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Chapter 813 - The Story of Ling and Heng (76)

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Chapter 813: The Story of Ling and Heng (76)

When his eyes landed on the paper, Nanheng’s footsteps came to an abrupt half. He suddenly approached her bed and picked up the sheet of paper.

Feng Ling had actually written down everything he had previously said.

Feng Ling watched as he scanned through the things she had written; her heart suddenly tightened as she rushed to explain: “I wanted to quickly adjust to the pace of such dangerous missions. Since you brought me with you this time, I’m sure there’ll be opportunities for me to partic.i.p.ate in similar missions in the future. I also have to understand the professional terms you used when we were on the helicopter; otherwise, I’m afraid I might hold everyone else back. I have to at least become accustomed to the language typically used on these sort of missions.”

Li Nanheng was silent for a moment before placing the paper down. He then headed into the bathroom.

As the sound of the man showering came from the bathroom, Feng Ling finally realized that when Boss had come earlier, he was still dressed in the clothes he had worn for combat in the day. After completing his work at the base, he actually did not pause to even change his clothes and had directly rushed to the hospital.

She knew that Boss Li was extremely mysophobic. Typically, whenever he returned to the base, he would first rush off for a shower.

However, this time, he actually rushed back to the hospital.

Although Feng Ling often mixed around with groups of men in the past few years, she had never shared a room with anyone before. Even when she showered, she would do it in her own bathroom.

As she listened to the noise of the shower, at the thought that Boss was showering in there right now, Feng Ling’s expression suddenly stiffened. She picked up her pen and her phone and tried to recall the words Boss had said in the day. She distracted herself with the task and did not pay anymore attention to the sounds from the bathroom.

Nearly twenty minutes later, the bathroom door opened. Feng Ling did not pause to think as she subconsciously raised her head to glance in that direction.

She saw that Nanheng was actually undressed; water droplets were still dripping off of his short hair and onto his skin. He only had a white, clean towel wrapped around his lower half as he stepped out.

Feng Ling never thought a man would step out in this manner right after a shower. There was nowhere she could comfortably look at. Although K and the other guys would at times partic.i.p.ate in training while shirtless, when she saw the towel wrapped around the man’s lower half—the towel appearing as though it would unravel at any moment—her mind instantly exploded. She sat up from the bed with a rapid, abrupt movement and charged over with quick steps. She brushed past him and slammed open the bathroom door, looking inwards. His clothes were tossed onto the puddles of water on the ground. There was no way he could wear them again unless they were properly washed.

She could only close the bathroom door. When she turned back, she immediately met Li Nanheng’s gaze. The room instantly fell into an awkward silence.

“What are you looking for?” The man had seen the way she abruptly jumped off the bed to rush over; his gaze was odd.

Feng Ling: “…Boss, you didn’t bring a spare set of clothes?”

Li Nanheng coldly glanced at her and casually tightened the towel around his waist. He headed to the couch, back facing her, and picked up his phone to call Xiao Xu: “Go buy me a new set of clothes from nearby.”

After hanging up, he glanced at the brat who was still standing stiffly by the bathroom. “What are you distracted by? We’re all men. How did my shower poke at your abnormal mental state?”

Feng Ling: “…”

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He carelessly picked up the combat jacket he had tossed onto the couch earlier and brought out a pack of cigarettes. However, the moment he flicked the lighter open, he paused and closed it. He turned back to glance at the person who had returned to the bedside. He recalled that Feng Ling’s lungs were affected by the thick smoke she had inhaled. Smoking in her hospital room would only cause further problems for her lungs.

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