The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

Xiao Qi Ye

Chapter 1004 - The Old Master Has Recovered IX

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Chapter 1004: The Old Master Has Recovered IX

Hence, Mu Ling had forgiven Chen Qingyan even if she had harmed the old master. He knew that Chen Qingyan was not a tough lady. She could not live without him.

However, Mu Ling did not know if he could forgive Chen Qingyan this time.

Seeing Mu Ling sinking into silence, Chen Qingyan got the message. She smiled wryly and let go of Mu Ling’s hands.

“Brother Ling, I get you. Previously, I wanted to offer up my life as penance but you have stopped me. This time, please don’t stop me again…”


With a flick of a sleeve, a dagger appeared in Chen Qingyan’s hand as she stabbed her own belly forcefully.

Well, it was a dagger and not a long sword. The dagger was thrust toward Chen Qingyan’s belly and not her heart.

In a split second, the dagger dug into Chen Qingyan’s skin, blood could be seen spurting out of her belly. Chen Qingyan stumbled backward, her face was sickly pale.

Seeing this, Mu Huan and Mu Xi’s faces darkened as they stumbled backward. They did not manage to stop Chen Qingyan in time. Hence, they could only stare at Chen Qingyan.


Mu Ling opened his eyes only to see Chen Qingyan was falling backward. Bursting with rage, he quickly rushed over and held her before she fell to the ground.

“Qingyan, what are you doing? Are you a fool? Why did you do this?” Mu Ling stretched his quivering hand to stroke Qingyan’s face.

Overwhelmed with distress, Mu Ling did not notice that Chen Qingyan had only hurt her belly.

“Qingyan, don’t scare me! Why are you doing such a foolish thing? I am not angry anymore. I am not angry at you anymore,” Mu Ling whimpered, his eyes were filled with panic.

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Mu Ling was petrified. He was so afraid that once Qingyan fell down, she would never rise again.

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