Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 102 - Birthday Celebration

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Chapter 102: Birthday Celebration

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Just as Lu Chao was wondering if he should hand over the phone casing or go to the funeral parlor to book a coffin for himself, he heard his boss say, “The little kid indeed treats me differently.”


Xiang Huai lowered his head and looked at the pen in his hand. “She loves to study and doesn’t like to play with her phone.”


Lu Chao licked his lips and said, “Yes, Boss, you are definitely different from the rest. Look, it was fortunate that you were here last night. Otherwise, that fake Lu Chao would have really escaped! I thought it was just a simple scam, but I didn’t expect him to be a capable person…”

Xiang Huai said coldly, “You’re too weak.”


Lu Chao continued, “The police sent someone to say that most of the money has been retrieved. When will they return it?”

Xiang Huai’s eyes darkened when he heard this. “No rush.”

Since they dared to lay their hands on the little kid, he would let the Liu family and the Xue family live in fear for a period of time.

If it wasn’t for his ident.i.ty, he would have totally withheld this sum of money to avenge the kid.

On the other side, after Xue Sheng left the provision store, he secretly sent Ye Li a photo.

Ye Li quickly replied: “He’s quite cute, but it’s not to the extent that he could be a gigolo, is it? His appearance pales next to Xixi. No wonder he’s cheap, costing 300 yuan.”

Xue Sheng: “…”

After sending Ye Li a message, he recalled the bleak situation in the provision store and decided to help.

When he arrived at the company, he directly went to the procurement department and told the manager the name and address of Ye Lai Xiang provision store. He then said, “In the future, look for them for all the daily necessities in the company.”

With such a huge client, at least they would not starve to death.

However, after half a day, the purchasing department manager approached him. “CEO Xue, they won’t sell anything to us.”

Xue Sheng was stunned. “Why?”

“They said that we’re buying too many things and that it’s troublesome to count them all. They’d also have to load up the goods and do all that hard labor, so they simply won’t sell.”


No wonder he could not earn much despite manning such a huge provision store!

At school.

Xue Xi distributed the gifts to everyone else. After Qin Shuang received hers, she opened the gift on the spot while talking nonstop. “Wow, Sister Xi, how did you know that I like this store’s phone casings? Unfortunately, I’m too poor now and can’t afford it! I didn’t expect you to give it to me. Furthermore, it’s pink. It’s my favorite color. Sister Xi, you really dote on me! Oh right, Sister Xi, what is the gift you gave Brother Chen and the rest?”

Xue Xi replied, “A red phone casing.”

Qin Shuang smiled and said, “Did you give all of us phone casings?”

Xue Xi’s eyes flickered. The person who did not know how to lie lowered her head to read. “Yes, yes.”

The gifts given to others were all phone casings, but there was someone different.

When she was buying presents, for some unknown reason, she felt that a phone casing was not suitable for Xiang Huai. He was actually different from the rest.

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At their age, be it Canine Teeth, Little Flame, or the chatterbox, they often played with their phones. He was the only one who read books to calm his mind.

Li Hanlei complained, “How ignorant. A phone casing is worth at most a thousand yuan. What are you showing off for? Who can’t afford that?”

Xue Yao’s face darkened when she heard this.

She had been distracted the entire day. Something had happened at home and they had only two thousand yuan left to spend. She could not afford it!

Just as she was thinking this, she suddenly felt Fan Han looking at her. Xue Yao lifted her head, only to see Fan Han looking away in panic.

Xue Yao clenched her fists.

The Fan family must have known that something had happened to their family. Then, would this marriage arrangement still be counted?

During the next few days, the Liu family and Xue family went to the police station every day to inquire about the results. However, that Lu Chao seemed to have disappeared and could not be found.

A week pa.s.sed and everyone gave up.

Meanwhile, Xue Xi’s life was going smoothly. As Elder Gao’s birthday approached, Ye Li found a few people to check her measurements and custom-make her gown.

On night, Ye Li personally came to fetch her from school. The three of them were going to the Xue family’s old mansion for dinner.

This was the Old Master’s request when they separated. It was to prevent the two families from getting further and further apart. Moreover, the Old Master’s greatest wish was for the family to reunite. Xue Sheng did not want to disappoint the Old Master’s expectations.

Just as she got out of the car, she heard the argument in the old mansion.

Xue Xi and Ye Li walked in and heard the second son, Xue Gui, crying. “Brother, I really know my mistake. Please save me, Big Brother! You can’t just watch us starve to death, right?”

Xue Sheng frowned. “It’s not likely that you’ll run out of rations at home, right? Isn’t it just a matter of tightening your belts and living a tough life? At the very least, with the company’s dividends coming next month, you’ll have enough to make a round of transfers!”

The moment she heard this, Liu Yiqiu started crying. “But time waits for no one. It’s almost Elder Gao’s birthday. Our family can’t even take out two decent dresses!”

Old Lady Xue immediately said, “That isn’t too much of an expense. Since Second Daughter-in-law has spoken, Sheng’s family will be in charge of the expenses of our gowns!”

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