The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

北川云上锦 - Bei Chuan Yun Shang Jin

Chapter 1183 - Battered, But Not Ashamed! (4)

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Chapter 1183: Battered, But Not Ashamed! (4)

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The light in the private room was quite bright. When Xi Xiaye went in, she saw Qi Lei sitting in the corner of the sofa and staring at the mess before him while deep in thought.

The floor in front was already wet. One could already smell the dense alcohol mixed with his blood. The mottled traces of it was a ghastly sight.

Upon realizing that Xi Xiaye was walking over, Qi Lei silently lifted his head. When she appeared before him, his gloomy eyes flashed with a faint radiance. His handsome face could not help but force a smile. He asked in a low and raspy voice, “Why are you here?”

Xi Xiaye examined him quietly, then her eyes stopped at his clenched fist. “I was nearby, so I came over to talk a look. Get up. Let’s go to the hospital…”

Upon hearing that, Qi Lei started to smile bleakly while his eyes seemed a little sad. “Did Yang Sheng call you again? How busybody…Did you hear everything? You shouldn’t have come. Even I’m not used to seeing myself this miserable.”

Xi Xiaye only laughed at his reply. “Alright, even though you do look quite battered, you’re not ashamed, I suddenly feel like this is more like you, Qi Lei. Your hand’s hurt and it can get infected easily in this weather, so it’s best to get it checked at the hospital. Right now, you should cherish yourself even more, Qi Lei. Don’t be too silly. You should learn from my own sad past. We’re both too silly. We’re too kind to others but so harsh on ourselves. Sometimes, we might do better if we were a little more selfish…Maybe we wouldn’t suffer as much.”

Towards the end, Xi Xiaye’s tone turned dismal.

Qi Lei sighed melancholically as he blinked his slightly dry eyes sadly and his voice was filled with defeat. “I used to not know what was so annoying about me. Every time I struggled, I would reflect on myself. I thought that if I didn’t care so much and knew how to be content, everyone would do better. Later on, I understood that these things actually aren’t up to me. Even if I didn’t fight for it, it didn’t mean that my life would get any easier.”

Without caring about his b.l.o.o.d.y hand, he took another empty gla.s.s, poured himself a drink, and then finished it in a few gulps. He frowned and continued, “Did you know that in my younger days when I was studying, I would always hand in empty sheets for my exams. My results would always render me as the last in the ranks. That way, after every exam, the teacher would call my parents to the school, and it was only then that I would feel like I had parents. It was alright for the first few times, but afterward, they became annoyed and numb. I wondered if I studied really hard and got good results, would they take notice? So, I began to work really hard…

“But it was still useless. No matter how hard I tried to make up for certain gaps, it was useless. I was a son for someone else’s interests. In the end, I couldn’t force them to be like those loving couples who would treat each other kindly, be concerned about their son, and care about their family. Xiaye, were you like me? Did you feel extremely helpless? I didn’t even want to go home. I was afraid that every time I went home, I would be met with apathy or mockery…”

Qi Lei was the kind of person who never willingly bring up the past with anyone. However, today he had suffered quite a bit, so he finally blurted it all out.

“I did feel quite helpless, but as long as we did our best, it’s good enough. Qi Lei, you have to believe that the reason we lost some things was so we could create s.p.a.ce for other things. Once we’ve experienced loss and pain, we understand how to cherish it even more. Don’t be sad. We won’t be abandoned by fate,” Xi Xiaye said as she slowly bent down to pick up his blazer that had been tossed aside, then she looked down at him.

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“Don’t cower. Get up. I’ll go to the hospital with you.”

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