Forced to Date a Big Shot

Young Master Yan

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Little Kid, You’re Leaving Right After Eating?

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Despite being slow when it came to interpersonal relationships, Xue Xi was very nimble and agile.

She swiftly arrived the moment she heard the shriek. When she saw Ye Li standing there unhurt, she let out a breath of relief first before spotting the half-spilled container of tea leaves.

At this moment, Old Lady Xue drew a deep breath and exclaimed, “Ye Li, you are in huge trouble!”

Ye Li was utterly petrified as she explained in a stutter, “Mom, I-I didn’t do it on purpose. It dropped down the moment I opened the tea cabinet.”

Auntie Sun shook her head and sighed. “Madam, you are too careless!”

Old Lady Xue seemed to panic as she berated, “What else can you do other than eat and drink every day? I only asked you to brew a cup of tea and you can make this huge mess! Do you know that your father-in-law especially bought this back for an important use?!”

Ye Li stared at the tea in shock.

Old Lady Xue continued chiding, “You useless piece of trash, what use is there in putting on a crying look?! Tell me, what have you ever brought into this house? You can’t even give birth to a son. You are simply a hen that cannot lay eggs!”

Her words became even more vile.

Xue Xi frowned and was just about to speak when a stern voice sounded, “Liu Guihua, you’d better shut your mouth!”

Song Wenman rushed over and immediately blocked Ye Li from her view. “As the matriarch of a high-society family, do you think you are speaking humanely?! Our Ye Li has been well-versed in cla.s.sical Chinese poetry, songs, and essays since she was young. She did not marry into your nouveau-riche family to be bullied!”

Nouveau riche…

Xue Xi was a little taken aback. It seemed that her maternal grandmother was not lacking in the bickering department too.

Old Lady Xue choked on her own saliva. Her momentum was instantly cut in half. “Can’t I even scold her a little as her mother-in-law when she has made a mistake?”

Song Wenman retorted, “Isn’t it just a little bit of spilled tea leaves? Is there a need to be this alarmed? I’ll just go buy some back for you again!”

Ye Li hurriedly tugged her mother. “Mom…”

On the contrary, Old Lady Xue gloated as she nudged her lips. “Just a little bit of spilled tea leaves? Do you know what tea this is? This is Wuyi Mountain’s Da Hong Pao!”

Song Wenman replied resolutely, “As long as it is sold somewhere, there will be a way to purchase it.”

Old Lady Xue revealed a smirking expression, “Fine. I shall put it upfront that this tea is something our old man requested someone to bring over. We have use for it this weekend. If you guys are unable to buy it back, you’d better wait to explain matters to our patriarch!”

With that, she moved for the dining area with Auntie Sun supporting her. A gloating look shone in her eyes.

Didn’t the old man just back her up yesterday? I shall see how she gets punished now that she has ruined his big plans!

It was only when Old Lady Xue had left that Song Wenman realized that something was amiss. “Lili, I…”

Ye Li hurriedly halted her with a glance. She then turned to look at Xue Xi, who had been staring at them silently. She did not want to make her daughter needlessly be implicated with them.

Xue Yao had already finished breakfast and was currently standing at the side restlessly and in frustration. “Are you gonna move or not?”

Ye Li forced a smile out, then went to the kitchen to pack some breakfast for Xue Xi. “Xixi, go to school first. Your granny is not leaving today, so you can chat with her again at night.”

“Oh,” Xue Xi answered, eyeing her. She then followed Xue Yao out the door.

When both of them were gone, Song Wenman then inquired in a soft voice, “The tea just now…”

Ye Li let out a bitter smile. “Mom, the remaining six origin trees of this tea have already been protected since ten years ago. They are no longer allowed to be harvested, so the tea leaves are now a priceless treasure. My father-in-law spent 880,000 yuan to buy this paltry 100 grams in an auction just to gift it to Elder Gao this weekend. Our company will need Elder Gao’s help in the following project…”

Elder Gao was the wealthiest businessman in Bin City. It was public knowledge that he loved tea.

Song Wenman was stunned when she heard this. “880,000 yuan… only for 100 grams?”

Ye Li stared at the tea leaves on the floor once again.

Her father-in-law viewed these tea leaves as though it were as important as his own life. Now, even if one were willing to spend a million, they would still be unable to buy this.

She did not expect Old Lady Xue to use this to take revenge on her. How would she explain herself to her father-in-law tonight?

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What should I do if not leave? Does he mean…

Scouring the empty shop with her eyes, she had an epiphany: I should give him some business.

Recalling the tea leaves Ye Li had spilled today, she asked, “Do you have Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao here in your provision shop?”

Lu Chao, who had gone out to throw the trash, almost fell down headfirst when he heard this upon returning.

Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao? Is that something you can buy in a provision shop?

He was just about to speak when he saw his boss smile lightly. “I have 150 grams. Is that enough?”

Xue Xi nodded.

Ye Li had spilled 100 grams, so there should not be any problem if she bought 150 grams back.

“How much is it?” she asked.

The market price was already 800,000 yuan for 100 grams. If it was 150 grams…

Xiang Huai’s dark brown eyes twinkled as he gave her a discount. “One…”

“How expensive!” Xue Xi, who usually had a long response loop, exclaimed, causing Xiang Huai to swallow the word “million” he had yet to utter.

In Xue Xi’s eyes, the tea leaves that the of the orphanage drank was only 15 yuan for a pack. Yet this Da Hong Pao actually cost 100?

She eyed the pathetic and desolate provision shop again.

Forget it, I’ll take it even if it’s overpriced. His business is hard too.

Xue Xi picked out 200 yuan from her wallet and placed it before Xiang Huai. “You don’t need to give me change. You can keep the remaining 100 as breakfast money.”

Lu Chao: “…”

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