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! Chapter 912

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Chapter 912: Ye Jian, Let's Go On A Date

Xia Jinyuan's trust towards Hou Zi could be seen on the dining table too. After everything ended, he told him directly that he wanted to bring Ye Jian around to admire the scenery of Mount Dalang. Hence, he would leave later.

“Indeed, you can leave later. The maple leaves on the mountain had all turned red. Many tourists will come to admire the scenery at this time of the year. You can walk through the small path behind the villa. You don't have to squeeze with the tourists.”

This was a scenic spot developed by Hou Zi and the government. During the development, he mentioned that he wanted to have a private mountain climbing path so he used his own money and kept a small road for himself during the design stage of this scenic spot.

A private mountain path in a scenic spot. It sounded special.

Xia Jinyuan knew how wealthy Hou Zi was so he wasn't surprised. He thanked Hou Zi and walked to Mount Dalang from the small road under the lead of Hou Zi's bodyguard.

The bodyguard was only in charge of sending them to the entrance. After watching them walk away, he turned and went back to report to Hou Zi.

“G3 will come to Mount Dalang. We will meet up with him later.” After walking away for some distance, Xia Jinyuan lowered his voice and said to Ye Jian, “You can slightly cover up later and leave directly in a car.”

Ye Jian nodded her head lightly. She knew that he didn't want Hou Zi's men to discover G3. A soldier is a soldier. A bandit is a bandit. No matter how well his relationship with Hou Zi was, his comrade's safety was always the main priority.

After G3 arrives at Mount Dalang, they would start to reveal their whereabouts purposely in the Southern Province. They would attract all the dangers to them until all of it is eliminated!

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After completing their mission in the Southern Province, they would leave directly and appear on the lands of a certain country as illegal mercenaries. They would look for their lost comrade.

Xia Jinyuan looked up at the huge rock. He walked around the small path and started climbing up the rock in his suit.

When he reached the top, he lowered his head and said to Ye Jian whose face was pink and was wiping her sweat while resting below the rock, “Come up and rest. There's wind here.”

Ye Jian noticed that he had already climbed the rock so she walked over to his side. She heard him speaking again, “You will be able to admire the entire maple scenery from this rock. Quick, come up.”

There were no climbing holds on the rock. It was tall and steep. If you didn't have the courage or the ability, you wouldn't dare to climb up.

Ye Jian lowered her head and looked at the attire she was wearing. She looked like a fair maiden but the things she was doing had nothing to do with it.

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