Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 107 - 50 Million!

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Chapter 107: 50 Million!

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In the past, whenever Xue Gui came to ask about the progress, this person would always speak while acting like a goon. It really made one upset.

Xue Gui had long wanted Xue Sheng to have a taste of begging!

However, seeing that his brother was still standing there calmly while he wanted to know how much money had been retrieved, he spoke first. “Did you call us here because you found the money? How much did you find?”

Jing Fei was a little annoyed to be stopped by him. He chided, “Who are you? Didn’t the Xue family’s case owner change? Why are you asking about other people’s private matters?”

Xue Gui was a little embarra.s.sed.

Liu Yiqiu whispered to the three of them, “See? His att.i.tude is so arrogant, but we can’t do anything about it. We can’t offend him.”

Xue Sheng and Ye Li exchanged glances. This person was indeed a little fierce.

After saying this, Jing Fei walked past Xue Gui and walked over.

Xue Sheng took a step forward and stood in front of Xue Xi and Ye Li. If this person really had a bad temper, he must not flare up at them.

Seeing that the police officer was in front of them, Xue Sheng was just about to greet him when Jing Fei said with a pleasant smile, “Sister-in… Big Sister Xi, Mr. Xue, and Madam Xue, I’m really sorry that you had to come here personally!”

After saying that, he patted his chest. He had almost accidentally shouted out the word “Sister-in-law”!

Xue Sheng: “?”

Xue Gui: “?”

Liu Yiqiu: “?”

The three of them looked at Jing Fei in confusion.

Xue Gui and Liu Yiqiu were even more in disbelief. Even now, this person was looking down on them and disdained to speak to them. Why did he suddenly change his att.i.tude?

And what did he just shout?

Big Sister Xi?

Everyone turned to look at Xue Xi. Xue Sheng could not help but ask, “Xixi, do you guys know each other?”

Xue Xi nodded calmly. “Oh, we met once.”


If they had met only once, how could he have this level of respect for her?

Xue Xi frowned. Why did Jing Fei call her Big Sister Xi? He was clearly older than her, right?

While they were staring in bewilderment and Xue Xi was in confusion, Jing Fei said, “It’s like this. Lu Chao has been caught and the money has been returned. I called you here today because I wanted to return the money to your bank card. I need you to sign and settle the case.”

With that, Jing Fei pa.s.sed a list to Xue Sheng for him to check. Xue Sheng was stunned when he read the contents.

Xue Gui, who was standing at the side, was very anxious. Unfortunately, he could not see the exact details. Liu Yiqiu asked, “How much did you manage to get back? Is there half of it?”

Jing Fei shook his head. “How can that be?”

Not even half was recovered? Could it be… “One-third?”

Jing Fei: “Impossible.”

Liu Yiqiu heaved a sigh of relief. One-third of the stolen amount was 17 million yuan. The police had not even managed to get this much back. They had made a killing!

G.o.d knew that if the recovered money had amounted to more than 30 million, she and Xue Gui would have been devastated.

She could not help but smile. “You should at least have recovered a fifth, right?”

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Jing Fei sighed. “Do you have any misunderstandings about us?”

Xue Gui gritted his teeth in hatred as a vicious glint flashed across his eyes. “I know Big Brother’s temper very well. After we forced him into a corner a while back, he had no more feelings for us. Now that the transfer contract has been drafted, he definitely won’t return the money to us. Let’s just wait and see!”

Half an hour later, the 50 million arrived.

Xue Sheng signed the papers. When the family of three walked out of the police station, their feet were still floating.

Ye Li looked ahead in a daze. “So, not only did we not lose money, we even earned 20 million instead?”

Xue Sheng felt that this matter went too smoothly, which was a little odd. After the surprise, he turned to look at Xue Xi with shining eyes. “Xixi is really our lucky star. Ever since you returned, good things have been happening at home! Our family of three is getting better and better! Let’s go. Daddy will take you guys out to have some good food tonight!”

Ye Li was also impa.s.sioned. “Let’s go. We’ll pay the deposit for the gown now. We won’t return it!”

Xue Xi looked at the two of them and fell silent. She then slowly said, “Sure…”

“You’re not going?” The couple looked at each other before saying in unison, “No!”

Xue Xi: “…” She really wanted to go home and do her exercises, but seeing her parents’ excited faces, she silently swallowed her words.

Forget it. I’ll postpone my studying time and accompany them.

The next day, Xue Xi arrived at the provision store as usual.

During breakfast, she looked at Xiang Huai.

The man’s narrow eyes drooped slightly, making him seem a little cold. His exquisite features did not seem feminine at all, and his chiseled features were resolute. He was indeed very attractive.

No wonder that female cla.s.smate kept thinking about him.

As she thought this, Xue Xi suddenly asked, “If I didn’t have money, will you still date me?”

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