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9 Coming Home

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Mael jumped to the exit of the dungeon portal. "Here we go!!!", Mael said as he jumped

They exited and then saw many soldiers surrounding them. The dungeon gate is now closing and it emitted a bright light. All is silent for a moment then they all shout.

"The young master is alive! He came back!", shouted Maledic.



All shouts can be heard and Erza was surprised. Due to the stirring emotions she felt inside, she couldn't help it but unmounts from her horse and hurriedly runs towards her son.

"Move! Make way to Lady Erza!", shouted Maledic.

The soldiers moved aside as they make way for the two of them.

"Soldiers! Line up! Attention!", Maledic shouted an army command.

Mael and his mother are running between the soldiers that have lined up. Mael puts down the kid and runs towards her.

"Mael! My son!", she shouted as she throws away her helmet.

"Mom!", shouted Mael.

"Son!", she shouted with teary eyes.

Mael and Erza are getting nearer and nearer. As they meet, in a blink of an eye, Erza punches him at the stomach.

"Mom! Huk!", he gasped for air as he was thrown off.

"What were you thinking?! You jumped into the dungeon all by yourself! What if you didn't come back?! Why can't you at least let me protect you as your mother?! That's not bravery, Mael! It's foolishness! And that foolishness will kill you someday!", she said angrily.

Mael kneeled on the ground, gasping air as he could.

"By the way, soldiers! Hand salute!", she said as she saluted Mael.

Mael was still confused by what it was about. He lifted his head. Erza still continued her speech while standing straight.

"For saving people selflessly, for the bravery you've shown. Now I proclaim you the hero of land! Mael of Golden Valley!", she shouted then raised his hands.

Mael immediately stands up and he awkwardly raised his hands. He stood in the midst of the crowd as he saw all the soldiers hailed his name. They were raising their weapons way up high while all shouting.

Mael replied with a shout to lighten up the mood of the crowd.

"Soldiers! withdraw!", Erza shouted to the soldier to go back to the town.

Mael immediately looked for the girl he saved and saw her running.

"Daddy!", the girl shouted.

"Anna! Oh, my child!, I thought you were dead!", the old man said as he broke down and cried.

"Daddy! He saved me! I woke up and....", she rapidly talked, but she was shushed by his father.

"I know. I know", he said as he combs her golden hair.

"By the way", he immediately turned to Mael.

"Thanks for saving my daughter. By the way, how rude of me! I'm Vanz Aldougs, a.s.sistant to the King Leomurd Ainztain. Yes, the king himself. As our agreement, I will happily serve you and your house, Lord Mael Kael of Golden Valley", he said as he bowed down to Mael.

"At ease, Sir Vanz! You have a great offense to me, because you didn't give the details of the appearance of your daughter. Luckily, I saved the right one! I really wondered what will be your reaction if I saved the wrong one! If that happens, I'm not at fault. Since you didn't even tell me what is her appearance, yeah?", Mael said as sir Vanz is nodding very fast.

"It is a great disaster! Thus, I punish you to go to my house and eat dinner with us tonight", Mael said with a threat.

"As for the details of your new job, well, let's discuss it at my house. Shall we?", he said as he laughed and turns.

Vanz carried his child on his big arms as they walked home together with the army. While they are walking home, Anna leaned closer to her dad's ears.

"Dad! This person is a bad person. I will bet my future birthday gift for that!", Anna whispered to her dad.

"Hahahaha!!!", Sir Vanz laughed.

"It's not needed, Anna. But if your hunch was correct, then I will double your present!", he laughed.

Mael and the army was nearing the town's west gate. They marched towards the streets, seeing people that were cheering for them. They opened their windows and then beside the streets. The people are releasing floating lanterns to the streets. Anna and the soldiers are watching in awe as the marched.

Sir Vanz was walking beside Erza and Maledic, while carrying his daughter in his shoulders.

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"Wow! Look at that dad! They are floating!", Anna said to him, pointing at the lanterns.

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