The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

北川云上锦 - Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin

Chapter 1212 - Chasing After A Far Away Husband? (2)

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Chapter 1212: Chasing After A Far Away Husband? (2)

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When he saw the travel-worn and slightly miserable looking figure appear before him, Mu Yuchen was obviously quite surprised as well.

His profound eyes froze a little, and moments after that, there was a faint joy from the depths of his eyes. He did not need to ask anything more.

Because he knew what day it was, he kept calling her earlier, but her phone was switched off, so he had felt uneasy with worry. He did not expect her to suddenly appear before him…

If she had only come over for him, he would feel overjoyed.

Some things that he had been holding back felt an urge to be expressed right that very moment. After a momentary shock, his handsome face instantly became warm as the wind and a faint curve appeared on his tightly pursed lips as he happily stretched out both hands.

Just as he spread his arms, Xi Xiaye immediately dove head-in to his embrace. She brought a slight trembling chill with her, and her thin arms hugged him tightly.

It felt quite surreal like it was a dream. Mu Yuchen was stunned too, then he calmed down and hugged her slightly cold and trembling body. His lowered voice was raspy and sounded like he was reproaching her, “Why are you here? It’s so cold. Don’t you know how to put on more clothes? Why didn’t you give me a heads-up?”

However, his tone was a tender one and had a hint of helplessness.

Xi Xiaye shrunk slightly and absorbed all the warmth from his chest. Her hands that circled around his waist tightened while her voice came from his embrace difficultly. “I kind of missed you, so I came…I wanted to give you a surprise…”

Upon hearing that, he chuckled and lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead. He said raspily, “You know how to let actions show your feelings now, Missus. You’re getting more and more aware.”

“I came from miles and miles away, but you don’t seem very touched!” She looked up from his embrace at him. You could see the hidden bitterness in her eyes.

“You’ll know how touched I am.” He looked at her meaningfully and then took off his windbreaker to put it on her shoulders.

Xi Xiaye blushed at that gaze of his. She did not continue talking and only silently looked down for a while. “I’m cold and hungry now, Mr. Mu.”

He then chuckled and held down the surge of emotions in his chest. “This is your true glutton showing, let’s go.”

Then, he put his arm around her shoulders and walked into the hotel…

Inside Mu Yuchen’s suite—


The door was quickly opened.

Li Si and the rest quietly put the doc.u.ments away.

“Bring some supper over and some clothes for her to change into,” Mu Yuchen ordered.

“Yes, Master!” Li Si answered, then retreated knowingly.


The door was closed, then Xi Xiaye looked up at the man before her. She met his tender gaze, and the fireworks in his heart found a gap to be released. She could not care less about being reserved as she immediately put her arms on his shoulders and looked at him quietly, her intentions clear…

“I haven’t recovered from my cold yet…”

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They had been married for almost two years now, so they shared chemistry. Mu Yuchen obviously knew what she was thinking about.

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