The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

北川云上锦 - Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin

Chapter 2115 - Five Years (4)

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Chapter 2115: Five Years (4)

It was already evening, and the soft golden light filled the ground. The setting sun was naturally very beautiful.

In a small living room on the first floor of Maple Residence.

The pa.s.sionate sound of games was heard, along with the sound of smas.h.i.+ng of the keyboard.

In the living room, on the huge screen on the wall beside the floor-to-ceiling window, the intense battle scene was continuing. At the bottom of the screen, two children were sitting upright, their fingers typing rapidly on the keyboard.

The two children were a boy and a girl. The boy was a very fair and handsome young one. He wore a black and wine-red school uniform. The boy was quite tall and looked like he was eight or nine years old.

The girl beside him looked a little younger. She was also wearing a black and wine-red school dress. Her long hair was tied into a bun, revealing a delicate and delicate little face. She was very focused and her face was a little tense, her brows were slightly furrowed.

That face looked like Dongfang Liuyun’s!

That’s right, this girl was Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun’s most precious daughter, Qi Lan.

Beside her was a boy named Gu Liufeng. He was almost nine years old and was in the same cla.s.s as one of the Mu family’s precious children. He could be considered a good friend. His background was not simple in City Z, and he could be considered a family friend of the Mu family, therefore, he got along well with Mu Zicheng and the rest. He could be considered one of the three devil kings in their group.

On the sofa behind them, a youth who was also wearing a school uniform was also lying down leisurely. His straight and slender legs were crossed leisurely. He had fine ink-black hair and a handsome and calm face, it was rare for a young person to have a profound and sophisticated personality that did not belong to his age. He seemed very quiet, as if he did not partic.i.p.ate in their world. At this moment, he was holding a piece of paper in his hand, there was an extremely complicated drawing on the paper, and there were words attached to it.

It looked like school work. At this moment, his quiet eyes were looking at the school work in his hand thoughtfully. After thinking for a moment, a faint light flashed across his eyes. He took a pen and quickly wrote a long string of formulas on it, he began to calculate…

This young man was Mu Zicheng, the precious child of the Mu family.

A slightly younger young man sat beside him. He was also wearing a school uniform. His handsome face was calm and he looked very peaceful and harmless. However, those who knew him well knew that this fellow was a naughty one, many sinister ideas came from this one’s head. However, he looked so gentle and harmless.

This young man was Dongfang Ye, the son of Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun, Qi Lan’s twin brother. The siblings looked alike.

Dongfang Ye was playing with a sharp hidden knife. The hidden knife looked very small, but it was exquisite and simple. One look and one could tell that it was from a previous era—

He took it from his mother, Dongfang Liuyun’s De Bao House. This guy inherited Dongfang Liuyun’s personality and liked antiques. Now, he completely treated the De Bao House as his private stash. He would often take those treasures, he gave them away whenever he was happy and Dongfang Liuyun’s heart would ache for them.

They hung out together and were familiar with each other. They were from the same school, so they naturally played well together.

Mu Zicheng and Dongfang Ye were both top students in the school, but Qi Lan’s grades were average. She only pa.s.sed every exam.

Of course, Qi Lei did not expect her to be top-notch. He did not ask his precious daughter to be a top student anyway. In the future, when she came out to work, she would be by his side. She would learn to manage the company, so there was no need for her to study so hard.

However, Dongfang Liuyun did not think so. She felt that even girls should master some necessary skills, so she would often encourage her daughter to learn. Of course, in view of the suffering she had suffered before, she would not push Qi Lan too hard, instead, she would consciously guide her.

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“Go to h.e.l.l, why am I stuck here again!”

Mu Zicheng quickly sat down and his slender fingers moved quickly on the keyboard.

“You take the left side, I’ll take the right side. The main task is to cover me.”

Gu Liufeng agreed with Mu Zicheng’s words and cooperated with him tacitly.

“Playing games isn’t just about having fierce firepower. To be reckless all the way is something that a person with all guts and strategy would do. Haven’t you noticed that the attacks on this side are a little weaker? Since you want to break through, you should start from this side. Liufeng will act as a cover and feint the attacks. If you change your direction and suddenly attack this side, you will definitely catch them off guard.”

Mu Zicheng quickly typed on his keyboard as he explained to Qi Lan who was at the side with ease.

As expected, when they attacked in such a coordinated manner, the fortress in front of them was torn open. Mu Zicheng immediately attacked and Gu Liufeng hurriedly followed behind to cover Mu Zicheng’s back.

Qi Lan also frowned slightly as she watched. Her attention was focused on the screen in front of her.

Mu Zicheng was a hardcore player in the game, so his skills were naturally not inferior to hers. This game was originally taught by him. She was still very young, so naturally, she could not beat the players in it.

“You gave me that mortar equipment of yours?”

Qi Lan’s starry eyes lit up as she tilted her small head and looked at Mu Zicheng.

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