Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Qingqing Who Laughs

Chapter 1143 - The Story of Ling and Heng (406)

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Chapter 1143: The Story of Ling and Heng (406)

Ji Nuan was experienced in this kind of stuff. Being together with Mr. Mo for so long, she figured out what happened at a glance.

Seeing that she seemed to know what had happened, Feng Ling knew she couldn’t cover it up anymore, so she simply didn’t cover it at all.

“I’m fine. Why are you here?”

Just as Feng Ling turned around, Ji Nuan saw the obvious hickeys on her neck…

Although Mo Jingshen was not so easy to cope with in bed either, at least he would care about her feelings most of the time. But Feng Ling… looked as if she was just raped…

Faced with Ji Nuan’s concern and cross-examinations, Feng Ling sighed. Li Nanheng might not have planned to do this to her when he came this morning, but her words p.i.s.sed him off.

But now that Ji Nuan was here, Feng Ling thought of a more serious problem. She was now working as a bodyguard of Mrs. Mo and had duties to perform. But last night and today, neither she nor Li Nanheng seemed to have taken contraceptive measures…

Now she could only turn to Ji Nuan for help.

The Feng family, Los Angeles, US.

The tall black Hummer parked outside the Feng family’s mansion. The door of the normally crowded mansion was shut. Obviously everyone was in the mansion. There was no one in the yard except the servants who came out to open the door.

Li Nanheng walked in deadpan. The servant did not dare to say anything when she saw it was Mr. Li coming. When Li Nanheng opened the door, he heard the dialogue between Grandfather Feng and Grandmother Feng. “What should we do? The Li family and the Feng family have been on good terms for so many years. Why did such a thing happen to our children…”

The Third Elder of the Li family said, “It’s okay. Brother Feng and sister-in-law, you can rest a.s.sured. When Nanheng comes back, we’ll definitely skin him!”

“Third Grandpa, you’ve gotta have a good reason to skin me. I just got off the plane and hadn’t eaten anything, only to hear that you said you were going to skin me?” Li Nanheng’s voice that rang out suddenly interrupted their conversation.

He flew over from T City overnight and it was late in the night now, but the lights in the Feng family’s mansion were all on. Obviously, n.o.body had slept yet.

Hearing Li Nanheng’s voice, Grandfather Feng and Grandmother Feng turned to look at him, with anger in their eyes.

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“You d.a.m.n brat, how could you bully Mingzhu like that? How can you have the cheek to eat?”

“What do you mean…” Sensing something unusual, Grandfather Feng immediately looked at him suspiciously.

At this time, Feng Mingzhu came out of the bedroom on the second floor, standing at the stairs and looking at him sadly with red and swollen eyes. The scratches on her face were still there and she looked in such a terrible mess as if she was raped.

“Nanheng, I know that I made you unhappy going to T City to find you, but you can’t do this to me… I…”

Li Nanheng didn’t seem to hear her aggrieved voice. He only took a look at his cell phone coldly, and when he saw that all the videos had been sent to him, he picked up the TV remote control and turned on the TV in the hall.

“Nanheng, what are you doing?” The elders of the Li family were puzzled.

After Li Nanheng turned on the TV, while debugging something on his phone, he said indifferently, “Miss Feng, except for pretending to be weak and slandering others, are you capable of anything else? You cried, you accused, and you committed suicide, but you just couldn’t show any evidence!”

Upon hearing “evidence,” Feng Mingzhu froze.

In confusion, everyone turned their eyes to the TV screen.

On the screen, a clip of surveillance video was playing. In a corner of the banquet hall of Mr. Kai’s family banquet, a woman in a dress and a sneaky waiter were talking furtively…

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