Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

徒然花 - Tsurezure Hana

Chapter 647 - Beating the crap out of him

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Chapter 647 Beating the c.r.a.p out of him

If Qi Changfeng could stop pining for Gu Yan, she should find another suitable girl for him. After thinking a long time, she found that none of her friends were reliable. She couldn’t introduce them to her cousin. Gu Manman decided that she must make some qualified friends. She had always been thinking Jiang Jingcheng those days in the studio, so she was not in the mood to deal with her interpersonal relationships.

Now it was different. Since she wanted to find a girlfriend for her cousin, she had to know more outstanding girls.

Gu Manman made up her mind.

“Manman? Are you still there?”

Gu Manman didn’t make any sound for a long time, and Qi Changfeng began to worry about her. There was something wrong today. What was wrong with her? Why didn’t she even say one word? Did she encounter something bad?

“Brother, I’m fine, I just want to treat you to dinner”

Gu Manman also felt Qi Changfeng’s worries. If she still didn’t speak, Qi Changfeng would call the police. Gu Manman answered quickly. It was nothing wrong with her. She had no need to let Qi Changfeng worry about her.

He heard Gu Manman’s words. Her voice sounded much more normal this time. But why did she want to treat him to dinner? Qi Changfeng knew that his little sister wouldn’t come if she had nothing to ask for help. But now she activelyoffered to invite him to have dinner. He thought she surely had another purpose.

Qi Changfeng’s thought stated to wander. Gu Manman was abnormal today. Qi Changfeng had only one little sister. He wouldn’t let Gu Manman get hurt, so he quickly stood up and prepared to went out.

“Okay, give me the address.”

Qi Changfeng felt more curious when knowing Gu Manman was still in the studio. What was going on today? She was still in the studio now! This was not his little sister’s style!

He dressed up quickly and went out with the car key. It was him who arranged his little sister in the studio. If any misfortune happened to her, his mother would never forgive him, let alone his auntie.

Somehow, Gu Manman could always please his mother. His mother liked her so much. Sometimes Qi Changfeng doubted that Gu Manman was her mother’s natural daughter.

They played together since they were children. Qi Changfeng had regarded her as his own sister for a long time. Now that he was worried about Gu Manman, he definitely had to see her in person.

Because Gu Manman had always been a little high-handed before, she had never been bullied. The others only had the chance to be bullied by her. Qi Changfeng didn’t believe that anyone could bully Gu Manman.

But Gu Manman was indeed strange today. Qi Changfeng indeed worried about her. Thinking of this, he pressed the accelerator hard. Now Qi Changfeng felt that he could only feel relieved when he saw Gu Manman with his own eyes.

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Soon Qi Changfeng drove his car downstairs Gu Yan’s studio. He was familiar with this place, but he seldom came here. Looking at this huge building that had been shrouded in the darkness, he got a strange feeling.

But what Qi Changfeng didn’t know was that Gu Manman just regarded him as a fellow sufferer and had the same sympathy for him.

Qi Changfeng stepped forward and gently hugged Gu Manman. Gu Manman came to her senses. She was relieved to see that it was his cousin, but she was still a little disappointed. She still desired that the person who came would be Jiang Jingcheng, and the one who hugged her at this time could be Jiang Jingcheng.

Gu Manman quickly pulled herself together. Anyway, she was also ready to pour out her grievances to Qi Changfeng. Now she wouldn’t say anything, and she would do that when they had dinner later. She wouldn’t stop beefing until she eased up.


Gu Manman drawled to Qi Changfeng affectedly. Gu Manman was really touched by Qi Changfeng’s coming. She decided that she must be nice to his cousin. He couldn’t be with the girl on whom he had a crush. He was pitiful enough, and she couldn’t boss him around anymore.

Gu Manman had the greatest sympathy for Qi Changfeng. Qi Changfeng still didn’t know that he had been seen as a fellow sufferer by his little sister, but he just felt she was weird today. Qi Changfeng couldn’t help but feel that Gu Manman was bewitched by an evil spirit today.

Gu Manman called Qi Changfeng affectedly, which made him gooseflesh. Qi Changfeng didn’t bother to talk with her. Now his little sister was intact in front of him and he felt at ease.

He thought he shouldn’t mind why she called him like this, and she must have another purpose. Qi Changfeng ignored Gu Manman for fear that he would be fooled by her. Since he was a child, his little sister had made him suffered a lot of losses.

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