Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2009

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Chapter 2009 – The appearance of Fifth Grade Great Sovereign 

*Step… Step… Step…* 

The Second Grade Great Sovereign who just attacked was affected by a strong energy disturbance, he could barely stabilize his body even after stepping a dozen steps backwards.

*Agh!* He exclaimed while coughing out a mouthful of blood.

His expression instantly became white and ugly; he raised his head and looked at Jiang Chen with horror.

“It's Jiang Chen. Oh my G.o.d! His grew stronger in just half an hour's time. ”

“Half-step Sovereign! Jiang Chen has reached the half-step Sovereign realm! Isn't this just too monstrous?!”

“Wow… Jiang Chen truly is a miracle worker, he's continuously creating one miracle after another! Those two Second Grade Great Sovereigns are no match for him now that he has ascended to Half-step Sovereign realm.”

The people of Great Qian Empire became excited once again. It was just less than 30 minutes after Jiang Chen killed Nanbei Chao, but he had already advanced to half-step Sovereign realm. None would believe in such a heaven-defying speed of growth if they didn't witness it themselves.

“Guys, look! Miss Yan has already ascended to Great Sovereign realm too.”

“Yeah… Miss Yan is the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin and was a same level of existence with Nanbei Chao. It isn't weird that she attains the Great Sovereign realm.”

“It is our Great Qian Empire's fortune to befriend Jiang Chen and Miss Yan.”

The people of Great Qian Empire who had just survived a great disaster wors.h.i.+pped Jiang Chen and Yan Chengyu. Both of their status in the hearts of the people of Great Qian Empire had become irreplaceable.

Yang Yu silently felt relieved whilst looking at Jiang Chen, full of grat.i.tude. The situation just now was very dangerous, he would've died if weren't for Jiang Chen's timely appearance. The horror still lingered in his heart as he had just brushed past the gates of h.e.l.l.

“You two, stay away from Jiang Chen. You guys are no match for him now that he's a half-step Sovereign.”

Elder Fan hastily reminded loudly when he saw Jiang Chen appear.

It was an accurate choice to give such advice with the situation clearly unfavourable against them, as Jiang Chen had reached the half-step Sovereign realm. At least he wasn't someone that could be easily killed by just two Second Grade Great Sovereigns, if the two Second Grade Great Sovereigns were to charge at Jiang Chen, they would certainly be killed on the spot by Jiang Chen.

It was without a doubt.

At this moment, Elder Fan's expression became extremely ugly. He had volunteered to come and kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as it was supposed to be an easy job. He didn't expect the situation to take such a drastic turn as both of them were terrifyingly powerful, he couldn't even beat the dog.

Elder Fan instantly ripped the spiritual talisman that appeared in his hand.

It was a signalling spiritual talisman in which he could ask for reinforcements from the Immortal Court. At this moment, he could only ask for help, as a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign was useless against Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Brother Jiang Chen, that elder has just asked for powerful reinforcements. Please leave quickly, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow.” Yang Yu said.

The present situation was something that he had already foreseen, as the grudge between Jiang Chen and the Immortal Court was too deep. The Immortal Court would certainly not miss this chance to kill Jiang Chen now that he had finally appeared, especially with Jiang Chen's growth being tremendously fast, as he could pose a threat to them if he's not killed as soon as possible.

The present Jiang Chen had already become a threat to them.

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From Yang Yu's point of view, even though Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were terrifyingly strong, they're just a Half-step Great Sovereign, and Second Grade Demon Sovereign. Their strength was nothing against the whole Immortal Court. It would be hard for Jiang Chen to get away if a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign were to arrive.

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