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Chapter 81 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (18)

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Ch81 – I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (18)

Zhan Yanling brought his younger brother to an underground Omega exchange.

They entered an exchange with an entrance adorned with red and gold. Inside, it was decorated like an elegant tea room. There was even a person playing a piano on the stage. Next to the stage, was a low table, on it a lit stick of incense emitting a faint fragrance. Just one sniff was enough to tell that every inch of incense was worth an inch of gold.

Even in times of war, there were always people unwilling to give up that bit of aristocratic taste and extravagant living.

Zhan Yanling pulled Zhan Yanchao over and sat him down. A male Omega then fluttered over like a b.u.t.terfly to a flower and sat down next to them. With a single look at Zhan Yanling, he could immediately judge the other’s position from the standardised flower on his collar. He said in a sweet voice, “Sir……”

Zhan Yanling had used a suppressant in advance. He covered his mouth and nose with a clean white handkerchief, then motioned at Zhan Yanchao with his chin.

That Omega naturally understood what he meant. He brushed his waist against Zhan Yanchao’s body.

Zhan Yanchao, “Am I a tree?”

The Omega, “En?”

Zhan Yanchao, “Are you a dog?”

The Omega laughed. “Young Master really knows how to joke.”

Zhan Yanchao frowned, fed up. He pushed his teacup towards him. “Who wants to joke around with a waiter. Pour tea.”

Then, he turned to Zhan Yanling. “Ge, what did you bring me here for?”

The Omega, unwilling to give up, tried again, “Young Master is a Beta? Have you become an adult yet? Gone through the tournament yet?”

Zhan Yanchao, “None of your d.a.m.n business.”

The Omega, “……”

Seeing that his younger brother was going to act outrageous again, Zhan Yanling coughed lightly. “Yanchao.”

Zhan Yanchao became a little more well-behaved. He grabbed a plate of melon seeds and began to gnaw on them slowly. At the same time, he sneakily observed their surroundings, trying to figure out his older brother’s purpose in bringing him here.

There was a mix of smells in the exchange. Sometimes, it would be the faint smell of jasmine, sometimes, it would the sweet smell of bamboo. In short, it was all like wine that had aged for a few years, the smell intoxicating, faintly floating into people’s minds.

Fortunately, Zhan Yanchao’s spiritual energy couldn’t be considered weak, plus, he still had the physique of a Beta, so he still had some resistance.

Zhan Yanchao found that all the service staff here were pale-skinned and charming, with extremely flexible waists. They swayed as they walked, looking as delicate as flowers.

After taking a few looks around, Zhan Yanchao lost interest, focusing back on eating his melon seeds.

A bunch of weaklings that would go soft with a bite, compared to Xiao Ji, they were just a group of melon seedlings.

But before he could eat more than a few melon seeds, a pair of soft, fragrant hands felt their way over from beside his seat, and gently grasped his wrist. “Young Master……”

Zhan Yanchao jumped up in shock. After grabbing his wrist and wrenching it off him, his hands reflexively wanted to slap the person behind him across the face, but seemingly remembering something, he stopped his hands in time, scooping up a handful of melon seeds at throwing them at the face of the person behind him while he was at it.

Zhan Yanling, “……”

Zhan Yanchao was hopping mad. “Boss! What are your service staff trying to do? They’re making moves on your customers!”

Zhan Yanling held his hand against his forehead, feeling a migraine coming on.

The Omega held his wrist to himself, his forehead already covered in sweat, and his eyes glimmering slightly, “Young Master…… My hand……”

Zhan Yanchao was simply looking at this person like he was a poisonous snake or a wild beast. He flashed over to the other side of the table. “Are you putting on an act? I didn’t use any strength!”

Hearing the ruckus coming from this corner of the exchange, the person in charge walked over. He first glared at that Omega, then made a series of apologies to Zhan Yanchao and said, “If you’re not satisfied, I’ll exchange this one with another one for you.”

It wasn’t until he said that that the person in charge noticed the Omega’s abnormality. He ordered, “Hand.”

The Omega pitfully extended out his hand to the person in charge to examine. The conclusion was that it had been sprained.

Zhan Yanchao couldn’t quite believe it. “I really only pulled his hand off of me.”

At this, the person in charge could see that Zhan Yanchao was a little young master unfamiliar with the ways of the world. He waved his hand. The Omega, of course, didn’t dare say anything to Zhan Yanchao. He looked weakly at him with tearful eyes, then walked away.

Only then did Zhan Yanchao sit down. He took a sip of jasmine tea to suppress his shock, then began to sniff at his clothes, a face full of disgust.

Zhan Yanling sighed. “Are you so fierce to everyone?”

Zhan Yanchao explained, “He was the one to move against me first.”

Zhan Yanling, “……”

Zhan Yanchao then said, “Besides, I really didn’t use any strength.”

Zhan Yanling asked, “You really don’t know what an Omega is?”

