Evil Prince, Come Play With Me


Chapter 1108 - Messing Around with Kids

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Chapter 1108: Messing Around with Kids

His body was weak, and Mo Qian’er didn’t dare let the wind blow on him.

However, Crown Prince Feng was only wearing a fox fur coat. His hands were exposed, and he refused to wear a scarf.

Human pain and illnesses didn’t affect him at all.

Both Bu Yaolian and Mo Qian’er knew his ident.i.ty, so they naturally trusted him.

Since Bu Yaolian was here, it was impossible for her not to play. She sat in a jade basin and had the guards drag her over the lake.

The crown prince commanded the guards, “Knock Auntie Lian’er over and send her flying…”

The guards didn’t dare disobey his command. They dragged him over to knock into Bu Yaolian’s jade basin. The two basins brushed past each other, scaring Bu Yaolian so much that she screamed, but her basin didn’t turn over.

The crown prince sighed. “What a pity!”

Bu Yaolian gritted her teeth. “I want revenge. You guys hurry up. I’m going to knock the crown prince over!”

Mo Qian’er shouted worriedly, “Lian’er, don’t mess around with the kids.”

“Pretty auntie, don’t worry. I’m here. Your son won’t fall out. How can Auntie Lian’er be my match?” The crown prince commanded the guards to charge at her again.

Bu Yaolian didn’t back down. The two jade basins collided.

Mo Qian’er covered her eyes, not daring to look.

The two jade basins went flying to the side.

However, the crown prince had incredible spiritual power. He activated his innate defense, and the jade basin was enveloped in light as it dropped calmly to the ground.

Poor Bu Yaolian rolled out of her jade basin and onto the ice.

She fell on all fours.

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She stomped her feet angrily. She had actually lost to a baby.

“It’s fine. The doctor said that I’m healthy and that exercise will help the baby grow,” Bu Yaolian lowered her head and said softly.

“Exercise? Just exercise with me. Who told you to exercise like this?” Su Shenfan pulled her out from behind Mo Qian’er and into his arms.

He didn’t forget to turn around and tell Mo Qian’er, “I’ll entertain you after I teach this ignorant fool a lesson.”

Bu Yaolian hugged his neck and begged, “I know my mistake. Qian’er and the crown prince are here. Can you not punish me?”

“No!” Su Shenfan was really angry.

He had seen Su Lian fly out of the basin from afar, and his heart almost stopped.

Did this d.a.m.n woman not know that she was pregnant?

He really spoiled her too much.

“Get the imperial doctor here.” Su Shenfan entered the room and gave Su Sheng the order.

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