tall and slender youth walked in. His red hair stuck out like a flame burning on his head.

His school jacket was casually draped over his shoulders, and the lollipop in his mouth made his cheeks bulge slightly. His upturned eyes were fixed on Xiang Huai, and his gaze was fierce and unfriendly.

Xiang Huai remained silent and continued reading.

Lu Chao stared at him with his gossipy eyes. Old Gao’s grandson, Xiao Gao, came to deliver money again?

With this thought in mind, he slowly walked to the counter and fished out an invitation card from his pocket.

It was actually an invitation to the Gao family’s birthday banquet.

Xiang Huai raised an eyebrow.

Gao Yanchen then looked at Lu Chao and swept his gaze over his hand.

Lu Chao quickly put away the invitation card, so Gao Yanchen could only see it flash by. Although it disappeared fast, why did it look to him like the gold-plated invitation that his family had sent out?

Gao Yanchen shook his head.

Grandpa said that he wanted to give that invitation to a very important guest. The other party probably wouldn’t appear and sending it was just a courtesy. Therefore, how could that person be here? He must have seen wrongly.

While thinking of this, Gao Yanchen realized that Lu Chao was staring at him.

For some reason, Gao Yanchen suddenly felt a little guilty. His eyes flickered as he said fiercely, “Don’t think that I’m acknowledging you just because you’re being given an invitation! I just don’t want Sister Xi to be mocked!”

Xiang Huai narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “You’re quite concerned about her, aren’t you?”

Gao Yanchen panicked even more. He was even more fierce and impatient than before. His upturned eyes glared at Xiang Huai, and with a lollipop in his mouth, he said irritably, “What are you talking about? Sister Xi belongs to my Roaring Flame Society, so of course I will defend her! Just you wait, after I beat her up, I will become her boss, then I will make her break up with you!”

After saying that, he took a step back and turned to look at him. Pursing his lips, he said, “Also, remember to wear proper clothes on that day. Don’t embarra.s.s Sister Xi.”


After saying this, he turned around and left.

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After he left, the provision store quietened down.

After the teacher left, he pushed open the door and shouted, “Sister Xi.”

Xue Xi slowly turned around and only walked over when she saw that it was him. She was still holding a pen in her hand as though she was pondering over a question. She asked casually, “What’s wrong?”

Gao Yanchen coughed and said, “Have a go at me. If I win, I’m the boss.”


The girl looked at him in confusion, which made Gao Yanchen’s tone subconsciously lighten. “Shall we go to the field?”

Two seconds later, “No need.”

Xue Xi placed the pen in her pocket and rubbed her wrist. “That’s a waste of time.”

She took a step forward…


Gao Yanchen fell to the ground again and could not move.

However, better than before, he had dodged Xue Xi’s first two moves.

Xue Xi let go of him and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go in now.”

Gao Yanchen, who was about to get up, said, “…Oh.”

After failing to win against Xue Xi again, he was still the second in the Roaring Flame Society. Gao Yanchen sighed. Forget it. Since I can’t make Sister Xi break up with that gigolo, I’ll just keep an eye on him during the birthday banquet, lest he embarra.s.sed her.

Two days quickly pa.s.sed.

On Old Master Gao’s birthday, Xue Xi went home after school in the afternoon and changed into a custom-made dress. The family of three then boarded the car and headed to the Gao family’s house.

At that time, they happened to run into someone from the old mansion. When they got out of the car, Old Master Xue walked over and reminded them, “We’ll find out who that Lu Chao is tonight. Everyone, cheer up and see if you can get to know him.”

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