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Chapter 103 - Ending Mother and Son Relationship

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Chapter 103: Ending Mother and Son Relationship

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When she heard this, Ye Li’s expression turned ugly. Xue Xi could sense this and was a little confused. Perhaps it was because she was too indifferent to relationships that she felt that the old lady’s request was rather baffling.

Xue Sheng also frowned. “Mom, we’re already separated.”

Old Lady Xue said, “Aren’t you still my son despite how we’re separated? Don’t you still have to be filial to me after we’re separated? You’re the boss of the company and the elder brother. Since the second child’s family is already in so much trouble, can’t you help? Your money can’t be spent on the second son, so are you just going to leave it for those two outsiders in the future?”

Xue Sheng said solemnly, “They are my wife and daughter, not outsiders.”

Old Lady Xue said nonchalantly, “Uh-huh, sure…”

“Shut up.” The old patriarch cut her off. “Xue Gui has already said that even if he had to beg, he would never ask for money from him!”

Xue Gui was extremely thick-skinned and cried, “Weren’t I drunk then? Big Brother, don’t take it to heart. Big Brother, I was wrong. I’m not a businessman and we shouldn’t be separated! We can’t be separated, can we?”

Hearing this, Old Master Xue felt embarra.s.sed for Xue Gui.

He shouted, “Alright, stop crying here! With me and my wife around, you won’t starve!”

After saying this, Old Master Xue walked toward the dining room.

The rest followed behind him, interrupting the conversation.

Xue Xi then followed Ye Li into the living room. After greeting the others, they sat down beside Xue Sheng.

Liu Yiqiu looked at Ye Li and then at Xue Sheng. All of a sudden, she said, “They are all members of the Xue family. Xixi’s shoes cost nearly ten thousand yuan, and our family’s bank card only has two thousand yuan left. Sigh, how are we going to live like this?”

Old Lady Xue shot a vicious look at Xue Xi’s feet. When she saw the pair of shoes, she chided, “You’re just a child. Why are you buying such expensive shoes? Ye Li, don’t divide the family by being ignorant of how to live your life. My son’s hard-earned money is not just for you to spend!”

After saying this, she turned to look at Xue Sheng indignantly. “And you, be more careful. Don’t hand over all the money to some outsiders. What if they secretly gave it to her family?”

Xue Sheng lowered his eyes and did not reply. He turned to look at Ye Li. “I only remembered when Mom mentioned my maternal family. Lili, when you can just as easily bring Father-in-law and Mother-in-law over to our house, what’s the point of letting them stay in the countryside?”

Ye Li was slightly taken aback.

Ever since her father fell ill, she had always wanted to take care of him. However, she was staying at the Xue family’s house back then. She could not possibly have let her parents suffer here.

Moreover, Old Lady Xue would definitely not have allowed them to stay.

After moving into the new house, Ye Li had actually prepared an extra master bedroom when she was renovating the house. Thinking that she would bring them over in the future, she was still thinking about how to speak to Xue Sheng about it when he unexpectedly took the initiative to say it.

Feeling touched, she nodded. “Okay.”


Old Lady Xue threw her chopsticks on the bowl and made a crisp sound. “Son, you’re just trying to anger me on purpose! Look at this, old man. Your son has grown up to be someone else’s!”

Xue Sheng calmly replied, “As long as Dad and Mom are willing, you can also stay at my place anytime.”

Old Lady Xue panted, clearly infuriated.

Xue Gui, on the other hand, looked distracted. From time to time, he would look at Xue Sheng and suddenly ask, “Big Brother, do you think the police can really help us get back the money that was stolen?”

Liu Yiqiu sighed. “They haven’t even caught Lu Chao’s shadow yet! It’s been a week and surely the money has already been scattered and transferred!”

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Xue Sheng’s gaze was resolute. “You have to trust the police. It’s such a huge sum of money, so you will definitely be able to get it back!”

Liu Yiqiu instantly turned to look at the old lady and sighed. “Big Brother, we gave you this discount because we wanted to return Mom’s money. The four of us are still young and have good health. We can live even if we are poor. But when we invested back then, Mom also invested 20 million. I’ve been unfilial, but I don’t want Mom to suffer with us…”

No wonder they could casually take out 50 million in cash… It turned out that Old Lady Xue had also invested in it!

Xue Sheng’s heart turned even colder.

Old Lady Xue panicked when she heard this. “Son, you have to pay us this sum of money! Don’t you see that? Your brother is at a disadvantage because of me. Can’t you do something for your mother? Why must you drive your mother to her grave so that you can be at ease?”

After saying this, she clutched her chest and started crying. “Why is my life so bitter! My elder son values money more than my life…”

Another scene of crying and throwing tantrums came.

Xue Sheng felt as though his heart was being squeezed. How could he have such a biased and selfish mother?

He took a deep breath and looked at Ye Li.

After being husband and wife for so many years, they understood each other’s intentions with just one look.

Xue Sheng stood up and said, “Mom, I can agree, but I have a request.”

Old Lady Xue stopped crying and stopped throwing a tantrum. “What request?”

Xue Sheng looked at her steadily. “If you insist on forcing me to agree, it’s fine. But then, you must treat this money as my last gift to you.”

His words were very clear.

If Old Lady Xue insisted on using her life to force him to agree, then they would cut off their mother-and-son relationship hereafter!

Old Master Xue’s face turned pale. Just as he was about to speak—Old Lady Xue could not wait any longer and said, “Sure!”

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