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Chapter 78 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (15)

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Chapter 78 I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (15)

At 23:00, in accordance to the specifications of the task, Chi Xiaochi turned in half a cubic metre of Naman metal which had been removed of cosmic radiation, and rushed over to meet with Rosie and the others at the agreed-on coordinates.

Most of the Naman metal contained in the stardust was taken by Chi Xiaochi, and transformed into cold liquid and stored in an empty cabin.

With these six bottles of fluid, Blue’s new body was at last settled.

Chi Xiaochi was in a rather good mood, but he was unable to resist the double onset of drunkenness and sleepiness. After setting the target coordinates, he said to 061, “I’m going to sleep now.”

061 flipped open a book, “Last time, I read up to……”

Chi Xiaochi was truly exhausted. He reached out his hand and pushed forwards lightly several times, as if trying to cover someone’s mouth. “……I’m going to sleep, don’t fuss.”

061 was stunned for quite a while. Only when he heard regular breathing coming from a place close to his heart, did Blue raise his hand at the same time, stroke his chest, and feel the subtle sound and movement coming from inside, spellbound.

……Why did he always have so many things on his mind.

Too smart, and too tired.

……And he very quickly experienced the consequences of “thinking too much”.

It was only until he was surrounded by four specialised mechas did 061 finally realise that there had been people following for a very long time now.

One of the dark red mechas holding a detector said confidently, “Yes, there’s a very strong Naman metal signal coming from his body.”

Another spider type mecha holding a laser gun sneered, “Quickly hand it over. One versus four, can your mecha carry this match? You should be able to calculate it.”

The other two mecha didn’t make a sound, but one infrared ray aimed at Blue’s knee, and another aimed at the power system on his back. If he tried to break through forcefully, he would be put down immediately.

And 061, or rather Blue, hadn’t planned on running at all.

Blue stood in the centre of the encirclement and said politely, “Shh, please keep your voices down. My master is sleeping.”

The spider mecha was amused. “It’s a high intelligence system.”

Blue stared at the detector in the dark red mecha’s hand, and instantly a.n.a.lyzed its every function. “According to the rules, no one is allowed to bring in a detector with a radius of more than one kilometre. How did you bring it in?”

The spider mecha clicked his tongue. His fingers pulled the trigger, sending a snow-white laser into Blue’s back waist.

Blue, clutching his waist, kneeled.

The spider mecha pressed the energy storage b.u.t.ton of his laser gun. He said scornfully, “You speak too much. Hand it over, or else you’ll be sc.r.a.pped here.”

The operator of the dark red mecha was a girl. She didn’t much approve of this kind of behaviour where one opened fire and used weaponry to rob others, but seeing the time tick by, and no one in their four-person team being able to find even a fingernail-sized piece of Naman metal, who would be willing to resign themselves to failing?

She said, “Hand it over, it can be counted as helping us out.”

Blue didn’t speak, nor did he pay her any attention.

The spider mecha threatened, “If you don’t hand it over, we’ll turn you into sc.r.a.p metal, and then destroy your master’s distress signal transmitter. When the time comes, your master will have to lug along a metal lump and wander around here. Do you know the walking distance from here to the nearest monitoring point? A full ten kilometers. Do you know what you’ll meet on the road if you don’t have a mecha?”

They were all waiting for Blue to surrender.

This machine was very human-like, with a human emotions system. It should know what “fear” is.

Blue, one knee on the ground, raised his head. He asked, “……What will you meet?”

The spider mecha hadn’t thought that this was someone who wouldn’t know to cry until they saw their coffin. He raised his laser gun and raged, “You want to refuse a toast to be forced to drink a forfeit, huh?”

After scolding, he pressed the trigger once more.

This time, his target was Blue’s head.

If it was pierced through, Blue’s central core system would undoubtedly be destroyed.

Who knew that when the trigger was pulled, he didn’t see any light from the laser.

At some unknown time, Blue had already flashed to his side, his right hand ten centimetres away from the muzzle of his gun, and the laser was gathered into a ball, unable to move any further.

Blue released his left hand that had been pressed to the “damaged area”. In it, was actually a ball of laser energy which had yet to enter its body.

With a slight move of its hand, countless, snow-white laser b.u.t.terflies flew out of the joints in Blue’s mechanical fingers, going off in all directions.

While Blue stood, perfectly unharmed, in front of the dazed spider mecha, and bowed in a gentlemanly fashion. “I’ve been impolite.”

