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Chapter 625 - Return the Things to Its Owner

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Chapter 625: Return the Things to Its Owner

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Before the sisters left the house, they had informed their mother about Ji Nuan’s cards and even told her about the conditions that had to be fulfilled in order to obtain this card.

When Ji Nuan’s aunt heard this, she was flushed with joy. She told them to go shopping first and planned to ask their neighbors about the best properties available in Ji City. They were going to move into a brand new home. With so much money, they would at least be able to buy the biggest home available in Ji City’s central area. If one wasn’t sufficient, they would buy two; one for Sisi and one for Keke in a location near to their university.

In the end, these sisters did not manage to spend even a single cent with these cards. Instead, because they had taken a cab to come here in a fit of excitement, they had spent a large sum on the cab fee and their lunch. And it all came from their own wallet.

At last, the final black card could not be used after three, incorrect attempts.


When Ji Nuan arrived at her grandmother’s house, Song Sisi and Song Keke had just returned. Their hands were empty and their expressions were extremely poor.

Her aunt had yet to learn that the cards could not be used. She sat in the yard, speaking on the phone with different relatives and informed them that they were moving homes. She even told them that in the future, when Sisi and Keke got married and had children, all of the necessary fees were dealt with. She also wanted to buy several apartments near their university, to start her own business, and to invite all of her relatives over for a meal. She had even decided on the hotel to hold a banquet in; it would the most expensive, five-star hotel in Ji City.

Ji Nuan had just arrived outside and was watching as her aunt speaking on the phone. From her excitement and speech, it was as though the money had already become hers.

At this moment, her aunt saw that Song Sisi and Song Keke had returned. She was about to ask why they were empty-handed when they noticed a black car parked outside.

Although they couldn’t tell what brand of car this was, they could immediately tell that it wasn’t cheap. The trio were thus dumbstruck for a moment. In the next moment, the door was opened and Ji Nuan stepped out of the car.

When they saw that Ji Nuan had actually returned, the two sisters were frightened into hiding her wallet away.

As she alighted, Ji Nuan was smiling. However, her smile did not reach her eyes. She stepped into the front yard directly, and her gaze was fixed on Song Sisi, who was doing her best to hide her hands behind her back.

“How is it? You didn’t manage to guess a single pa.s.scode correctly, right?” Ji Nuan asked with a smile.

Although she was smiling, her words immediately exposed their ‘theft-like’ actions. The two sisters’ expressions could be described as vivid and colorful.

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On the other hand, her aunt was flabbergasted. Ji Nuan’s words were akin to a bucket of cold water poured over her earlier excitement. It was no wonder Sisi and Keke returned empty-handed. Did this mean the two did not manage to spend even a single cent of Ji Nuan’s money?

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