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70 Night Clash Part 2

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They charged towards the enemy lines with great force. Piercing through the front line of the enemies. Kael was at the center of their formation. Arrows rained up above and they deflect it with their shields. With the tiring and exhausting battle, the enemies seemed to rush non stop towards them. Even though they have slaughtered greater numbers than their own numbers in total. They were stepping the dead bodies as they slew one after another. The night was full of blood where they step on. The weather became cloudy and the shining light of the moon has vanished. The weather has become worse as thundering clouds roared the night sky.

While they were fighting, the rain poured and it was pitch black. The only light they have were the light of the lightning. They clashed like blind men in the darkness. Kael devised a contingency plan and Maledic released the floating lights that their Lord Mael personally invented.

Hundreds of floating lights were floating on the battlefield. It illuminated them as well as the enemies. It will lead to them being in the spotlight not knowing where the enemy was. But it was their only option for now. The army felt calmer in the midst of the storm. The rain poured heavier as they clashed with the enemies.

They saw arrows in the sky when it thunders. Arrows rained towards them. Kael saw it and he yelled,

"Shields up!"

The army then lifted their shields.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!


Roared the thunder as it produced flickering light in the night sky.

Kael shouted to the army to ease their feeling. Being in that situation was really fear-inducing. The soldiers were on edge and their leader was their source of hope for the battle.

"Don't lose hope! We will win this fight! Believe in yourselves!", he shouted to them.

The floating lights were very helpful. They saw the faces of their enemy by the coverage of the light. The army's morale has risen greatly. They have a dependable leader and a great instructor. With the help of the floating lanterns, their morale was doubled.

The spearmen in the front were still bashing and rapidly thrusts the enemies. Their enemies that have fallen from their attacks were the ones they were stepping on. They were surrounded by the enemies to the sides and as well as in the back. The shielders were bashing them, making their enemies thrown a bit.

Their formation was still not breeched and even with the help of their armors, they still felt exhausted. Continuing it until the morning was really tiresome.

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The shielders were pushing the enemies that were charging at them. Even they were not giving great damage, they can stun the enemy and deal with small blunt damage. The swordsmen in the sides were slashing and thrusting their swords to the enemies. The archers were blinded but they all fired when they saw the enemies when the lightning lighted up the skies.

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