End Of The Magic Era

Zhuang Bifan - 庄毕凡

Chapter 1068 - 1068 What Benefits Can You Bring Me?

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1068 What Benefits Can You Bring Me?

Dylas pulled Morgan over and coaxed him for a while until he unwillingly sat down.

“Sir Dylas, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but the price you quoted made me speechless… How could I go talk to Sir Merlin with that?

“We have both reached the Peak of the Archmage realm before; achieving the last Extraordinary transformation is something that everyone seeks. I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is.

“Or could it be that you feel that it is very easy? If it were easy to help others complete their Extraordinary transformations, there wouldn’t be so few Heaven Rank powerhouses in Noscent.

“This temple is a place where we can trade for valuable materials that can’t be found in Noscent, which is a huge opportunity.

“But it still requires continuous experiments, and the success rate is very low. Even if it’s done, you might not necessarily complete the Extraordinary transformation.

“Just exchanging for the various materials requires close to two hundred mana crystals. Moreover, many of the materials were procured by Sir Merlin himself and cost about two hundred mana crystals.

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t told anyone else, but I’ve been crazily hunting Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts these days, barely sleeping and nearly dying from exhaustion. All that in order to slowly gather enough materials.

“Then, with Sir Merlin’s selfless help, I managed to complete the Extraordinary transformation. I want to help you, but Sir Merlin can’t be the one providing all the materials, right?”

Dylas looked quite shocked.

“Two hundred Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals? That many?”

Morgan looked at him disdainfully.

“Sir Dylas, are you teasing me? Do you think that two hundred mana crystals can compare to completing the Extraordinary transformation and reaching the Heaven Rank?”

Dylas suddenly stopped talking and gritted his teeth.

“Sir Morgan, could I trouble you to tell me how much is needed in the end?”

Morgan’s smile instantly became bitter.

“Eh, don’t think that it’s expensive. Even a thousand mana crystals would be worth it as long as you can complete the Extraordinary transformation! Nothing is more important than your own strength…

“I hunted like crazy before and met others. They tried to persuade me to rest, but how could they understand? I also didn’t tell them about this secret.

“I sleeplessly hunted for so long and managed to gather two hundred mana crystals and the corpses from two hundred Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, which barely made up the cost of the materials.

“You know, Sir Merlin is a formidable Artisan and an expert in potioneering. But refining that kind of potion is very difficult, even for an Artisan.

“He would need to consume his mind power and even permanently lose some mana. Furthermore, he would need a very long time to recover after successfully compounding the potion.

“I was able to advance because Sir Merlin helped in order to increase the might of our alliance. After all, these Beastmen are becoming more and more powerful, and we need true Heaven Rank powerhouses in order to resist them.

“In order to repay Sir Merlin, I have to give him half of the mana crystals I’m earning as well as a lot of alchemy materials.

“I came here to give Sir Merlin the mana crystals and materials…”

Dylas was somewhat in a daze.

‘d.a.m.n, so many materials? That d.a.m.ned guy is actually ripping me off! 200 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals are worth two or three True Spirit Magic Tools…

‘I could trade for two True Spirit Magic Tools with intact Incarnations in the temple…

‘As for two hundred corpses, that’s an astronomical number. Even if I had to leave the Raging Flame Battlefield, that would be enough to raise the entire level of the Shadow Tower.

‘But you still add in half of the mana crystals gained afterwards!?’

Dylas had yet to say anything, but Morgan kept speaking, making it sound like it was a good deal.

“Sir Dylas, don’t think that this price is very expensive! Let me tell you right now, this is the lowest price. If this matter gets out, there would be too many people coming to seek Sir Merlin.

“200 mana crystals was the price I had to pay, but Sir Merlin is in a bad state right now and the cost will definitely increase once again.

“You might need even more mana crystals and materials. What if it’s 250 mana crystals and corpses?

“Furthermore, how do you think the corpses of those magic beasts are used? He isn’t just gathering the materials from the corpses, he is extracting the essence from all the best parts.

“After all, Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts have a bit of Heaven Rank power, and many fragments of Laws can be extracted from these corpses, along with other precious materials.

“With the addition of other precious materials, it might be possible to compound that potion.

“I think that 250 corpses should be enough. The effects would definitely be reduced if the corpses are incomplete. How about 300 incomplete corpses?”

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Dylas’ face turned green as Morgan continued.

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