The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Xiao Qi Ye

Chapter 1514 - Lianyi’s Hatred XI

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Chapter 1514: Lianyi’s Hatred XI

“What is the Helian family’s member doing here?”

“I’m not sure. I guess she is searching for somebody. Helian Yue seems to have been quiet for a few days, but now she has started to cause trouble again. It’s better if we just hide here. The general pampers her, so she fears nothing.”


The guest room was on the second floor.

Helian Yue was so furious that she quickly rushed upstairs to find that woman. But suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. She seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

She left so fast that… She forgot to ask the woman’s name.

After thinking about it, she simply grabbed a waiter and asked, “Let me ask you, has a woman been staying at the inn recently?”

The waiter was stunned, and when he saw who was holding him back, his face was pale and scared.

“I… I’m not sure…”

Helian Yue glared at the waiter.

Fortunately, Xiao Xiao was quicker to react and quickly asked him, “Then, tell me if Master Lianqing has come to your inn to look for someone?”

Feng Lianqing was the master of the general manor and the G.o.d of War of Wu Shang City.

Therefore, lots of people knew him.

Even though Feng Ruqing was sitting in a corner, Feng Lianqing would attract countless people’s attention as soon as he appeared.

“Yes, he came here just now.” The waiter was silent for a moment and said honestly, “But the woman he came to see is not a woman, it’s a couple, and that woman is very young.”

Helian Yue’s face stiffened slightly.

‘The servant from the general manor was telling the truth. Brother Lianqing really does have a girl he liked…’

“Oh, so you are the young lady from the Helian family.”

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The sound of the snort-laugh came from the side, and when Helian Yue turned around, she saw a man dressed in cotton robes, slowly walking toward her.

She would rather pursue Brother Lianqing for the rest of her life than to be his concubine.

She loved Feng Lianqing and nothing else. She did not care about his status either.

Whether he was Grandfather Tian Ya’s disciple or just an ordinary commoner…

She just liked him as he was…


The young man was so furious that he fiercely raised his foot and kicked Helian Yue’s chest.

“Young Lady!”

Xiao Xiao screamed, worriedly.

Everyone on the ground floor looked up and saw the young man had kicked Helian Yue, sending her flying down…

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