Everyone was thinking, what the f.u.c.k is this d.a.m.n defense system.

But instinct had already caused them to open fire, their target, of course, Blue.

But when those bullets, lasers, and piercing infrared lights reached Blue’s armour, they were all unable to move any further, and were all turned into broken fragments. If one looked closely, they would actually be able to see countless, pa.r.s.ed streams of data flowing like water around its body, then dissipate.

Blue reached out a hand, and pushed the infrared light that had been about to pierce through the weapon system on his wrist. “Everyone.”

The party of robbers blocking his path had already sunk into a complete daze.

Blue then twisted the line of a laser, as if he was playing around with a soft rope. “……I just said, my master is sleeping.”

The two who used infrared guns had already sensed that something was wrong and tried to flee, but found that their power systems had already failed.

They could only forcefully restart their power systems. Who knew that they would receive a string of error messages.

In their bewilderment, they saw a white laser b.u.t.terfly leisurely fly past their visualising system. In an instant, their visualiser systems failed completely.

……When had those things invaded their mechas?

By this time, Blue had already finished modifying all the ammunition. It said gently, “I don’t want to wake him out. So, I hope everyone will take more care, and not scream too loudly.”

Then, it made a 45 degree bow.

The moment it bent down, the weapons and ammunition that had been frozen in mid-air, moved.

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——The infrared rays penetrated the spider mecha’s movement power system, the laser gun exploded the dark red mecha’s detector, and the lasers shot through the other two mechas’ weapon systems.

While below the nearby cliff, waves surged in Zhan Yanchao’s eyes. He clenched his fists even tighter.

It wasn’t like this before.

Before…… it was just Ji Zuoshan and him.

Ji Zuoshan had practically never smiled. Now, when he smiled, it was like an iron tree had bloomed, making people’s hearts move incessantly.

Zhan Yanchao was currently leaning on some rocks, watching balefully. Suddenly, he noticed Ji Zuoshan look around, as if he’d sensed someone spying on him. He immediately shrunk back behind the rocks, pressing down on his mecha’s head and chiding in a soft voice, “Don’t move! Lower your head!”

Seeing the regret value that had rose to 15 points, Chi Xiaochi didn’t say anything and walked up the cliff with Blue.

Zhan Yanchao greedily chased after the sounds of his leaving footsteps, until he couldn’t hear them any longer, before he buried his face in his arms with reddened eyes and whispered, “Ji Zuoshan, come back.”

But his voice was too soft, to the point that even he couldn’t hear it.

His mecha looked down at him.

Zhan Yanchao sat there, dazed, for a moment, before suddenly thinking of something. He opened his mecha and went in, then gave an order, “Turn off the heat preservation, lighting, and somatosensory systems, only leave the external warning system.”

Combat mechas would obey all of their masters’ orders without question. It naturally did as he said.

The entire world turned quiet.

Normally, Zhan Yanchao’s senses would merge with his mecha’s, and he of course wouldn’t feel anything, but now, all systems were on strike, leaving only a narrow, cramped, stuffy and dark cabin, that was just like a coffin.

……Just like the coffin he’d had made for Ji Zuoshan.

He’d always thought that this was just a minor punishment.

Within an hour, he began to get jittery, sweaty, and his heart started to palpitate. His eyes couldn’t see anything, so his thoughts began to run wild.

After two hours, he just felt like ants were biting him all over, and couldn’t help but start scratching the walls of the mecha with his fingers.

From outside, his mecha asked him if he wanted to come out. In one breath, Zhan Yanchao said in a low, m.u.f.fled voice that he didn’t need to.

After an unknown amount of time, the mecha felt strong pounding and struggling coming from inside. It immediately adopted an emergency plain, and ejected the c.o.c.kpit.

Zhan Yanchao rolled out of the cabin and collapsed on the ground. His clothes were transparent with sweat. After wiping at his face harshly quite a few times, he asked his mecha in a trembling voice, “What time is it……”

His mecha answered, “Master, it’s four.”

Zhan Yanchao’s entire body went weak. He stared up at the dark night sky before the dawn, thinking, he’d even thought he’d spent half his life in there.

No wonder every time Ji Zuoshan came out of the coffin, he would always be covered from head to toe in cold sweat, and his elbows would be black and blue from striking the walls. He’d even always blamed him for being too finicky, not knowing to properly reflect on his mistakes, and only knowing how to make trouble with him.

He rolled over so he was facing up, buried his face in his arms, and curled up in a ball.

What had he done…

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