Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 104 - Introduce Your Boyfriend to Me~

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Chapter 104: Introduce Your Boyfriend to Me~

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Everyone in the room had different expressions.

Xue Sheng looked at the old lady in disbelief, his face tense. When he raised this request, he’d felt that the old lady would surely not agree.

However, she did not even hesitate.

This was his mother… ha.

Ye Li’s heart ached when she saw him like this. She held Xue Sheng’s hand and realized that the man’s hands were cold and his fingers were tightly clenched. Clearly, he was very upset.

Ye Li did not expect the old lady to be this heartless.

Old Lady Xue, on the other hand, was completely unaware. She was still anxiously asking, “Son, are you going to keep your word?”

The old patriarch’s words were stuck in his throat. He had never expected the old lady to be so muddle-headed. His voice was a little hoa.r.s.e. “You… Don’t you know what your son meant?”

“I know.” The old lady’s eyelids drooped as she said coldly, “Isn’t it just cutting off ties? Sure, I have no objections. Do you think he will give me any benefits even if I do not cut ties with him? It’s better to get enough at once!”

After saying this, she glared at Liu Yiqiu.

Her second son and daughter-in-law had coaxed her every day, causing her to unknowingly take out two-thirds of the money she’d received. Now, she had lost everything.

She also hated her second son, but no one could do anything about it. Liu Yiqiu had a son, and he was the Xue family’s hope for the future.

The old patriarch stared at her, speechless.

Xue Sheng did not speak for a moment.

Just as he felt his entire body go numb, he heard a cold voice. “We need to write a notary certificate first.”

Stunned, Xue Sheng turned to see Xue Xi looking at him seriously.

At this moment, warmth suddenly surged in his heart.

He still had his daughter and wife!

He looked up. “Yes, we must write a notary certificate. Also, Xue Gui needs to write a statement.”

Xue Gui nodded. “Sure!”

The old patriarch’s voice was trembling. “Xue Gui, think carefully. What if the police retrieved the 50 million? You can’t go back on your word!”

Xue Gui hurriedly replied, “I won’t regret it. I’m a man of my word!”

Because it was impossible to get back that money.

He had already asked professionals about it. This kind of scammer had been able to do as he pleased for so many years. Their scams were all organized and premeditated. Once the money was in his account, it would be divided into thousands and hundreds of yuan and transferred to tens of thousands of accounts. Most of them could be obtained immediately, but the longer the time dragged on, the less money they would get back.

It had been a week, and the money might have already been transferred to overseas accounts. It would be good enough if they could get back a few million!

After Xue Gui finished speaking, he took out a statement and signed it before handing it to Xue Sheng. “Brother, take a look. If there’s no problem, sign it. It’ll be effective once we get a lawyer’s notation!”

The discussion had just started yet the contract was already prepared.

This meant that they had planned this beforehand.

No wonder the old lady did not hesitate.

The old patriarch was infuriated. Did he target Xue Sheng tonight because it was the reunion?

He was so angry that he put down his chopsticks and could not eat anymore. He felt as though there was something stuck in his chest and he could not breathe.

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He was wrong.

At the very least, the old lady could no longer bully his wife and daughter as an elder!

Ye Li smiled. “I still have three hundred thousand yuan here. It’ll be alright. There are only three of us here and we don’t have much to spend on. It’s just that our dress may not be too expensive. I’ll bring Xixi to choose another one.”

Upon hearing this, Xue Xi fell silent for a moment before taking out her bank card and handing it to them. “I have money.”

Apart from the two-month living allowance that Xue Sheng had given her, there were also the two hundred yuan that the actor had given her. Coupled with the scholarship she had been given, there should be enough there to last them for a long time.

However, Ye Li and Xue Sheng smiled. “How much money do you have in your card? Keep it for yourself.”

The next day, after Xue Sheng had settled everything, he transferred the money to Xue Gui’s bank card.

Xue Xi did not know about this.

Although it was Sunday, she was in cla.s.s.

In the afternoon, after two, Qin Shuang suddenly turned to look at her. “F*ck! Sister Xi, look at this thread. Is it true?”

Xue Xi looked up in confusion and saw the school forum thread on Qin Shuang’s phone.

“It’s unattainable. Let me give everyone a piece of news. Do you still remember the scam that happened a week ago? Among the people who were cheated was the Xue family. However, I heard that the Xue family has already split up, and the one who was cheated is the elder branch. In other words, the Xue family is now almost bankrupt without any liquid funds!”

Everyone in the cla.s.s seemed to have seen this thread as they were pointing at Xue Xi.

Li Hanlei even spoke to Xue Yao. “I heard that the Xue family was cheated of their money yesterday. So it’s Xue Xi’s family and not you guys? Tsk, tsk. It’s Elder Gao’s birthday in two days. Could it be that some people don’t even have the money to buy their gowns?”

There was also a female cla.s.smate who could not forget Xiang Huai. She asked curiously, “Xue Xi, is your family really bankrupt? Is your pretty boy boyfriend still following you? If you can introduce him to me, I’ll give you something in exchange!”

Xue Xi slowly lifted her misty eyes when she heard this.

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