Almighty Sword Domain


Chapter 109 – You're Unbeatable!

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This plain was boundlessly huge. Yang Ye rode on the das.h.i.+ng nether wolf king for four hours yet was still unable to leave this plain and coupled the fact that the amount of Darkbeasts pursuing them was growing in number, Yang Ye's expression turned gloomy.It wasn't just behind them; numerous black spots had even appeared in the sky. Obviously, these black dots were summoned by the Spirit Rank Darkbeast to watch them. Even though the violet mink could deal with these flying Darkbeasts, it was utterly useless. Because no matter how many they killed, the Spirit Rank Darkbeast would immediately send even more over, and they were simply endless in number.

“Little Brother, the situation seems to be slightly bad!” Right when Yang Ye was feeling troubled, the woman behind him spoke with a smile on her face, and her tone didn't carry even a trace of anxiousness and even carried a faint feeling of taking pleasure in Yang Ye's misfortune.

Yang Ye turned around and glared fiercely at the woman before he said angrily, “You know the situation is bad? Isn't all of this because of you? For G.o.d's sake, you're a member of the Grand Qin Empire's imperial household at any rate, so could it be that you don't have any method to get out of this situation?”

Yang Ye absolutely refused to believe that she didn't possess any trump cards to save her own life because the colossus which was the imperial household of the Grand Qin Empire wasn't inferior to the Origin School at all.

The woman blinked, and then she revealed a pitiable appearance and said timidly, “Little Brother, I'm only a weak woman, so how could I have any way out of this situation? I can only rely on Little Brother's protection, so I hope Little Brother can take pity on me!”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “Can you not try that on me? Also, can you stop calling me 'little brother'?”

The words 'little brother' truly made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Alright, Little Brother!” The woman chuckled as she spoke.

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he said calmly, “Tell me, their main intentions are to capture you, so would those human cavalries let me go if I hand you over to them?”

He wasn't afraid of Darkbeasts, and he was only afraid of those human cavalries. Or more precisely speaking, he was afraid of the colossus which was the Grand Qin Empire. Because its forces in the southern territory were something that no one could avoid fearing.

The woman smiled and said, “If you did that earlier, then I'm not sure if the Darkbeasts would let you off, but those members of the Palace Guard would probably let you go. However, they will definitely not let you go now!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

The corners of the woman's mouth raised slightly while a charming smile arose on her face. She said, “Because they definitely think that we're in this together now. Mmm, to put it more precisely, they think that we've eloped! Even though my status in the imperial household isn't very high, I'm a member of the imperial household at any rate. So, do you think the members of the imperial household would permit me to elope with someone?

“Besides that, the objective of my journey this time was to get married, and the other party is the second son of the Beast Emperor of Darkbeast Empire. If he finds out that his fiancée had eloped with someone, then as a man, do you think he would let you go? Let Big Sister tell you a secret, he's an expert at the Spirit Realm! Right, those Darkbeasts behind us are against the attainment of peace through marriage. So, do you think they would let you go after you took me away? In short, Big Sister must congratulate you. Because you've done something that many people are afraid of doing or even thinking about, you've offended both the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire at the same time!”

After he heard the woman, Yang Ye didn't fly into a rage as the woman had imagined, and he pondered deeply with a calm expression instead.

In all honesty, Yang Ye was extremely furious at this moment. After all, all of this was caused by the woman behind him. He wasn't a saint, so he was naturally angry. If it was possible, then he would have sliced the woman into pieces and then flogged her corpse. However, what was the point of anger now? Could he fight the woman behind him? Or perhaps surrender to the people behind him and hand the woman over?

If all of this was possible, then he wouldn't hesitate to do it. However, it wasn't. In other words, being angry now was of utterly no use. So, instead of getting angry, it was better to think of a practical method. Of course, he wouldn't let the woman off in the future because he, Yang Ye, was no fool that others could toy with at will.

However, he had to first think of a method to escape those people behind him!

“Why aren't you angry?” Meanwhile, the woman behind Yang Ye spoke with slight curiosity. According to her expectations, Yang Ye should be infuriated or at least curse at her. However, Yang Ye seemed to be so calm, and it was as if he hadn't heard her at all. This caused her to be slightly curious and puzzled.

Yang Ye didn't answer her, and he turned around to look at her instead before he said in a serious tone, “I don't care about your status in the Grand Qin Empire. All I want to say is that we're in the same boat now. So, if we don't join forces and work together, then there'll only be calamity waiting for us. I've already done my best and utilized my trump cards to escape them. I think you should chip in as well!”

The woman restrained her smile when she heard this, and then she cracked a smile after a while and said, “Little Brother, you're right. However, Big Sister really doesn't have any trump cards. Don't start glaring at Big Sister first, Big Sister hasn't finished speaking! Even though Big Sister doesn't have any trump cards, Big Sister has a method to escape all of them!”

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “What method?”

The woman smiled and said, “Ask your beast king to dash towards the right because there's an ancient ruin 500km away from here. That ruin was where the previous empire resided, and there are vengeful spirits and various formations of the precious empire there. Those Palace Guards and Darkbeasts would be helpless against us as long as we enter the ruins!”

“Ruins?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “Wouldn't they just follow us in?”

The woman rolled her eyes at Yang Ye and said, “If we hide around the ruins after we enter it, then would they still be able to find us? Moreover, it's filled with danger, so if so many of them enter it, then at least half of them would perish within. I don't know about the Darkbeasts, but the leader of the Palace Guards, Jiang Lin, wouldn't dare to allow the Palace Guards to enter. At the very most, he would enter himself with two formidable subordinates by his side!”

“How do you know about that ruins?” asked Yang Ye. He was naturally unable to fully believe the woman before him because one should always stay vigilant against the malicious intent of others!

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The woman glanced at Yang Ye as if she was looking at an idiot, and then she said, “Little Brother, are you really a disciple of a sect?”

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