Zhan Yanchao thought for a moment. “Isn’t Uncle Hong’s wife, Aunt Hong, an Omega? She looks pretty, and her body doesn’t look bad either. Nothing special.”

“That’s because Uncle Hong treats Aunt Hong well,” Zhan Yanling said, “Omega’s shoulders can’t bear any weight, their hands can’t carry anything, their bodies are extremely fragile. Their defensive and offensive abilities have all regressed to twice or even several times less than average.”

Zhan Yanchao looked at his brother, his face full of astonishment.

“This place can be considered a high level Omega exchange. Only beautiful Omegas can enter. In the evolutionary process of our planet, in order to be able to give birth to more offspring and expand our military’s manpower resources, Alphas, Betas and Omegas can all get pregnant and give birth to children. What’s special about Omegas? Other than being able to get pregnant more easily compared to the other two s.e.xes, to put it bluntly, they’re nothing more than high grade bed warmers.

“That’s the kind of person you wanted Ji Zuoshan to become before. Now, what you’re crying and shouting about wanting to become is also this kind of person. ……Zhan Yanchao, you just know that no matter what you become, father will always accept you and support you, but you know nothing about how humiliating and painful it is to be Omega.”

Zhan Yanchao thought for a long time. Zhan Yanling waited for his response.

After a while, Zhan Yanchao suddenly realised, “No wonder Xiao Ji won’t forgive me.”

Zhan Yanling, “……” Oh my G.o.d, my idiot younger brother.

Zhan Yanchao glanced over in the direction the Omega had left in. His uneasy emotions surged into his heart once more. “If Xiao Ji became an Omega, he would also become like this?”

Zhan Yanling said, “Everyone is the same after regressing.”

Zhan Yanchao did his best to protest this, as if this way, he could deny his previous unknowing cruelty towards Ji Zuoshan, “No way. He would still have his spiritual energy.”

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Zhan Yanling replied, “After regressing, it would all disappear.”

Compared to Zhan Yanchao’s loud, triumphant progress, Ji Zuoshan’s path through the tournament seemed a little dull.

Despite him having torn apart a mecha solely with his hands, scoring first in his grade, and his excellent result of ranking second in the summer training on “The Scar”, Ji Zuoshan only pursued a “close victory” in every match, only a single level higher than his opponent from start to finish.

……Just like the last time he’d partic.i.p.ated in this tournament.

With regards to these results, there were of course people who made statements subtly criticising him: “They even called him what, our hope for the future? He’s only got this bit of skill.”

Such doubts were also voiced on the school forums by some people, but they were immediately utterly refuted.

Someone had thrown up the official statistics, of the accurate strike data of Ji Zuoshan against every one of his opponents so far.

From the first to the fifty-second opponent, no matter whether the opponent was a weakling or an elite, the number of attacks he made was forever kept to exactly 710.

After 710 attacks, the opponent would inevitably lose all ability to attack, as well as the will to attack. This was because in the course of the match, everyone would notice, Ji Zuoshan was aiming at their weak points…… It was a teaching match.

He would even whisper to the other during the match, “You aren’t controlling the strength in your knee well enough, you should fear me tripping you like this the most.”

Then he made him trip and fall with a crash.

The other party was naturally unresigned. As a result, Ji Zuoshan, following the same pattern, tripped him more than 70 times.

On the 75th try, he finally found the key to the problem and kept said leg from stumbling, but soon, Ji Zuoshan said, “You’re leaving me a gap by doing this.”

Then, following that, he stepped forward and made a clean counterstrike, flipping the person into a golden, upside-down hook in the air, and throwing him to the ground face-first.

The opponent, “……” f.u.c.k your mother.

He did his best to point out all the holes he noticed in the 710 moves to his opponents, and then in the final hit, ended the match with a single punch.

Once, there was even the strange occurrence of an opponent climbing out of their mecha, dazed and dizzy, then shaking Ji Zuoshan’s hand and saying “thank you”.

One time after taking back control of the body, Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan, “Why is it always 710 moves? Is there any special meaning?”

Ji Zuoshan obediently answered, “There’s nothing special about it. I was born on 7/10.”

Chi Xiaochi, “……” Alright.

As soon as that data came out, those clucking their tongues had no choice but to give up.

The compet.i.tion organisers also expressed one after another that they had seen matches where one beat up everyone present, they had seen matches where no one lost, but they had never seen people using the tournament to do on-the-spot teaching.

But Ji Zuoshan kept doing this, no matter who advised him against it.

With him doing things this way, it inevitably lead to discussion: Would Ji Zuoshan have enough energy to turn into an Alpha by doing this?

Ji Zuoshan was very popular in his school now. There would be a group fans waving flags and screaming at the base of the stands at every match, so those people naturally didn’t dare to do anything rash, only daring to mock him in private.

Let him act tough!

If he couldn’t successfully transform into an Alpha, and couldn’t drive a military-grade mecha, they would have their laughs then.

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